Mastering Text Formatting in Visme

Text formatting can significantly enhance the impact of your content in Visme. Here’s a guide on how to tweak and polish your text to perfection:

Text CustomizationHow To
Change FontFont dropdown at the top left
Adjust SizeFont size dropdown
Modify ColorColor icon to the right of font size
Create ListsList icon
More OptionsMore tab for advanced settings
EffectsEffects tab for opacity and shadow
Link TextActions tab for adding functionality

How to edit Text in visme?

  1. Click on the desired text.
  2. Select “Edit” from the upper left corner. Or, double-click directly on the text.
  3. Modify font, size, color, alignment.

How to change Font and Size in visme?

  1. Click on the text element you want to modify it.
  2. Locate and click the “Font” dropdown at the top left corner.
  3. Pick from recent or brand-specific fonts displayed.
  4. After selecting a font, modify its size to suit your design needs.

How to resize 2 or more text in visme?

When you need to change text size together, choose the texts you want (use Shift+Click to select many), and you’ll see four dots appear at the corners. Just click and drag any of those dots to resize your fonts easily.

How To Change the Color and style of text in visme?

Change your font’s color by clicking the color icon next to the font size dropdown. Your most used colors will show first, then the primary ones from your Brand area, and any Theme colors you’ve set. You can also select from Visme’s preset swatches or your saved Palettes for more options.

To adjust the Style of your font, select the BI, or U icons to the right of the font color icon to bold, italicize, or underline your text.

How To Create List and bullet line in visme?

Make lists easily by clicking the List icon. By default, you’ll get a Bulleted Disc list. You can change the Bullet Indentation and Text Indentation using the sliders. Besides bullets, you have various alphanumeric list styles in the List dropdown. To remove any list styles you’ve applied, simply click None.

Diving Deeper into Customization

Explore the ‘More‘ tab for extensive customization options. Adjust spacing, fill, borders, transform, insert special characters, and manage text direction.

Playing with Effects

In the Effects tab, tweak opacity, shadows, and their positions behind the text for added flair.

Adding Functionality with Actions

Use the Actions tab to link text to other slides, webpages, social media channels, or email addresses.


Mastering text formatting in Visme offers a plethora of options to create visually stunning content. Experimenting with fonts, colors, styles, and effects can truly elevate your designs.


Can I customize text styles beyond bold and italic?

Yes, you can adjust spacing, transform text, insert special characters, and more within the ‘More’ tab.

How do I link text to external sources?

Use the ‘Actions’ tab to link text to other slides, webpages, or social media channels easily.

Is it possible to resize multiple text objects at once?

Yes, select multiple text objects and resize them proportionally by dragging the corners.

Enhancing text in Visme is an art. With these simple steps, you’re equipped to transform your text into an integral part of your captivating visual content. Happy designing!

more information in Visme support

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Last modified: December 9, 2023

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