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A Guide to Tweaking Gmail’s Spam Filters

Struggling to keep your Gmail inbox clean? Dive into our comprehensive guide on fine-tuning Gmail’s spam filters effortlessly. Say goodbye to junk mail cluttering your inbox as we walk you through the best strategies to customize your settings.

From simple steps like logging in and accessing settings to creating personalized filters, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to wield the power of filters effectively by understanding options like ‘From,’ ‘To,’ ‘Subject,’ and more.

How to Create a Custom Spam Filter

Learn to make your own special filter for emails. This helps you control what emails you get. You can set rules to keep important emails and remove ones you don’t want. It makes managing your emails easier!

Click on Gmail spam filter
see all settings
filters and Blocked Addresses
gmail filter

How to use Gmail Filter ?

What is From ?

From is the email sender’s address.
You can apply a filter to a single email address or all emails received from a specific domain. You can filter all emails from this address using example@123.com, or you can filter all emails from the 123.com domain using @123.com.

What is To ?

In email context, “To” refers to the recipient(s) of the email, indicating who the message is addressed to.

What is Subject ?

The subject of an email is a brief description summarizing the content or purpose of the message.

What is Has the word ?

This refers to filtering emails that contain specific keywords or phrases mentioned in the body or subject line.

What is Doesn’t Have ?

This refers to filtering out emails that lack specific words or phrases in the body or subject line.

What is Size ?

You can filter all email by less or greater than size

Change Spam Settings In Gmail new feature

What is Options of Create filter ? 

What is Skip the inbox (Archive it) ?

This action moves an email out of your main inbox to an archive folder. It’s still accessible but doesn’t clutter your primary inbox.

What is Mark as a read ?

This action indicates that you’ve seen the email. It changes the status of the message to ‘read‘ instead of ‘unread.’

What is Star it ?

This marks an email as important or noteworthy. It’s a way to visually flag specific messages.

What is Apply the label ?

This categorizes emails under specific labels or folders for easy organization and retrieval.

What is forward it ?

This action sends the email to another email address you specify.

What is Delete it ?

This action moves the email to the trash or deletes it permanently, depending on your settings.

What is Send it to spam ?

This action moves the email to the spam folder, marking it as potentially unwanted or harmful.

What is Always mark it as important ?

This action flags certain emails as important, ensuring they appear prominently in your inbox.

What is Never mark it as important ?

This action prevents specific emails from being labeled as important regardless of their content.

What is Categorize as ?

This action sorts emails into predefined categories or folders based on certain criteria. like primary/social/updates/forums/promotions

What is Also apply filter to 0 matching conversation ?

This indicates that the filter should apply to all current and future emails that meet the defined criteria, even if there are no existing matches at the moment.

Google is good enough at detecting spam emails, but after a while you should be able to make your work easier with the help of filters.

Change Spam Settings In Gmail another way

You can create your desired filter in another way. Just follow these steps.

Go to your inbox, open one of your emails, and at the top of the page click on 3 vertical dots and select Filter messages like this and create your filter.

Change Spam Settings In Gmail

In this method, like the previous method, all the steps are the same

Both methods are not different, but we use the second method to make our work easier. If you have any questions about your filter settings, you can ask in the comments section, we will be happy to answer your questions.


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Last modified: December 31, 2023

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