Benny The Butcher Drops 2024 Album: The Def Jam Exclusive

Benny the Butcher, one of the leading voices of the New York Hip Hop scene, has released his highly anticipated new album “Everybody Can’t Go” on January 26, 2024 through Def Jam Recordings.

Marking Benny’s major label debut, this 12-track album features the signature gritty sound and lyrical prowess that has defined the rapper’s career.

Introduction to Benny The Butcher

Benny the Butcher is an American rapper hailing from Buffalo, New York. Born Jeremie Pennick in 1984, Benny rose to prominence as part of the Griselda hip hop collective alongside his cousins Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine.

Known for his raw, street-inspired lyrics and throwback boom-bap sound, Benny first garnered attention with the release of his mixtape ”Butcher on Steroids” in 2016.

Since then, the rapper has cultivated a dedicated fanbase with projects like “Tana Talk 3” (2018) and “Burden of Proof” (2020). With his 2024 Def Jam debut, Benny cements his position as one of the most skilled lyricists and vivid storytellers in the game today.

The Making of Everybody Can’t Go

Everybody Can’t Go marks a major milestone in Benny’s trajectory, representing his first full-length release with a major label. Despite signing with Def Jam in 2021, Benny took his time crafting the album, aiming to maintain his signature sound while reaching new audiences.

Much of the recording took place between Benny’s hometown Buffalo and Atlanta, where he worked closely with super-producer Harry Fraud. The album’s title reflects the idea that success is not universal, with Benny telling stories straight from the streets. As the rapper himself said, the album aims to provide “authenticity, lyrics, beats and concepts”.

Standout Features on the Album

Everybody Can’t Go puts Benny’s one-of-a-kind flow and wordplay on full display across 12 hard-hitting tracks. While his lyrics shine brightest, the album also features a star-studded lineup of featured guests:

  • Lil Wayne – The legendary rapper joins Benny on “Trade It All” for an epic collaboration between generations.
  • Snoop Dogg – Long Beach icon Snoop links up with Benny on the West Coast vibes of “Party” bringing smooth flows.
  • Jadakiss – The LOX member and Benny team up on “Pillow Talk and Slander” alongside Babyface Ray for a New York rap masterclass.

These features help showcase Benny’s adaptability and chemistry, blending seamlessly with veterans and newcomers alike.

Themes and Content on Everybody Can’t Go

Much like his past work, Everybody Can’t Go finds Benny reflecting on his experiences dealing drugs and navigating street life. Songs like “Plug Talk” and “Trade It All” offer a look at Benny’s former criminal lifestyle.

However, tracks like “Jermaine’s Graduation” show the rapper’s growth, as he raps about family and overcoming adversity. Elsewhere, cuts like “Walk the Walk” showcase Benny’s technical abilities, structured around creative rhyme schemes.

While street tales are a constant, Benny balances them with moments of wisdom and even humor. Overall, Everybody Can’t Go paints a complex portrait of an artist on the rise.

Initial Reception and Impact

In the hours after its release on January 26, Everybody Can’t Go received widespread acclaim from critics and fans. Reviewers praised the seamless fusion of Benny’s vintage sound with Def Jam’s promotional muscle.

Many also applauded Benny’s willingness to stick to his roots and not compromise his authenticity for mainstream appeal. Based on early reactions, Everybody Can’t Go looks primed to expand Benny the Butcher’s reach while cementing his status as a leading voice of the new school.

With its masterful flows, cinematic production, and lived-in narratives, Benny’s major label debut has the potential to impact the hip-hop landscape in 2024 and beyond.

FAQs about Benny The Butcher’s New Album

What is the title of Benny’s new 2024 album?

The title of Benny the Butcher’s new 2024 album is “Everybody Can’t Go“. It was released on January 26, 2024 via Def Jam Recordings.

How many tracks are on the new Benny album?

Benny’s latest album “Everybody Can’t Go” contains 12 tracks total. Some key songs include “Jermaine’s Graduation“, “Trade It All“, and “Pillow Talk & Slander“.

Who does Benny collaborate with on the album?

The new Benny album features high-profile collaborations with rappers like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and Jadakiss. These guests help showcase Benny’s adaptability.

What topics does Benny rap about on Everybody Can’t Go?

Much of Benny’s lyricism on the album centers on stories of his past involvement in drug dealing and street life. However, he balances these gritty tales with moments of reflection and wisdom.

How has the album been received so far by critics and fans?

In its opening day, Everybody Can’t Go received widespread acclaim for Benny’s raw lyrical skills and refusal to compromise his signature sound. Fans have praised the album’s authenticity and cohesion.

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Last modified: January 27, 2024

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