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Creating and Managing Slides in Visme: A Beginner’s Guide


Presentations play a crucial role in conveying information effectively. Crafting a compelling presentation involves simplicity, clarity, and memorable content. Visuals trump excessive text, small fonts, and intricate designs when it comes to engaging an audience.

Why create effective presentations?

Engaging presentations captivate audiences, making information more accessible and memorable. Effective presentations enhance communication and understanding.

Two methods for creating presentations

Visme offers two methods for crafting presentations: utilizing customizable templates from the Slide Library or Legacy Templates, allowing flexibility in design and content creation.

Visme slide manager

The Visme slide manager, situated in the right panel of the Visme Editor, facilitates effortless slide management. It enables adding, duplicating, removing, hiding, copying, pasting, and modifying the slide order for seamless organization.

Creating Slides

Starting a new project in Visme

Begin by logging into your Visme account. Click on “Create New” in the Dashboard’s top left corner and select “Presentations” as your visual content.

Adding slides with the Slides Panel

Within the project editor, manage slides efficiently using the Slides Panel. To add slides, click “New Slide” at the top right of the screen.

Choose from 20+ categories of slide templates

Explore over 20 categories of slide templates in the “More Templates” tab within the Slides Panel. Additional options are available in the “My Library” and “More Templates” tabs for further customization.

Add a blank slide

Opt for a blank slide by selecting “Blank Slide” if desired.

Add slides to your presentation

Hover over a specific slide in the chosen category and click “view” then “Insert” to add it to your presentation. Alternatively, use checkboxes to select multiple slides, then click “Insert” or “Insert All” for swift inclusion.

Click and drag slides

Effortlessly rearrange slides by clicking and dragging them within the slide manager.

Managing Slides

Manage slides with the gear icon

Utilize the gear icon in the Slides Panel to access slide management options.

Duplicate slides

Save time by duplicating slides. Click the gear icon and select “Duplicate” to replicate a slide. To duplicate multiple slides, hold down the shift key, select desired slides, and duplicate them.

Rename slides for better organization

Improve organization by renaming slides. Click on the slide name and edit as needed for future reference.

Hide slides for specific audiences

Hide slides using the gear icon to tailor presentations for specific audiences. A hidden slide will display an eye icon with a slash, ensuring it remains unseen during presentations.

Delete slides

Easily remove slides by selecting “Delete” from the gear icon dropdown. Deleted slides can be recovered using the undo button immediately after deletion.

Additional Tips

Keep slides focused on important points

Simplicity is key. Focus slides on essential information to maintain audience attention.

Use minimal text and plenty of visuals

Optimize comprehension by using visuals and minimal text, enhancing audience engagement.

Use slide transitions

Incorporate slide transitions to create a seamless flow between ideas and sections.

Rearrange slides easily with the slide manager

Leverage the slide manager for effortless rearrangement of slides, ensuring a cohesive presentation structure.

Save and download presentations

After completing your presentation, save and download it for offline sharing or future reference.


Creating and managing slides in Visme offers a user-friendly experience, empowering users to craft engaging presentations with ease. From choosing templates to organizing slides, Visme simplifies the process, enabling effective communication.


Can I add more than 50 slides at once?

No, the maximum number of slides that can be added at once in Visme is limited to 50.

Can hidden slides be viewed in the final presentation?

No, hidden slides remain unseen when presenting or downloading the final presentation, ensuring selective visibility.

Is it possible to recover deleted slides?

Yes, immediately after deletion, users can restore deleted slides using the undo button. However, deleted slides are permanently removed thereafter.


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Last modified: December 10, 2023

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