How to Add Page Numbers in Visme

If you’re making a report, infographic or presentation with multiple pages or slides in Visme, page numbers can be a great organizational tool for your audience. But how do you go about adding them? This step-by-step article will guide you through the full process!

Adding Page Number In Visme

  1. Open your project.
  2. Right-click in the editor page and click on the ‘Add Page Number‘ in menu.
  3. Click on the number in your design, now you can change font, color, position and size of number. click on the ‘Advanced setting‘ for more options.

Adding page numbers to your Visme projects is very easy! Page numbers help keep your slides, pages and sections organized.

What is page number?

they are numbers that display on the individual pages, slides or sections of your longer Visme project, counting up in order.

So if your project has 5 total pages, the page numbers you could add would be 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Page numbers help your readers/viewers know what part of the document they are looking at, and also can give a sense of the total length.

They’re especially useful in longer Infographics, Reports/Whitepapers, and multi-slide Presentations.

Where is it?

Interacting with page numbers first requires you to add them from the main editing menu:

  1. Make sure you have at least a few slides or pages ready in your project file.
  2. Click on anywhere on the canvas/background of your overall Visme project. Be careful not to select any of your elements.
  3. In the menu options, you’ll see many ways to Manipulate your full Visme project. But for page numbers, look for the choice called “Add Page Number” and active it.

Voila! You should instantly see a page number appear on your work. By default, it will show on the bottom right corner of each page/slide

Changing the Appearance

So now you have basic page numbers inserted, but what about changing how they look?

Click on page number in your page, a menu pop-up now you can access to all options.

Now you can adjust the following:

  • Font Size and Style: Making text bigger, smaller, or choosing new fonts
  • Text Color: Useful if you want numbers clearly visible over multi-colored pages
  • All Pages: Allows apply options to all pages
  • Just this page: Allows apply options only on current page

The “Position” section also allows moving the number to any part of the page, as well as shifting its exact spot with padding.

Advanced options

By now you know how to add basic page numbers and format their text appearance, but some extra options exist under the “Advanced Settings” :

  • Numbering Style: Switch to Roman numerals, letters or other formats
  • Start From Number: Starts your count from something besides 1
  • Start at Page/Slide: Option to begin numbering from later in project

Troubleshooting Problems

Most common issues like page numbers not displaying or appearing incorrectly are easily fixable. Here are tips:

  • Verify you have multiple pages/slides first
  • Check page number text color doesn’t blend into complex backgrounds
  • Play with positioning/padding for buried or cut off numbers

Still stuck? Contact Visme support!


Do page numbers work on every Visme template?

Yes! Page numbers can be added to any Visme template or custom project.

Can I remove a page number later?

Yes, you can delete a page number by clicking to select it and pressing the Delete key.

Can I customize the appearance of the page numbers?

Absolutely! You can modify the size, color, font, and position of your page numbers to match your project’s style and branding.

How do I change the style of page numbers, like using Roman numerals?

In Visme, under “Advanced Page Number Settings,” you can switch between different numbering styles, such as regular numbers or Roman numerals.

Do page numbers apply automatically to all my project slides or pages?

You have the choice! You can opt to apply the same page number settings to all pages or customize them individually.

Can I adjust the positioning of the page numbers?

Absolutely! You can change the default position of the page numbers using the options available in the Visme editor.

Can I remove page numbers from specific slides or pages?

Yes, you can! In Visme, you have the freedom to add or remove page numbers as per your preference on individual slides or pages.

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