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How to Download Canva Fonts Free

Canva has some very nice font styles. But you can’t download these fonts from Canva to use in other programs. This can be frustrating if you want to use a nice Canva font in a Word document or another design program.

Best way to Download Canva Fonts?

  1. Create a blank white page in size 1024×1024.
  2. Click on ‘Text‘ in the left toolbar and choose ‘Add Heading.’
  3. Start Typing from ‘A to M,’ in your text box.
  4. Download your project as a PNG File.
  5. Go to WhatTheFont. upload you image, this site show the name and download link of your font.

Why You Can’t Download Fonts in Canva

Canva does not let users directly download fonts. If you make a nice design in Canva using certain fonts, those fonts stay locked inside of Canva. You can’t export them to use elsewhere later.

Finding Alternatives

While the direct download of Canva fonts remains a puzzle yet to be solved, there’s a workaround. You can design in Canva and then replicate it using similar or (the same) fonts available in other design tools or websites. It might not be an exact match, but you can get pretty close!

Seeking Solutions

Despite the buzz and inquiries about this topic, Canva hasn’t provided any recent updates on changing this policy. Queries and tweets to Canva directly often meet with the same response—no font downloading options available.

Clever Tricks To Save Canva Fonts

While the inability to directly download Canva fonts might seem like a roadblock, there are ways to unleash your creativity. Exploring similar fonts and alternative design options can still help you craft fantastic designs beyond Canva’s boundaries. Don’t let this obstacle hinder your creative journey!

The first Method

Despite Canva’s restrictions, there are some clever tricks to get around the font download barrier.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to saving Canva fonts onto your computer for use in other designs:

Step 1: Log into Canva and create a blank design page sized 1024×1024.

Step 2: Select a fully white background by clicking the colored tile in the top toolbar.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Text‘ in the left toolbar and choose ‘Add Heading.’

Step 4: Write English words from ‘A to M,’ ensuring suitable spacing between letters.

Step 5: Click ‘Share,’ select PNG format, and hit ‘Download.’

Step 6: Search for “image to font” on Google or visit WhatTheFont. Upload the Canva-designed image to this site.

Download Canva Fonts for Free with WhatTheFont
Download Canva Fonts for Free with WhatTheFont step 4

Next, use the crop tool to select only the font area, adjust settings, and identify the letters in the image. The site will display free and paid fonts resembling your image. Try this with fonts like EcZar or use the second method:

The Second Method

In Canva, check the font list, search for a font’s name on Google (e.g., ECZAR), and download it for free from sources like Google Fonts. Use these fonts in programs like Word or Photoshop.

By exploring these tricks and alternatives, you can expand your font choices beyond Canva’s library, ensuring your designs continue to flourish creatively!


Can I download a font I found in a Canva template?

Unfortunately, no. The fonts used in templates also remain restricted. But you can recreate the template design using free font alternatives found in other places.

Why won’t Canva allow font downloads?

Canva likely restricts font usage to encourage designers to keep creating within their platform. Allowing downloads may also pose licensing issues with how some fonts are shared or commercialized.

Are any workarounds completely legal?

Methods like screenshotting text images and converting them into fonts walk a legal grey area regarding permissions. The safest approach is finding legitimate free font alternatives rather than replicating Canva’s exact fonts without authorization.

Does Canva plan to change this policy?

So far Canva has not announced any intention to allow direct font downloads in the future. Recent queries get the same standard response about it not being possible currently.

Are paid alternatives worth considering?

Some paid font foundries like Adobe Fonts provide professional libraries rivaling Canva’s catalog with full licensing rights. If you regularly need specialty commercial fonts, subscriptions to these services may warrant the cost.

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Last modified: December 14, 2023

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