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Easy Way To Curve A Line In Canva

how to make curved line in canva

  1. Click on the ‘Text‘ on the left side panel that appears. then click on ‘Add a heading text‘ .
  2. Hold SHIFT key and press (underscore) multiple time in text box.
  3. Click on the ‘Effect‘ button on the top toolbar.
  4. Click on ‘Curve’ option and change the position of ‘slider‘ to the left or right.

Canva is a popular graphic design tool that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs, even if you don’t have any design experience.

Curved lines can help guide the viewer’s eye through your design and make it look more polished.

How Drawing a Curved line in Canva?

Drawing a Curved line in Canva is easy to do:

step1: Select the Add a heading from the Text menu on the left side of the editor.

Add a heading

Step2: Hold (SHIFT and press -) multiple times on your keyboard to create a straight line on canvas.

SHIFT and press -
create a straight line on canvas

Step3: Select line then Click on effect on top side of the toolbar menu.

Step4: Select Curve in effect options then move slider to right to make a curved line.

Select line then Click on effect

Step5: Change direction of curved line by click on to two curved arrow icon below the line

Change direction of curved line

how to draw a curved heart line?

step1: Select the Add a heading from the Text menu on the left side of the editor.

step2: Copy this text “❤️️” and paste in text box, use top method to making heart line curved

you can also type “…..” for dot line “—-” for dash line, “” for start line, “” for snowflake and “” tiny arrow line.

curved heart line

How do you manipulate a line in Canva?

In addition to curving lines, Canva provides other ways to manipulate lines to customize their appearance:

  • Change length: Click and drag the round end points of a line to lengthen or shorten it.
  • Change thickness: Select line and use the Line weight slider in the Line Style menu in top toolbar to make it thicker or thinner.
  • Change color: Select line click on line color in top toolbar Pick a new color from the color palette to alter the line color.
  • Change style: Apply dotted, dashed, or double line styles for different looks.
  • Line Type: change line type between straight line and elbowed line.
  • Rotate and flip: Rotate a line or flip it horizontally or vertically using the icon in below the line.
  • Layer: Move lines forward and backward on the z-axis using the Bring Forward/Send Backward options.

With all these tools, you have great flexibility to tweak your lines in Canva until they look perfect.

Can I curve my text in Canva?

Yes, curving text is possible in Canva! To curve text:

  1. Select the text element you want to curve.
  2. Click the effect tool in top toolbar.
  3. Select curve option.
  4. Click and drag slider to the left and right to make text curved.

The curve effect works best on shorter text, like headings and short phrases. Curving longer paragraphs may distort the text in an unappealing way. Test out different degrees of curving to get the look you want.

Does Canva have a curve tool?

Unfortunately, Canva does not have a dedicated curve tool that lets you draw smooth freehand curved lines.

Some alternatives for drawing curved lines in Canva are:

  • Use the pen tool to draw a path and then thicken the stroke to look like a curved line.
  • Create a dash line text then add curved effect .

While not perfect, these workarounds allow you to mimic the look of curved lines and shapes. Many Canva users suggest submitting feedback to request a dedicated curve tool to simplify drawing curves.

How do you curve edges in Canva?

To curve the edges or corners of rectangular shapes and images in Canva:

Select the object and click the boarder style change corner rounding .

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How to Make Curved Line in Canva?

To Make curved line in Canva, follow these steps:

  1. Add a heading text.
  2. Create a straight line with multiple hyphens (e.g., “——“).
  3. Select the line and click “Effect.”
  4. Choose “Curve” and adjust the slider for curvature.
  5. Change the curve direction using curved arrow icons.

This process adds a curved line to your Canva design.

How to Create a Curved Line in Canva?

To create a curved line in Canva, follow these steps:

  1. Add a heading text.
  2. Input multiple underscores (“_”) in a text box.
  3. Apply the “Curve” effect and adjust the slider for curvature.
  4. You can also use other characters for different line styles.
  5. Experiment with curving text and shapes to enhance your design.

How to Bend a Line in Canva

To bend a line in Canva:

  1. Create a straight line by typing multiple underscores (“_”).
  2. Select the line then click on “effect” finally use the “curve” option.
  3. Adjust the curvature using the circular Reshape tool.
  4. Curve it left or right by moving the slider.
    This transforms a straight line into a curved one.


Curving lines and shapes is an easy way to add visual interest and polish to any Canva design. With the top method, you can curve lines, text, images, and shape corners to create eye-catching layouts. While Canva lacks a true curve drawing tool, the existing features allow for basic curving effects to enhance your graphic design creativity. Add elegant curves to make your Canva work stand out.


What other basic shape tools does Canva offer?

Canva provides a range of shape tools including rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, diamonds, speech bubbles, and more. You can customize the fill, outline, and effects on any shape.

Can you connect curved lines in Canva?

Unfortunately you cannot connect curved lines into one continuous flowing line in Canva. Each curved line is an individual element. You can position them close together to mimic a connected curve.

Does curving text decrease readability?

It can. Curving text too dramatically may distort legibility, so only use a subtle curve for headings and short text. Avoid curving long paragraphs of text.

Is there a spell check tool for catching typos in Canva?

Yes, Canva has a built-in spell check that underlines misspelled words and provides corrections. This helps you catch typos before publishing your designs.

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