Using Visme’s Slide Library to Enhance Presentations

Creating presentations from scratch every time is hard work. That’s why Visme has a Slide Library feature. It lets you save reusable slides to use again and again!

This article will explain how the Slide Library works and showcase new ways you can utilize it. Read on to learn how it can make building presentations much faster.

What is the Slide Library?

The Slide Library lets you save certain slides as templates. These reusable slides contain things like:

  • Company info
  • Contact details
  • Pricing tables
  • Generic charts/graphs
  • Logos and branding

The key benefit is that you add library slides into multiple presentations after making them once. This saves you from constantly remaking the same slides each time!

Whenever you update a slide in the library, it automatically updates everywhere else that slide is used. That way, you can rapidly update something across all your presentations.

How to Save, Organize, and Find Slides

Saving Slides

To save a slide to the library:

  1. Open the presentation with the slide
  2. Click the slide’s gear icon
  3. Select “Save to Library”

Organizing Slides

When saving, give the slide a descriptive name so it’s easy to find later. You can also add category tags for grouping similar slides.

Some examples of categories:

  • Company slides
  • Statistics slides
  • Title templates
  • Contact info
  • Pricing

Categories make the library organized and searchable.

Searching Slides

Use the search bar to easily find saved slides even with a large library. Category tags and great slide names also help!

Inserting Saved Slide Library Templates

To insert a library slide into a presentation:

  1. Click the “New Slide” button
  2. Go to “My Library” section
  3. Find the template slide
  4. Click “Insert”

The slide gets added where you want it, ready to use!

Customizing Inserted Slides

The benefit of Slide Library templates is they save you initial creation effort. But every presentation has unique needs too.

The good news is that inserted library slides can still be customized! Once placed, feel free to:

  • Change text/fonts
  • Resize, rotate or move elements
  • Swap out images
  • Update data visualizations
  • Rearrange layout

Modify as needed while benefiting from the template!

Tips and Tricks

  • Only edit Slide Library slides within the library itself, not inserted slides.
  • Add transitions/animations to templates for cool effects every time you insert them!
  • Utilize templates most for your company/product details to keep them consistent.

Advanced: Syncing with PowerPoint Libraries

You can even connect your PowerPoint template libraries to Visme for unified access!

Visme’s Slide Library integrates with:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Slides libraries

When enabled in settings, you’ll see PowerPoint templates right within Visme’s New Slide menu. You can insert them like regular Visme library slides.

This makes thousands more templates available to you!


The Slide Library streamlines your workflow by letting you reuse slides instead of reinventing the wheel each time. Take advantage of this great Visme feature to work faster and smarter!

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Why does my inserted slide look different than the template?

This can happen if your presentation uses different slide sizes than the template. Make sure to use standard HD slide sizes when building presentations and slides.

Can I delete slides from my library?

Yes! Click the trash can icon on any Slide Library template to delete it. This removes it from the library and any presentations where it’s inserted.

Do slides keep animations/transitions when inserted?

Yes, any animations and transitions applied will carry over when inserting library slides. You can even build reusable animated templates!

What’s the benefit over just copying slides to reuse?

Copying slides means you have to manually update each duplicate everywhere if something changes. The Slide Library automatically syncs changes to every inserted slide.

Can free Visme users access the Slide Library?

Absolutely! The Slide Library comes included in all Visme accounts, including free ones. Add unlimited templates on any plan.


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Last modified: December 10, 2023

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