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How to Change Gradient Color in Canva

To change the gradient colors in Canva, select the element with the gradient applied, click the Color tile, go to the Gradients section, edit the colors, and adjust the gradient style.


Gradient colors can add visual interest and dimension to designs in Canva. With just a few clicks, you can easily customize gradient colors to achieve the perfect look. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps for changing gradient colors in Canva.

Select the Element with Gradient

The first step is to select the element that has the gradient applied. This could be a backgrounds, shapes, table cells, and frames.. Simply click on the element to select it.

Select the Element with Gradient

Access the Color Menu

With the element selected, click on the Color tile in the editor toolbar. This will open the color editing menu.

Access the Color Menu

Go to Gradients Section

In the color menu, scroll down and click on the Gradients section. Here you will see any default or custom gradients that are applied to that element.

Go to Gradients Section

Edit Gradient Colors

Under the gradient previews, you’ll see the different colors that make up the gradient. Click on icon to add a new color. To delete a color, click the trash icon.

You can also click and drag the color to reorder them. The color selection window will appear when you click on each stop, allowing you to pick any color.

Adjust Gradient Style

In addition to colors, you can change the gradient style under the Styles section. Choose between linear, radial, angled, and more.

Adjust Gradient Style

Save the Changes

Once you have customized the gradient to your liking, click the Apply button to save the changes. The gradient on your selected element will update.

Use Gradient as Document Color

For easy access later, you can add your custom gradient to the document colors palette. Click the plus icon at the top and select Gradient to save it.

FAQs about Changing Gradients in Canva

How do I make a gradient with multiple colors?

Simply add additional color stops under the gradient preview. You can have up to 10 colors in a Canva gradient.

Can I save gradient presets in Canva?

Yes, any custom gradients you make can be added to the document color palette for later use by clicking the plus icon.

How do I change the gradient on text?

Unfortunately, Canva does not currently support gradients on text elements. Gradients can only be applied to shapes, backgrounds, and some other elements.

What’s the easiest way to change a gradient?

Using the default gradients under the Styles section is the fastest way to modify a gradient. Just select a new default style to instantly change the look.


With Canva’s user-friendly gradient editing tools, you can quickly customize gradient colors and styles to suit your design needs. Take your graphics to the next level by incorporating rich and vibrant multi-color gradients. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different color combinations and styles.

Changing gradients in Canva only takes a few clicks, so you can easily tweak them as needed until you achieve the perfect look. Keep these tips in mind as you utilize gradients to add visual interest to your stunning designs.

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Last modified: September 30, 2023

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