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How to Type in Canva Easily in Just a Few Steps

The key steps to type in Canva are:

  1. Click on the “Text” button, Text box will appear into your design area.
  2. Click inside the text box and start typing your text.
  3. Use the text formatting options on the top toolbar to customize font, size, color, alignment, and more.
  4. Resize, layer, and organize text boxes by dragging and with the Layers panel.
  5. Take advantage of Canva’s handy text tools like Curve Text under the effect menu.

Canva is a popular graphic design platform that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs, documents, presentations and more. One question people often have when starting with Canva is – how do I type or add text in Canva?

The good news is that adding text and typing in Canva is very simple! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through all the steps and tips for typing and working with text in Canva.

How to Add Basic Text in Canva

Adding basic text boxes and typing in Canva only takes a few clicks. Here is the quick process:

Step 1: Open a new Canva document or template. You can choose from many different layouts like social media posts, presentations, posters, documents, and more.

Open a new Canva document

Step 2: Click the “Text” button on the left sidebar. This looks like a “T” icon.

Click the "Text" button

Step 3: Text box will appear into your design area.

Text box will appear into your design area.

Step 4: Once the text box is created, simply click inside it and start typing! You can type anything you want.

And that’s it! In just those few clicks, you can add text and type on any Canva design. Very straightforward. Now let’s get into more tips for working with text.

Formatting Text in Canva

Canva provides many formatting options to customize your text. Here are some of the top text formatting features:

Formatting Text in Canva

Change Text Font, Size, and Color

  • After typing text, highlight it by clicking and dragging.
  • Look on the Top toolbar for the text formatting options to change font, size, color, and more.
  • Canva has many font options. Play around to find the perfect match!

Make Text Bold or Italic

  • Highlight your text, then click the “B” or “I” icons on the Top toolbar to make it bold or italic.
  • This adds helpful emphasis on important words or phrases.

Align Text Left, Center, or Right

  • Use the alignment options to align text left, center, or right within its text box.
  • This helps organize different types of text content.

Change Line and Paragraph Spacing

  • Adjust line height and paragraph spacing under the text tab.
  • More line spacing improves readability, while less creates compact text.

Create Text Effects Like Shadows and Outlines

  • Click “effects” to add shadows, outlines, transforms and more.
  • Use sparingly and subtly for best results.

Take advantage of these powerful formatting options to make your text stand out!

Add Bullets, Numbered Lists, and Indents

Creating organized lists in your text is key for instructions, steps, and many other purposes. Canva makes it easy.

Create Bulleted Lists

  • Type each list item on its own line. Select them.
  • Click the bullet list icon on the top toolbar (looks like dots and lines).

Create Numbered Lists

  • Type each list item on its own line. Select them.
  • Click the bullet list icon twice on the top toolbar (looks like dots and lines).

Resize, Layer, and Organize Text Boxes

Having full control over your text boxes unlocks powerful design options.

Resize Text Boxes

  • Click and drag the block handles on the edges and corners of text boxes to resize them.
  • Stretch text boxes wider to fit more text on one line.

Layer Text Boxes

  • Having text boxes on different layers gives you more control over layout.
  • Drag and drop text boxes higher or lower on the “Layers” panel to layer them.

Organize with Groups

  • Select multiple text boxes and click “Group” to group them together.
  • You can move and resize grouped text boxes as one unit.

Take advantage of these features to have full creative control over text layout in your Canva design.

Add Dynamic Text Elements

Canva offers several text elements that go beyond basic text boxes, like:

Resizable Text Boxes

  • Make text boxes flexible to fit different amounts of text. No need to guess sizes!


  • Insert tables to organize complex data and content. Adjust rows and columns.

Tips for Working with Text in Canva

Follow these pro tips and best practices when adding text in Canva:

  • Use a grid – Align text boxes to an invisible grid for clean layouts. Turn on under “View settings“.
  • Be consistent – Stick to 1-2 fonts and reuse styles for visual harmony.
  • Contrast colors – Black or dark text on light background is most legible. Avoid light on light.
  • Mind line length – Keep lines short enough for easy reading. About 50-60 chars per line.
  • Pair with images – Combine text with relevant visuals for greater impact.
  • Review for errors – Always proofread thoroughly for typos and mistakes.

Keep these key tips in mind as you work with text to level up your Canva skills!

Troubleshooting Common Canva Text Issues

Have issues working with text in Canva? Try these troubleshooting tips:

Can’t Type in Text Box

  • Make sure the text box is selected. A purple border appears when selected.
  • Check if the text box has editing restrictions enabled. Remove if so.

Unwanted Text Box Deletion

  • On Windows, make sure the ctrl key isn’t stuck. This deletes any selected element.
  • On Mac, make sure the command key isn’t stuck, which also deletes.

Can’t Resize Text Box

  • Click right on the text box border to select the whole box vs just the text. Now resize.
  • Make sure no text box lock is enabled. Check the top toolbar.

Font Changes Not Applying

  • Make sure desired text is highlighted first before applying font changes.
  • Try using the drop-down font selector vs browsing fonts for best results.

With a bit of troubleshooting, you can solve most common text issues in Canva.


Learning how to type and add text in Canva opens up a whole new world of design possibilities! Use this guide to master Canva text tools like adding text boxes, formatting, resizing, dynamic elements, and more. Incorporate text seamlessly into any Canva design with the right techniques. Type freely and flex your creative muscles! With these Canva text tips, you’ll be designing like a pro in no time.

So get out there and start typing away in Canva today! Unleash your inner designer and bring your creative ideas to life with beautiful text. The design possibilities are endless.

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Last modified: October 2, 2023

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