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Why was rapper Killer Mike escorted out of the Grammy Awards?

Who is Killer Mike?

Killer Mike is a rapper, songwriter, actor, and activist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is one half of the duo Run the Jewels, along with rapper and producer El-P. He has released six solo albums and four collaborative albums with Run the Jewels.

He is also a vocal supporter of progressive causes and movements, such as Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders, and marijuana legalization.

What is the Grammy Awards?

The Grammy Awards is an annual award show that honors the achievements and excellence of artists and professionals in the music industry.

The awards are presented by the Recording Academy, a non-profit organization of musicians, producers, engineers, and other music professionals.

The awards are divided into several categories, such as genre, album, song, performance, and video. The winners are determined by the votes of the members of the Recording Academy.

What happened at the Grammys 2024?

Rapper Killer Mike won three awards during the pre-televised portion of the ceremony on Sunday, February 4, 2024. He won best rap performance, rap song, and rap album for his song “Scientists and Engineers” and his album “Michael”.

Shortly after his wins, he was seen being led out of the Crypto.com arena by a squad of police officers in handcuffs. He did not appear at the main ceremony or perform on stage.

The LAPD confirmed that a Black male was detained after a “physical altercation” at the venue, but did not reveal his identity or the details of the incident.

A representative for Killer Mike did not respond to requests for comment.

reason of arresting

According to reports, Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, encountered confusion over which entrance to use with his team. This confusion led to an encounter with an “over-zealous security guard,” as described by the rapper himself.

Multiple sources reported that there was physical contact between Killer Mike and a female security guard. Allegedly, the rapper pushed the security guard twice and even threw an elbow as she attempted to prevent him and another person from bypassing a security checkpoint.

Following this altercation, the security guard made a citizen’s arrest, leading to Killer Mike being booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. Despite the arrest, Killer Mike’s team expressed confidence that he would be cleared of any wrongdoing, calling the situation “overblown.”

Why is this news important?

Killer Mike is a veteran rapper who has been active in the music industry since the late 1990s. He is also known for his political activism and social commentary on issues such as racism, police brutality, and economic inequality.

Killer Mike’s arrest sparked outrage and speculation among his fans and fellow artists, who questioned the motives and actions of the police. Some accused the police of racial profiling and harassment, while others demanded justice and transparency.

Killer Mike’s arrest also overshadowed his achievements at the Grammys, where he swept the rap categories and gave a motivational speech backstage. He encouraged other artists to be truthful, empathetic, and grand in their endeavors, and to keep hip-hop alive.

What is “Scientists and Engineers”?

“Scientists and Engineers” is a song by Killer Mike, featuring Andre 3000, Future, and Eryn Allen Kane. It is the lead single from his sixth solo album, “Michael”.

The song is a tribute to the contributions and struggles of Black scientists and engineers throughout history, such as George Washington Carver, Katherine Johnson, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The song also criticizes the lack of representation and recognition of Black people in STEM fields.

What is the difference between the pre-televised and the main ceremony?

The pre-televised ceremony, also known as the Premiere Ceremony, is a part of the Grammy Awards that takes place before the main ceremony.

It is where most of the awards are announced and presented, especially those in less popular or niche categories. The main ceremony, also known as the Telecast Ceremony, is the part of the Grammy Awards that is broadcast live on television.

It is where the most prestigious and popular awards are announced and presented, such as album of the year, record of the year, song of the year, and best new artist. It is also where the performances, tributes, and speeches take place.


Rapper Killer Mike was handcuffed and escorted out of the Grammys after winning three awards, but the reason and circumstances of his arrest are still unclear.

His arrest caused controversy and criticism, as many people saw it as an example of police misconduct and racial discrimination.

His arrest also contrasted with his success and message at the Grammys, where he celebrated his music and his values.


How can I watch the Grammy Awards?

You can watch the Grammy Awards on CBS, the official broadcaster of the event. You can also stream the event online on Paramount+, the streaming service of CBS. You can also follow the updates and highlights of the event on the official website and social media accounts of the Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy.

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Last modified: February 10, 2024

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