Is Google’s New AI Search Experience Available on Mobile?

Google has recently introduced an AI-powered search feature that provides more detailed conversational responses to queries rather than just links. This new experience aims to revolutionize how we find information online. But is it available when searching on your phone?

Understanding Google’s AI Search

Google’s new AI search capability uses large language models trained on web content to generate helpful summaries and overviews in response to searches. For example, asking it to “explain how solar panels work” provides a summarized explanation in the search engine’s own words rather than simply showing links to other sites.

This feature represents a major advancement of Google Search. But so far, it has only been enabled in preview form on the desktop version.

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AI Search on Mobile: Current Limitations

As of now, Google’s AI-powered search experience is not yet available on mobile devices. Trying to access the new feature on the Google app for iOS or Android simply provides standard search results.

There are a couple key reasons the mobile experience has not yet been enabled:

  • Slower rollout – Google is taking a gradual approach to launching the technology, starting with desktop only.
  • UI challenges – The expanded AI responses may be better suited to the large screen space of desktop. Condensing this into the mobile UI presents design challenges.
  • Limitations – There are still limitations around language and country availability. Launching first in the US on desktop allows focused improvement.

So unfortunately, mobile users are left waiting as desktop users get the first chance to try out Google’s new AI search capabilities.

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When Will It Launch on Mobile?

Google has not provided an exact timeframe for when its AI-enhanced search experience will become available on mobile. However, we can make some educated guesses based on Google’s history of rolling out new products:

  • Given this is an important new initiative for Google, expansion to mobile could come in months rather than years.
  • Iterative rollout – Google often rolls products out gradually before expanding access. Following desktop, the US-based mobile app seems like the logical next rollout target.
  • English first – Support for other languages tends to trail the initial English release. So English mobile users are likely to get access before other languages.
  • Pixel phones first? – Google sometimes gives early access to new features to Pixel phone users. AI search could follow this pattern.

So while not guaranteed, it seems reasonable to expect Google may enable its AI search experience in the US-based English Google app on Android within the next 6-12 months, perhaps starting with Pixel devices. But the company has not publicly committed to a timeline.

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Why Mobile Access Matters

Expanding Google’s AI search feature to mobile isn’t just a nice bonus – it’s essentially required for the technology to succeed. Here’s why mobile availability is so important:

  • Mobile is dominant – Over 60% of Google searches now happen on phones rather than computers.
  • On-the-go queries – Mobile searches tend to be more on-the-go factual lookups where AI could help.
  • Accessibility – Broader mobile availability is needed to make AI search universally accessible.
  • Adoption – If limited to desktop, many users won’t experience and adopt the new capabilities.

It’s the mobile context where AI search may provide the greatest value. So Google will need to prioritize development of an excellent mobile experience to drive mainstream adoption.

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Google’s AI-powered search engine marks a major evolution in how we find information online. While accessibility is still limited, expanded rollout to mobile and other markets seems imminent.

In the future, having “conversations” with the Google app to get quick answers may become commonplace. But for now, mobile users will need to wait patiently for the chance to start testing Google’s glimpse at the future of search.

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Last modified: August 30, 2023

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