How to Create a Button from Text in Visme

Buttons are an essential interactive element in many documents and presentations. They allow the viewer to take a specific action with a simple click. While dedicated button objects exist in most design applications, sometimes you may want to create a customized button from a text block instead.

Creating buttons in Visme is very easy. You can turn text into a clickable button that links to websites or other slides.

step-by-step how to make buttons from text.

Step 1: Select the Text

Open your Visme project, Select the text you want to make into a button. This text can be headings, paragraphs, etc. Keep the text short – 1 to 5 words works best

Step 2: Open Text Settings

With text selected, click the “Edit” button in top left corner. This opens advanced settings for that text box

Step 3: Adjust Text Box Padding

In settings, find the “Spacing” tab. Increase “Vertical Padding” and “Horizontal Padding” slightly. This makes the text box look more like a button shape

Step 4: Add Background Color

In text settings, click the “Fill & Border” tab. Choose a bright button background color. Solid colors work best

Step 5: Set Border

In “Fill & Border”, pick a border width 1-3pt. Choose border color that contrasts with background. Can make borders rounded for button shape

Step 6: Format Text

  1. Bold the text
  2. Increase font size slightly
  3. Center text horizontally and vertically
  4. Using ALL CAPS is optional

Step 7: Add Effects (Optional)

  1. Try drop shadow or glow effects if available
  2. Keep effects subtle so text is clearly visible

Step 8: Make Text Button Clickable

Select the text box then go to “Actions” menu. Define link to web page or other slides. Test button action by clicking the text


How to start making text button?

Select text box, click “Edit” button.

How to make text look more like button?

Increase padding, add color and border.

How to make text box into working button?

Use “Actions” menu to set link.


With these steps, you can transform text blocks into functional, well-designed buttons for your documents and presentations. Text buttons afford full customization potential compared to pre-made button objects. Create striking interactive text call-to-actions tailored to your needs.

I hope this beginner’s guide was helpful for learning how to turn text into clickable buttons in Visme. Please ask any other questions in the comments!

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Last modified: December 5, 2023

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