Which New Features in iOS 18 are Planned for Rollout in 2025?

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update for iPhones is expected to bring some major new features and enhancements, particularly around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

However, some of the most significant changes are not expected to arrive until 2025.

Here is an overview of the key iOS 18 features planned for rollout in 2025:

AI-Powered Assistant and Services

One of the biggest new additions coming in iOS 18 is an AI-powered virtual assistant. However, the full capabilities of this assistant likely won’t be realized until 2025.

By then, expect the assistant to handle complex tasks and queries via natural conversation. It may also provide proactive suggestions and reminders powered by on-device intelligence.

Other AI-enhanced apps and services like an improved Siri, smarter photo categorization, and more contextual recommendations in Apple Music are also on the roadmap for 2025.

Apple is planning long-term AI investments to make its devices and services radically more intelligent over the next few years.

AR/VR Capabilities

While iOS 18 will lay the groundwork with some initial augmented reality (AR) features, 2025 is likely to see much more advanced capabilities.

Expect apps to make use of complex AR overlays, improved object/environment recognition and physics simulation.

There are also rumors of Apple’s VR/AR headset launching in 2025, which would connect seamlessly with iOS devices.

New Ways to Interact

Look for more multimodal and intuitive ways to interact with iOS devices by 2025. This could include features like eye tracking, motion gestures and spatial audio. While still unconfirmed, there is speculation that technologies like these could arrive with the VR headset or new iPhone models in 2025.

Health Sensors and Monitoring

Apple is doing a lot of research into health sensors and advanced wellness monitoring. While we’ll see some of this in earlier iOS updates, more advanced health tracking via sensors like blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature and others are pegged for release in 2025 or later. The data could feed into an improved Health app.

Customizable Software Features

To give users more control, iOS 18 is expected to introduce some system-level settings for customizing UI, notifications, etc.

But by 2025, expect highly customizable software experiences enabled by AI, where apps and system functions automatically adapt to match each user’s preferences and usage patterns.

More Power Efficiency

Every iOS update brings some under-the-hood optimizations for better battery life. But rumors point to dramatically improved power efficiency coming in 2025 and beyond via new silicon and software breakthroughs. This could enable weeklong battery life for iPhones.

Overall, 2025 will likely see the full fruition of technologies Apple is currently developing in AI, AR, health tracking, and more.

While iOS 18 will start the journey, iOS updates 3-4 years from now is when users will really feel the impact.


Will iOS 18 have any major new features?

Yes, iOS 18 is expected to introduce some substantial updates like an AI assistant, improved AR capabilities, and new ways to customize the user experience. However, the full rollout of these features will likely take multiple iOS update cycles into 2025.

What is Apple’s VR/AR headset and when will it launch?

Rumors suggest Apple is developing a combined virtual and augmented reality headset for launch around 2025. It would work seamlessly with iOS devices to provide new immersive experiences and productivity use cases.

What kinds of new health tracking features are coming?

Apple is working on sophisticated health sensors to enable blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure, temperature, sleep tracking and more. These are expected to debut over the next few years, with more robust capabilities by 2025.

How will Apple improve iPhone battery life?

Optimizations in hardware and software are expected to bring major leaps in iPhone battery efficiency over the next 3-4 years. Rumors point to potential weeklong battery life by around 2025.

Will iOS 18 introduce any changes to the home screen or apps?

While not confirmed, there is speculation that iOS 18 could bring minor enhancements like customizable widgets, multitasking improvements, and UI changes. But more substantial home screen and app changes are likely still a few years out.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024

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