Editing/Changing Multiple Text Boxes Together in Visme

Have you ever felt like it takes forever to fix up text boxes one by one in Visme? It’s a real time-eater, right? But guess what? Visme has this awesome trick that lets you fix up lots of text boxes all at once!

Let me break it down for you:

How to Edit Multiple Text Boxes in Visme

To edit multiple text boxes at once in Visme, first select the boxes by Shift-clicking each one or drawing a selection box around them. Then click the “Edit” button in the toolbar to open font options for all selected boxes. Make your text edits like changing font, size or color and click outside the panel to apply to all. You can still tweak individual boxes separately after using bulk edits.

Why It’s Cool

Imagine you’re working on a presentation or something cool in Visme, and you need to change loads of text boxes. Doing it one by one is way too slow!

But don’t stress, because Visme has your back with this cool feature!

The Step-by-Step Way

1. Select Your Text Boxes

  • Open your project in Visme and find all those text boxes that need a change.
  • Now, here’s the trick: Hold down the Shift key and click on each text box you want to change.
  • Or, use your mouse to draw a box around the text boxes. Let go of the mouse to select them all. (And if you select too many, just hold Shift and click again to unselect.)
EditingChanging Multiple Text Boxes Together in Visme

2. Get Into the Editing

  • Got your text boxes in a group? Awesome! Look up at the toolbar and click on the “Edit” button.
  • Ta-da! It shows options that work on all the text boxes you’ve picked.
EditingChanging Multiple Text Boxes Together in Visme edit

3. Making Your Changes

  • It’s time to be creative! Use these options to fancy up your text boxes. Change fonts, sizes, colors – go crazy!
  • Once you’re done, click anywhere outside that panel. Visme will do its thing and apply all your changes to every single text box you chose.
EditingChanging Multiple Text Boxes Together in Visme edit menu

4. Tweaking One Text Box at a Time

  • Need to fix just one text box? No problem! Pick it out separately and go to the left-hand toolbar.
  • There, you can change just that one text box without changing the others.

Why It’s Awesome

This Visme trick isn’t just a time-saver; it’s a total game-changer! Imagine fixing up lots of text boxes super quick and still having the power to fix each one just how you want.

Wrapping It Up

Changing a bunch of text boxes together in Visme is like a shortcut for your designs. It saves time and lets you keep your design groove going strong. So, next time you’re working on your project, remember this cool trick! No need to struggle with each text box – now you can fix them all at once!

Hope that helps! It’s all about making design easier in Visme while keeping things fun and creative.

(FAQ)s – Edit All Text Boxes in Visme

How do I select multiple text boxes in Visme for simultaneous editing?

To select multiple text boxes, hold down the Shift key and click on each text box you want to edit individually. Alternatively, draw a selection box around the text boxes using your cursor to select them all at once.

Can I change the font style, size, and color for all selected text boxes together?

Yes, after selecting the desired text boxes, click on the “Edit” button in the toolbar above the canvas. This action allows you to access editing options that apply to all the selected text boxes, including font style, size, color, alignment, and more.

How can I make individual changes to specific text boxes within the group of selected ones?

To make individual changes, select the specific text box you want to modify separately. Use the toolbar on the left-hand side to make specific alterations without affecting the other selected text boxes.

Is there a shortcut to deselect certain text boxes if I’ve selected too many?

Yes, if you’ve selected more text boxes than needed, hold down the Shift key and click again on the text boxes you want to deselect. This action removes them from the selected group.

Can I revert changes made to multiple text boxes in Visme?

you can use the undo feature (Ctrl + Z or Command + Z) to reverse recent changes made to your entire project.

Are there limitations to the types of edits I can apply to multiple text boxes simultaneously?

You can make various font-related changes, including style, size, color, alignment, and spacing, to all selected text boxes at once.

However, individual content changes like text content or unique formatting for each text box need to be done separately.

Can I use this multiple text box editing feature in all Visme plans?

Yes, the ability to edit multiple text boxes simultaneously is available across all Visme subscription plans, including the free version.

How can I ensure precise alignment when editing multiple text boxes together?

To maintain precise alignment, consider utilizing gridlines and rulers available in Visme. These tools assist in positioning and aligning text boxes accurately on your canvas.

What other elements besides text boxes can I edit together using this feature in Visme?

As of now, this feature is primarily focused on text boxes. However, Visme regularly updates its features, so keep an eye out for potential expansions to include other elements in bulk editing.

Can I simultaneously edit text boxes placed on different slides or pages within a Visme project?

Currently, this feature allows simultaneous editing only for text boxes located on the same slide or canvas within a Visme project

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