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Extra Lines Appear When Editing on Canva Mobile App

The best solution is to manually delete any extra lines by tapping the text box and removing erroneous breaks. Also, routinely update Canva Mobile to get bug fixes that address text rendering issues. Proper formatting like avoiding overcrowded text boxes prevents lines.

Editing on the Canva Mobile app is a breeze for many, but some users have encountered a vexing issue: extra lines disrupting their designs.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this problem, exploring its origins, symptoms, and practical solutions.

Understanding Canva Mobile

Basics of Canva Mobile

Canva Mobile App, the portable sibling of the popular graphic design tool, brings creativity to your fingertips.

Optimized for both Android and iOS, this app mirrors the functionality of its desktop counterpart while offering a simplified interface for on-the-go design enthusiasts.

With Canva Mobile, users can create stunning graphics, presentations, posters and more right from their phone or tablet.

Common Issues on Canva Mobile

Canva Mobile, though robust, isn’t without its quirks. Users may encounter discrepancies between designs on mobile and desktop, but the focus here is on the pesky problem of extra lines appearing during text editing.

This irregularity has cropped up frequently, marring otherwise polished designs. Rectifying it requires a nuanced troubleshooting approach.

Identify and Eliminate Extra Lines

Symptoms Recognition

Identifying these unwanted additions is crucial. Watch out for an unexplained increase in text box height, making text appear misaligned or with too much spacing between lines.

Attempts to move or resize the text box may be thwarted by these mysterious lines. Zooming in may reveal slight vertical lines interrupting the text.

Subtle as they are, these extras can ruin formatting and alignment.

Causes Analysis

Several culprits might be behind this issue. A glitch or bug in the Canva Mobile app itself could spontaneously generate extra lines.

The user’s keyboard settings, particularly auto-inserted line breaks, might also trigger the problem. If the “return key” is set to insert lines, this could carry over into the Canva text boxes.

It’s essential to understand these potential causes for effective troubleshooting.

Solutions to Extra Lines

Manual Removal Method

One hands-on solution involves tapping the text box and manually deleting any extra lines. Adjusting font size, spacing or alignment can also help achieve the desired look after removing the lines. While it may require some trial and error, this method proves effective in many cases. The key is carefully inspecting the text box and eliminating any erroneous breaks.

Software Update Solution

Canva is proactive in addressing issues through regular app updates. Keeping Canva Mobile current by routinely checking for updates in the App Store or Google Play Store can eliminate bugs causing extra lines.

Updates may contain vital fixes to text editing and rendering issues. As a bonus, updating provides the latest features and optimizations as well.

Reinstalling Canva App

If the problem persists even after updates, uninstalling and reinstalling the Canva app might be the key.

This process can eliminate any lingering bugs or glitches that escape routine updates.

Back up any designs before reinstalling. This fresh install often irons out quirks that standard updates don’t address.

Preventing Extra Lines

Regular Updates

Staying abreast of Canva app updates is crucial. Regular updates enhance overall app performance and prevent glitches, ensuring a seamless design experience across projects. Canva rolls out fixes and improvements weekly, so prompt updates are vital.

Proper Editing Practices

To sidestep extra lines, adhere to proper editing practices. Use the correct font size, type, and alignment appropriate for your text box size. Avoid overcrowding text boxes and leverage the “Fit” option to automatically adjust font size, ensuring polished, professional formatting.

Extra Tips for Canva Mobile

Efficient Designing Tips

Maximize your Canva Mobile experience with these tips:

  • Use Templates: Quickly create stunning designs using Canva’s selection of customizable templates.
  • Utilize Grids and Frames: Easily organize your layout and align elements with grids and frames.
  • Copy Style Feature: Replicate fonts, colors, effects and more with the copy style tool.
  • Magic Resize: Automatically adjust designs for different platforms and dimensions.
  • Background Remover: Eliminate distracting backgrounds for a polished look.
  • Text Effects: Make your text stand out with engaging shadows, gradients and more.

Emerging Trends in Canva Mobile

As the Canva Mobile platform evolves, it’s essential to stay attuned to emerging trends and updates. Keep an eye on Canva’s blog or official communication channels for announcements about new features, enhancements, or optimizations that may directly impact the issue of extra lines.

By staying informed about the latest trends, users can proactively adapt their design practices and take advantage of newly introduced functionalities.

User-Generated Workarounds

Beyond official recommendations, explore user-generated workarounds and tips that have proven effective in addressing extra lines in Canva Mobile.

Online forums and social media platforms often become hubs for users to share innovative solutions, providing a valuable resource for those seeking alternative approaches to troubleshooting this common issue.

Canva Mobile Update Schedule

Familiarize yourself with Canva’s update schedule to align your usage with the release of new features and bug fixes.

Understanding the frequency of updates ensures that you can promptly implement the latest solutions, enhancing your overall Canva Mobile experience and mitigating the risk of encountering persistent extra lines.

Interactive Tutorials and YouTube Guides

Complement your learning experience by exploring interactive tutorials and YouTube guides specifically tailored to troubleshooting extra lines in Canva Mobile.

Visual aids and step-by-step demonstrations can offer a dynamic and engaging way to grasp effective solutions, catering to different learning preferences among users.

Canva Mobile Beta Testing Opportunities

If you’re an avid Canva user, consider participating in Canva Mobile beta testing programs.

This offers a firsthand look at upcoming features and allows you to provide feedback that could influence the resolution of issues like extra lines.

Beta testing ensures a collaborative relationship between users and the development team, contributing to a more polished and user-friendly app.


Navigating the extra lines issue on Canva Mobile requires a blend of understanding the problem, implementing effective solutions, and adopting efficient design practices. By staying informed on updates, leveraging helpful features, and honing editing skills, users can ensure a smooth, seamless graphic design process on the go. Tackling text editing hiccups promptly preserves that polished, professional look every time.


Why do extra lines appear in Canva Mobile?

Potential causes are app glitches, keyboard settings inserting breaks, or improper text box formatting.

How can I delete extra lines manually?

Tap the text box, inspect for erroneous breaks, and delete any extras. Adjust spacing/alignment too.

Should I update Canva Mobile regularly?

Yes, updates contain important fixes, optimizations, and new features for best performance.

When should I reinstall the Canva app?

If issues like extra lines persist after app updates, uninstalling/reinstalling Canva may address lingering glitches.

What are some Canva Mobile design tips?

Use templates, grids/frames, style copying, Magic Resize, Background Remover, and text effects.

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Last modified: May 15, 2024

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