Drawing Flowcharts in Canva

To drawing flowcharts, add flowchart shapes like rectangles and diamonds from the elements panel in Canva. Connect the shapes with arrow lines to show process order. Add text to label each step. Customize shapes with color and icons. Align and organize with grid snap and layers.

Canva’s online flowchart maker is a free and easy way to create beautiful flowcharts to visualize processes and ideas. With Canva’s drag-and-drop interface and library of templates, anyone can quickly design a flowchart even without prior experience.

Why Use Canva for Flowcharts

There are several key benefits of using Canva to draw flowcharts:

  • Free – Canva’s flowchart maker is 100% free to use with no limits. You don’t need to pay for premium features.
  • Intuitive – The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple for beginners to design flowcharts intuitively. No need for training.
  • Templates – Choose from a wide variety of professionally-designed flowchart templates to kickstart your creative process.
  • Real-time collaboration – Invite teammates to work together on the same flowchart in real-time with live chat and comments.
  • Share and export – Easily share your completed flowcharts via a shareable link or export as images or PDFs.
  • Mobile friendly – Create flowcharts on-the-go with Canva’s iOS and Android apps.

Core Elements of Canva’s Flowchart Maker

Canva equips you with all the essential elements to create elegant flowcharts:

  • Diverse flowchart shapes – Add flowchart-specific shapes like rectangles, diamonds, parallelograms from Canva’s element panel.
  • Arrow connectors – Draw arrows between shapes to depict process flows and relationships.
  • Text – Easily add text blocks to your flowchart shapes to label steps.
  • Icons – Enhance understanding of each flowchart step with Canva’s massive icon library.
  • Colors – Make your flowchart visually appealing with Canva’s color picker.
  • Canvas – Canva offers an infinite canvas to brainstorm ideas without bounds.

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Handy Features for Designing Flowcharts

Canva packs helpful features to streamline your flowchart design workflow:

  • Resizing – Intuitively resize shapes by dragging their corners. Maintain proportions with Shift.
  • Grid snapping – Elements snap to an invisible grid for perfect alignment. Toggle grid with Ctrl/Cmd+G.
  • Duplication – Duplicate elements with Ctrl/Cmd+D to quickly replicate.
  • Layers – Organize shapes into layers, then hide/lock layers for easy editing.
  • Shape assist – Canva’s shape recognition offers smart alignment guides when moving shapes.
  • Undo – Mistakes happen. Use Ctrl/Cmd+Z to quickly undo unwanted changes.


With Canva’s user-friendly flowchart maker, anyone can easily illustrate processes, ideas, workflows and more in minutes. The drag-and-drop editor, vast element library, and handy features like shape assist and unlimited undo make flowchart design a breeze. Sign up for a free Canva account and start drawing beautiful flowcharts today!


What are some types of flowcharts I can create in Canva?

You can use Canva to create many types of flowcharts like process flowcharts, workflow diagrams, data flow diagrams, organizational charts, and more.

Can I collaborate with others on flowcharts in Canva?

Yes, Canva enables real-time collaboration. Simply invite others to your Canva workspace so you can chat and work on the same flowchart together.

Does Canva have flowchart templates I can use?

Absolutely. Canva provides professionally designed flowchart templates to give you a running start. Customize any template to match your needs.

Can I export my finished flowcharts out of Canva?

You can export your Canva flowcharts as JPG, PNG images or PDF files. You can also share view-only or editable links.

Is there a limit to how many flowcharts I can create with Canva?

No, you can create unlimited flowcharts with Canva’s free flowchart maker. There are no caps on designs or features for free users.

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Last modified: October 31, 2023

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