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List Of All Keyword Elements On Canva 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Canva Elements keywords for designs. If you’re struggling to find the most eye-catching design elements in Canva, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with an extensive list of keywords that will unlock a world of stunning illustrations, seamless backgrounds, patterns, and other amazing design assets. Whether you’re a Canva pro or just getting started, these keywords will help you create stunning graphics for your online business in minutes. Let’s dive in!

Why Canva Elements Keywords Matter

Canva elements keywords are specific terms that you can use to search for “secret” design assets within Canva. These keywords unlock a treasure trove of illustrations, backgrounds, patterns, and more, enabling you to create scroll-stopping graphics that capture attention. While the availability of Canva elements is constantly expanding, sorting through various platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to find the right assets can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Canva elements keywords, organized by content category, to simplify your search and make the design process a breeze.

Canva Free vs. Canva Pro

Before we dive into the keywords, it’s essential to understand the difference between Canva Free and Canva Pro. While Canva Free provides access to a range of design elements, the Canva Pro subscription offers unlimited access to over a million elements, premium-styled stock photos, fonts, graphics, and advanced design features. If you plan on creating marketing graphics in batches for your blog, social media accounts, or website, investing in Canva Pro is highly recommended. The subscription cost is incredibly affordable and well worth the value it provides. With Canva Pro, you can unlock the full potential of Canva Elements.

How to Find Elements in Canva using Keywords

Searching for elements in Canva using keywords is incredibly simple. Follow these steps to find the perfect design assets:

  1. Open Canva and navigate to the “Elements” tab.
  2. Enter any keyword from our list into the search bar.
  3. Instantly explore a wide variety of stunning graphics and illustrations related to your chosen keyword.

Now that you know how to search for elements let’s dive into the different categories and keywords you can use to enhance your designs.

All Canva Keywords in Arrow Elements

In Canva, “Arrow” is one of the elements available for use in your designs. The Arrow element allows you to add arrows to your design to indicate a direction, emphasize certain elements, or create visual flow. It is a graphical representation of an arrow shape that you can customize and place within your design canvas.

Arrow downBlack arrowGold lineTechnologyBright
Red arrowArrow downGold borderBackgroundAdvertising
Black arrowRed arrowCircle frameNatureHappy
Arrow upDouble arrowWhite rectangleMoneyAudio
Arrow redArrow upBlack lineBusinessHappy childrens tunes
Arrow rightArrow headBlack rectangleSpaceHappy birthday
Arrow headArrow leftBlack borderSmokePiano
Arrow leftStraight arrowBlue rectangleSocial mediaHappy instrumental
Curved arrowCurved arrowRectangle frameSkyHappy background music
Arrow blackArrow rightGold frameGradientInstrumental
Double arrowWhite arrowYellow rectangleTechAdvertisement
Arrow in circleArrow curveCircleAiHappy kids
Down arrowBlue arrowPolaroid frameSubscribeUkulele song
Animated arrowBow and arrowWhite squareThinkingEpic
Arrow gifDotted arrowSquare frameUniverseCorporate upbeat
Blue arrowDown arrowGold circleComputerAmbient
Arrow curveYellow arrowWhite circleCountdownSuspense
Computer arrowLeft arrowBorderDataSolo instruments
Yellow arrowUp arrowBlack squareFireworksCorporate
White arrowGreen arrowDecorative lineAbstractHappy music
ArrowheadAnimated arrowRectangleBitcoinIndie
Left arrowRight arrowSquareLaptopUpbeat
Bow and arrowCircle arrowGold frameIntroPop
Arrow clickingArrow iconYellow rectangleFireFree audio happy
Straight arrowCurve arrowCircleGalaxyFree tunes
Double sided arrowCursorPolaroid frameBeachSolo piano
Green arrowBracketWhite squareGlitchChristmas
Mouse arrowLineSquare frameTimeFun
Pink arrowCircleGold circleWorldBirthday
Moving arrowClickWhite circleLoadingHappy audio

All Canva Keywords in Line Elements

In Canva, the “Line” element is a graphical element that allows you to add straight or curved lines to your designs. Lines can be used to create divisions, borders, separators, or to emphasize elements within your design.

Decorative lineDecorative lineGold lineGradientHappy
Straight lineStraight lineGold borderBlack backgroundBright
Drawn lineLine appBlack lineBlue backgroundAdvertising
Vertical lineHorizontal lineBlack borderWhite backgroundAudio
Thick lineVertical lineGold frameBackgroundPiano
Horizontal lineDrawn lineWhite rectangleAbstract backgroundHappy birthday
Brush lineBrush lineBlack rectangleSmokeInstrumental
Line appArrow lineBlue rectangleTechnologyHappy instrumental
Thin lineCurved lineCircle frameNatureHappy background music
Arrow lineThin lineYellow rectangleGlitchHappy childrens tunes
Curved lineThick lineGold circleAbstractHappy music
Fancy lineHorizontalBordersFireworksAmbient
Line logoFancy lineRectangle frameWhiteAdvertisement
Pencil lineHand drawn lineBorderRed backgroundBirthday
Line iconVerticalDecorative lineSkySolo piano
Double lineDouble lineCircleNeonSolo instruments
Line verticalPaint lineArrowGradient backgroundEpic
Hand drawn linePencil lineSquare frameCountdownHappy birthday song
HorizontalArrowWhite squareTechIndie
Line goldWavy linePolaroid frameBlueUpbeat
Paint lineCurve lineRectangle borderTechnology backgroundUkulele song
Thin straight lineBorder lineWhite circleSpaceInstrumental happy
VerticalRectangle lineBlack squareIntroPop
Line curveDotted lineStraight lineGreen backgroundHappy song
Border lineRectangleWhiteLightsArabic
Curve lineCircleRectangleBusinessFree tunes
ArrowStraight arrowSquareDark backgroundCorporate
Line blackZigzag lineBlackFireSuspense
Gold lineDashed lineFrameTimelapseLove song
Wavy lineCircle lineBlack frameBeachCorporate upbeat

All Canva Keywords in Circle Elements

In Canva, the “Circle” element is a graphical element that allows you to add circles or oval shapes to your designs. Circles can be used for various purposes such as creating circular logos, icons, buttons, decorative elements, or framing specific content within your design.

TitleColumn 1Column 2Column 3
AllCircle goldOvalCircle frame
Circle redCircle outlineModern shapes
Circle pinkCircle greenCircle blue
Half circleCircle shapeOval outline
GraphicsOvalCircle goldCircle outline
Circle frameCircle redCircle shape
Modern shapesOval outlineHalf circle
Circle photo frameOval frameOval shape
PhotoCircle frameWhite rectangleWhite circle
Black rectangleBlue rectangleGold border
Gold lineRectangle frameGold circle
Yellow rectangleOvalGold frame
VideosGradientAbstract backgroundBlue background
Black backgroundWhite backgroundBackground
UniverseGradient backgroundCountdown
Purple backgroundSparkleYellow background

All Canva Keywords in Table Elements

In Canva, the “Table” element allows you to create tables to organize and present information in a structured manner within your designs. Tables are useful for displaying data, creating comparison charts, or organizing content with multiple rows and columns.

Wooden tableTable chartTable topKitchen
Dining tableWooden tableTable backgroundLiving room
Kitchen tableDining tableDining tableInterior design
Study tableStudy tableOffice tableHome interior
Round tableColumnsCoffee tableBedroom
Table topCoffee tableKitchen tableFurniture
Table and chairColumnWood tableCooking
Wood tableChairWooden tableInterior
Office tableOffice deskTable settingBathroom
Coffee tableRectangleWoodHome
DeskDeskWooden backgroundCleaning
Dinner tableRectanglesChairHome decor
ChairChairsWood backgroundHouse
MejaSofaDeskHome office
Table chartShelfProduct backgroundCoffee
Side tableListPlateBaking
Table backgroundBook shelfProduct displayFireplace
RectangleBookshelfFlatlayReal estate
ColumnsSquareDinner tableOffice
Flower vaseRugKitchen counterChef
School deskWindowCutting boardBackyard
Picnic tableCarpetVaseLaundry
Office chairTablesKitchen backgroundCookies
SofaCounterDining roomBakery
ColumnRectangle shapeLiving roomCoffee shop
CabinetRectangle boxFlat layRealtor
SquareWhite boardWallNeighborhood

All Canva Keywords in Square Elements

In Canva, the “Square” element refers to a basic square shape that you can use in your designs. It is a geometric shape that can be customized and incorporated into various design compositions.

Rectangle shapeRectangle shapeWhite squareNature
Rectangle frameRectangle frameBlack squareGradient
Square frameSquare shapeWhite rectangleBackground
Square shapeRectangleBlack rectangleSmoke
RectangleRectangle outlineBlue rectangleBeach
Rectangle outlineSquare frameYellow rectangleFireworks
White rectangleSquare outlineRectangle frameSky
Square outlineRectangle borderSquare frameForest
Round rectangleRound rectangleRectangleBlack background
Rectangle borderCurved rectangleGold borderAbstract
Rectangle blackWhite rectangleRectangle borderAbstract background
Rectangular frameRectangular frameWhite boxWhite background
Curved rectangleRectangle boxWhite circleSunrise
Blue rectangleTriangleCircleFire
Rectangle whiteLineBlack frameWhite
BorderSquare borderBlack lineLights
Black squareModern shapesGold lineBusiness
Black rectangleCircleWhiteCoffee
Yellow rectangleSquare boxBorderNew York
CircleRounded rectangleFrameSnow
Rectangle lineParallelogramBlack borderBlue background
Rectangle redLine borderBlackTechnology
Rectangle boxCircle shapeGold frameParis
White squareBlue rectangleText boxCity
Square borderRectangular boxCircle frameChristmas
Square gradientGrey rectangleRectangle shapeOcean
Yellow squareRectangle lineWhite backgroundConcert
Rounded rectangleArrowPolaroid frameFlowers
ArrowRounded squareBlack boxNeon
Grey rectangleBlack rectangleBoxLondon

All Canva Keywords in Shadow Elements

In Canva, the “Shadow” element refers to the effect that can be applied to various elements in your design to create a shadow or drop shadow appearance. The shadow effect adds depth and dimension to your design, making elements appear as if they are casting a shadow onto the background.

Square shadowRectangle shadowDrop shadowBeige
Rectangle shadowSquare shadowProduct displaySmoke
Shadow squareDrop shadowProduct backgroundMinimalist
Drop shadowCircle shadowWhite backgroundAesthetic
Circle shadowWhite shadowWhiteShadows
Leaf shadowBlack shadowBlack backgroundWhite
Shadow circleBlack fadeBlackWhite background
White shadowWhite fadePodiumGradient
Black shadowFadeWallBrown
Black fadeBlack gradientBackgroundNature
FadeGradient transparentTableSilk
Black gradientWhite blurWhite circleBlack background
White fadeGradientWoodDark
Gradient transparentWhite gradientTable backgroundSky
Transparent gradientBlack blurWhite wallRain
White blurBlurTextureFog
GradientShadeYellow backgroundBackground
BlurTransparent gradientGrey backgroundPink
White gradientVignetteCircle frameAbstract
TransparentShadowsTable topCurtain
VignetteGradient shapeWhite rectangleBokeh
Black blurBlurredLemonTexture
RectangleRectangleWhite textureAbstract background
CircleMan silhouettePaperPurple
ShadeLight effectLeafClouds
Gradient fadeCircleCircleFlowers
Gradient blackWhite lightYellowLavender
FadedGradient rectangleLampFabric
Gradient shapeWhite glowMarbleRed smoke
Black shadeTransparentWood backgroundForest

All Canva Keywords in Gradient Elements

In Canva, the “Gradient” element refers to the ability to apply gradient colors to various design elements. A gradient is a smooth transition between two or more colors, creating a visually appealing blend of hues.

Transparent gradientTransparent gradientGradient greenAbstract background
Gradient transparentGradient shapeGradient blueBlack background
Gradient blackGradient transparentPurple gradientBlue background
Gradient circleGradient rectangleGradient blackWhite background
Gradient whiteGradient fadePink gradientGradient background
Black gradientGradient circleBlue gradientDark background
Gradient fadeBlack gradientGradient transparentPurple background
Gradient blueGradient backgroundOrange gradientBackground
Gradient orangeWhite gradientBlack gradientNature
Gradient redGreen gradientWhite gradientSky
Gradient shapeRed gradientGreen gradientAbstract
Gradient yellowBlue gradientGray gradientSmoke
Gradient squareYellow gradientYellow gradientWhite
Gradient rectangleOrange gradientTransparent gradientGreen background
Gradient greenPink gradientRed gradientYellow background
Gradient linePurple gradientGrey gradientOrange background
White gradientShadowGradient backgroundRed background
Gradient blurTransparentWhitePink background
Gradient purpleFadeBlackBackgrounds
Gradient pinkAuraWhite backgroundTimelapse
Red gradientBlack fadePurpleGold background
Circle gradientVignetteBlueUniverse
Yellow gradientTextureBlack backgroundSunrise
Blue gradientBlurPurple backgroundNature background
Brown gradientWhite fadeTransparent backgroundMoving background
Gradient backgroundOverlayRed backgroundBokeh
Gold gradientBlack shadowBackgroundsNeon
Green gradientWhite shadowYellow backgroundBackground video
Orange gradientDrop shadowOrange backgroundTechnology background
Purple gradientTransparentGlitch

All Canva Keywords in Background Elements

In Canva, the “Background” element refers to the feature that allows you to customize the background of your designs. It lets you choose from a variety of options to set the backdrop for your design, whether it’s a solid color, an image, a pattern, or a gradient.

Background bluePastel background
Background blackBackground green
Background redBackground blue
Background greenBackground pink
Background whiteBackground red
Background pinkBackground white
Background yellowBackground yellow
Background purpleBackground purple
Background brownWhite background
Pastel backgroundBlack background
Background paperBackground black
Black backgroundBackground nature
White backgroundPastel aesthetic background
Plain backgroundBlue background
Grey backgroundGrey background
Light green backgroundLight green background
Paper backgroundBeige background
Beige backgroundYellow background
Blue backgroundSimple background
Simple backgroundDark blue background
Neutral backgroundRed background
Gray backgroundGreen background
Background texturePurple background
Light blue backgroundLight blue background
Brown backgroundBrown background
Green backgroundPink background
Light backgroundGradient background
Colorful backgroundOrange background
Red backgroundPlain background
Yellow backgroundPaper background


This guide also provides instructions on how to search for elements in Canva using keywords. It suggests opening Canva, navigating to the “Elements” tab, and entering any keyword from the provided list into the search bar to explore a variety of graphics and illustrations related to the keyword.

Overall, the guide aims to help users unlock the full potential of Canva Elements by providing a comprehensive list of keywords and simplifying the design process.

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Last modified: July 9, 2023

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