Why is My Canva Image Blurry? Troubleshooting

Blurry Canva downloads? Ensure image resolution is at least 300 DPI. Check dimensions (500×500 pixels), choose PNG or high-quality PDF. Remove filters affecting sharpness, upload directly to Canva, and use Canva’s high-res elements. For videos, limit length and reduce resolution. Download as PNG for web, or increase size for Pro users. Contact Canva Support for persistent issues.

Downloading images from Canva that turn out blurry or pixelated can be frustrating. A blurry image loses its visual impact and professionalism. Luckily, there are several easy ways to troubleshoot and fix blurry Canva downloads.

Check Image Resolution

The most common reason for blurry Canva downloads is low resolution images. Canva recommends using high resolution images of at least 300 DPI. Many images from the internet are only 72 DPI.

To check image resolution:

  • Windows: Right click the image file, select Properties > Details. View resolution.
  • Mac: Open in Preview, click Tools > Show Inspector. View resolution.

Any images below 300 DPI will likely look blurry when downloaded. Replace with higher resolution versions.

Adjust Image Size

Small image dimensions can cause blurriness. For crisp results, make sure images are at least 500 x 500 pixels in size.

Check image dimensions in Canva before downloading. Enlarge any small images by dragging the corners outwards.

Change File Type

The file type chosen for download affects image quality:

  • JPG: Small file size but lower resolution. Good for web use.
  • PNG: Better for simple designs with text/icons. Small file size.
  • PDF Print: Highest print quality at 300 DPI. Best for printing.

For less blurriness, choose PNG or high quality PDF Print.

Remove Filters

Some filters like Gaussian Blur will intentionally make images look less sharp. Delete any unnecessary filters that may degrade image quality.

Upload Images to Canva

Images uploaded directly into Canva are higher quality than those added via URL. Upload images from your computer for best results.

Use High Quality Canva Elements

The image elements included in Canva are high resolution, so using these will prevent blurry downloads. Avoid importing low quality external images when possible.

Download in Batches

Large multi-page Canva designs can fail to download properly. Break the pages up into smaller batches of 10 pages or less when downloading.

Check Video Settings

For videos, long lengths and high frame rates can hinder downloads. Keep videos under 30 minutes and reduce resolution to 1080p if possible.

Download as PNG for Web

Social media compresses images, making them blurry. Download Canva designs as PNG files to optimize for uploading to websites and social media.

Increase Export Size (Pro users)

Canva Pro users can increase export size and image quality. In the download menu, drag the size and quality sliders fully right.

Download Print Proof

When ordering Canva Prints, download a PDF proof first to check for blurriness issues before printing. Address any problems with images before finalizing order.

Contact Support

If you still can’t resolve blurry downloads after troubleshooting, contact Canva Support. They can provide personalized help with any lingering download issues.

With the right troubleshooting steps, you can overcome blurry Canva downloads. Analyze image resolution, adjust sizing and filters, optimize file types, and check video settings to finally gain clear and professional image quality. Your polished Canva designs will look their best when downloaded properly.


Why are my Canva downloads blurry?

Blurry downloads are usually caused by low resolution images, small image sizes, incorrect file types chosen, or video resolution settings.

How can I improve the quality of images in Canva?

Use high resolution photos of at least 300 DPI. Upload images instead of adding by URL. Increase image dimensions to above 500 x 500 pixels.

What is the best file type to download from Canva?

PNG and high quality PDF Print provide the most clear and crisp downloads. JPG compresses files which reduces quality.

How can I fix a blurry print order from Canva?

Download a print proof first to check for issues. Contact Canva support if prints turn out blurry so they can assist.

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Last modified: November 15, 2023

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