AI-Powered Apps in Canva

The world of design and creativity is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI).

As a leading online design platform, Canva is at the forefront of bringing the power of AI to everyone through its robust marketplace of AI-powered apps.

In this post, we’ll explore how Canva is making next-level creativity accessible to all with its ever-expanding suite of AI apps.

An Abundance of AI Apps in the Canva Marketplace

The Canva Apps Marketplace is home to a treasure trove of AI apps – including many of the world’s most popular and advanced – that use AI to enhance workflows and take creativity to new heights.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key categories of AI apps available:

Image Generation

  • Generate photorealistic images from text prompts with DALL-E and Imagen
  • Create artistic paintings, anime art, and QR codes with apps like Mojo AI and Hello Qart
  • Turn doodles into images with Sketch to Life

Video Avatars

  • Customize presenters with AI-generated video avatars using Neiro AI and D-ID
  • Animate graphics and cartoons as presenters to engage audiences
  • Turn scripts into talking videos with DeepReel and HeyGen

Voice Overs

  • Add natural sounding voiceovers with Murf
  • Choose from 900+ voices in 125+ languages with AiVOOV

Music Apps

  • Create original music using Soundraw and MelodyMuse
  • Access a library of 3000+ tracks with Tunetank
  • Perfectly sync video and music with Beat Sync

With so many options, it’s easier than ever to find the exact AI tools to take your designs up a notch.

Democratizing AI Through the Canva Platform

A key part of Canva’s mission is to democratize design by making powerful tools accessible to everyone. The influx of AI apps represents the next phase of this goal.

Some of the ways Canva is breaking down barriers to AI:

  • Centralized Access: The Canva editor makes it easy to browse, test, and integrate apps without leaving your workspace.
  • Developer Platform: Canva’s open platform allows 3rd party developers to bring the latest AI innovations to the masses.
  • Innovation Funding: Canva has committed $50 million to help developers create free AI apps for the Canva community.
  • Inclusive Approach: The Innovation Fund especially supports developers from underrepresented backgrounds in tech/VC.

By fostering a thriving marketplace of AI apps, Canva gives everyone the ability to harness the power of AI for their creative needs.

Here is a list of some of the best AI apps available in the Canva marketplace:

  1. DALL-E – Generate photorealistic images from text prompts
  2. Imagen – Create high-quality images with Google’s advanced AI
  3. Magic – Canva’s own AI image generator built into the editor
  4. Mojo AI – Make stunning artwork, paintings, and anime images
  5. Murf – Add natural sounding voiceovers to videos
  6. AiVOOV – Choose from 900+ voices in 125+ languages
  7. DeepReel – Turn scripts into talking videos with AI
  8. Krikey – Animate fun 3D avatars for video content
  9. Hello Qart – Create artistic QR codes for campaigns
  10. Soundraw – Generate original music tracks
  11. MelodyMuse – Turn text into musical compositions
  12. Beat Sync – Perfectly match videos to soundtracks
  13. Sketch to Life – Transform doodles into images
  14. Neiro AI – Customize presenters with human-like avatars
  15. Tunetank – Access library of 3000+ music tracks

These are just some of the top AI-powered apps available in the Canva marketplace to help boost your creativity and workflows! The options are constantly expanding.

Key AI App Use Cases

The breadth of AI apps on Canva unlock new creative possibilities across many different use cases. Here are some of the most popular ways people are using AI-powered apps:

Visual Content Creation

AI image generation tools make it easy for anyone to create unique visuals for social media posts, ads, invitations, presentations, and more simply by describing what you want.

Presentations and Videos

Take presentations and explainer videos to the next level by using AI avatars as presenters tailored to your audience and use case.

Marketing and Advertising

The ability to generate photorealistic images, human-like voices, and original music provides endless options for campaigns and branded content.

Learning and Development

Easily customize training videos with AI voiceovers and imagery to boost engagement and retention.

Personal Projects

For hobbyists and creators, AI unlocks the ability to turn imagination into reality with tools for illustration, music composition, and more.

Get Creative with AI Power

Canva’s mission is to empower everyone to visually communicate and share their stories. The addition of AI apps provides creators of all skill levels with more capabilities than ever before.

So whether you’re a seasoned design pro or just getting started, explore the Canva Apps Marketplace and unleash your creativity with the power of AI!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Canva offer its own AI image generator?

Yes, Canva launched its own text-to-image tool called Magic in October 2022 which is directly built into the Canva editor.

Do I need design experience to use these AI apps?

No design experience is required! The apps are made to be intuitive and easy to use for anyone.

How do I access these apps in Canva?

Just open the “Apps” tab in the left sidebar of the Canva editor to browse and use available AI apps.

Are all the AI apps free to use?

Yes, all the AI-powered apps in the Canva Marketplace are free to use and integrate with your designs.

Can I use these apps on mobile?

While the apps are currently available only in Canva’s web editor, mobile optimization is in the works.

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Last modified: November 20, 2023

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