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Mastering Canva Animation Timing Order

Exploring the nuances of Canva’s animation capabilities unveils an exciting realm where designs come to life.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of animation timing order, shedding light on the limitations, possibilities, and expert tips within Canva’s vibrant design environment.

Understanding Animation Types in Canva

Canva offers a myriad of animation options to elevate design aesthetics:

  • Page Animations
  • Element Animations
  • Photo Animations
  • Text Animations

Each category presents distinct ways to infuse dynamism into your creations, allowing for versatile and captivating designs.

Navigating Animation Application

Applying Animations

To apply animations, select the desired element or page and explore the diverse range of animation styles and motion effects available in Canva’s editor.

Changing or Removing Animations

Adapting or removing animations involves straightforward steps, empowering designers to swiftly modify their creations as needed.

The Constraints of Timing and Order

Duration Constraints

While the duration of each animation is limited to 10 seconds, the total number of animations within a design is capped at 50, prompting efficient and strategic design choices.

Timing Alterations

Presently, altering the timing or enabling on-click appearances remains a work in progress. However, manipulating the duration of animated pages is feasible, contributing to enhanced transitions.

Order Manipulation

Canva’s current setup follows a sequential display of animations based on element positions, offering scope for creativity while awaiting forthcoming enhancements in reordering capabilities.

Exploring Instant Animation with Magic Animate

Magic Animate presents an ingenious solution for instant and sleek animations, enriching designs with seamless transitions at the click of a button.

Sharing Animated Designs

Canva facilitates sharing animated designs in various formats, including videos, GIFs, and direct social media sharing, enhancing accessibility and reach.

Limitations and Future Expectations


  • Inability to change animation timing directly
  • Sequential animation order based on element positions
  • Current limitations in reordering animations

Anticipating Future Enhancements

Canva’s commitment to evolution promises exciting updates, including enhanced timing control and animation reordering, augmenting user experience and creative freedom.


How to animate in Canva one by one

To animate elements individually in Canva, select the specific element you want to animate, click on the “Animate” button in the top toolbar, choose the animation type, and adjust its settings. Repeat this process for each element you want to animate separately.

Canva text animation timing

For text animation timing in Canva, after selecting the text element, click on the “Animate” button, choose the desired text animation type, and adjust the timing, direction, and other settings using the animation panel that appears.

Canva show timing not showing

If the “Show timing” option isn’t displaying for your animations, ensure you’ve selected the element you want to animate it. Look for an option like “Shade” or “Pan” in the top menu bar that appears. then change speed.

Canva animation not working

If animations aren’t functioning correctly in Canva, try refreshing the page, ensuring you’re using a supported browser, or checking for any browser extensions that might interfere with Canva’s functionality. Additionally, clearing cache and cookies might help resolve issues.

Canva animation free

Canva offers a range of free animation options to users. While some advanced features might require a Canva Pro subscription, there’s a variety of animations available for free in the platform’s library.

Animate panel in Canva

The “Animate” panel in Canva is where users can access animation options for elements within their designs. It allows them to choose different animation effects, adjust timing or speed, direction, and other settings for each animated element.

Can I adjust animation timing in Canva?

As of now, direct timing adjustments remain unavailable, but users can modify animated page durations.

Can I reorder animations in my design?

The current system follows a preset order based on element positions, yet upcoming updates may introduce reordering capabilities.

How can I instantly animate my designs?

Magic Animate offers quick and seamless animation options accessible through Canva’s premium plans.


In the realm of Canva’s animation, navigating the intricacies of timing and order illuminates both possibilities and limitations. Despite the current constraints, the platform’s commitment to evolution promises a future where creators can wield enhanced control and creativity in animating their designs.

As you continue your Canva journey, leverage the available tools, anticipate forthcoming enhancements, and infuse your designs with vibrant animations to captivate audiences and elevate your creative endeavors.

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Last modified: December 2, 2023

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