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Gmail App Crashing One plus HTC [Solved]

The frequent occurrence of the Gmail app crashing has been a persistent headache for users across various devices. Despite attempts to resolve this issue through updates and troubleshooting, the app continues to exhibit instability, causing interruptions in regular email usage.

How To Fix Gmail App Crashing One plus

One of the annoying problems for HTC phone users is the display of the application crashing error, this error is displayed when you run your application and this message is show up on you phone screen then you have only two options to choose from

Gmail App Crashing One plus
  • App info
  • Close app

Tapping on any of them will not solve your problem and you will not be able to enter your app.
One of the main reasons for this problem is that your mobile software is not compatible with the updated version of the application. If this message happens to you on any application, you can uninstall the latest updates of that application.
But if this problem happens to you when you open Gmail, you must uninstall the latest WebView software update.

How to uninstall WebView update

  1. Go to the setting
  2. Apps
  3. See all installed apps
  4. taps the search icon on the top right corner
  5. search for Android System WebView
  6. tap on the application
  7. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner
  8. select “Uninstall updates
  9. Finally, restart your phone
  10. Finish

Gmail App Crashing on iPhone

Users of iPhones have been encountering persistent issues with the Gmail app crashing on their devices. Despite efforts to identify the root cause and rectify the problem, the app consistently fails to function properly on the iOS platform, leading to frustration and hindering seamless email management.

Gmail App Crashing on Android Devices

On Android devices, the Gmail app crashing has been a recurring problem for users. Despite various attempts to mitigate this issue, including clearing caches and checking internet connectivity, the app’s instability on the Android platform persists, disrupting users’ email access and management.

Why is My Gmail App Crashing?

The underlying cause behind the Gmail app crashing remains elusive for many users. Despite seeking answers and attempting various fixes, understanding the exact reason for the consistent crashes remains a challenge, leaving users puzzled and seeking reliable solutions to this persisting issue.

Why Does My Gmail App Keep Crashing?

Users are consistently troubled by the Gmail app’s frequent crashes, prompting them to question the root cause behind this persistent issue. Despite efforts to troubleshoot and seek assistance, the continuous crashing of the app on various devices remains an unresolved concern.

The Gmail app on my phone keeps crashing, what do I do?

The persistent crashing of the Gmail app on phones has left users searching for effective solutions. Despite attempting basic troubleshooting steps, such as restarting devices or reinstalling the app, users are left in a quandary, seeking further guidance on resolving this recurring issue.

Gmail app crashing when opening emails?

A specific issue arises when users attempt to open emails within the Gmail app, causing consistent crashes. Despite exploring different approaches to resolve this problem, such as clearing caches or updating the app, the persistent crashes upon opening emails remain a source of frustration for users.

Why does my Gmail app keep crashing on my iPod?

Users of iPods have encountered persistent issues with the Gmail app crashing, leading to inconvenience and disruptions in accessing emails. Despite efforts to identify device-specific factors contributing to these crashes, resolving this issue on iPods remains a challenge for users.

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Last modified: December 31, 2023

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