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Collaborating With Non-Canva Users: What You Need To Know

Canva makes collaborating on designs easy – you can add other Canva users as collaborators and they can edit, comment on, or just view your projects.

But what if you want input from someone who doesn’t have a Canva account? Is there a way for non-users to collaborate?

Unfortunately, the answer is currently no. Only people with Canva accounts can be added as official collaborators on Canva designs.

However, there are a few workarounds to get feedback from non-users.

In this article, we’ll overview Canva’s collaboration features, explain the limitations for non-Canva users, and suggest solutions to collaborate with colleagues who don’t have Canva.

Canva’s Collaboration Options

Canva offers several ways to collaborate on designs:

  • Share Link – You can share a view-only link that allows anyone to view the design with the ability to comment. This works for both Canva users and non-users.
  • Add Email Collaborators – From the design page, click Share and add collaborator emails to give editing or commenting access. But this only works if the collaborator has a Canva account.
  • Download and Send – You can download your design as a PNG or PDF and send it to non-users for feedback.

Limitations for Non-Canva Users

The main limitation is that to be added as an official collaborator with editing or commenting privileges, the person needs to have a Canva account. If you add a non-user’s email when sharing, they will receive an email saying they need to sign up first before accessing the design.

While you can share a view/comment link, non-users won’t have the full collaboration abilities that Canva users enjoy.

The only way they can currently edit or leave comments is by viewing the design with the share link.

Workarounds for Non-Canva Collaborators

If you need feedback from non-Canva users, there are a couple workarounds:

  • Share Link – While not ideal, the share link allows real-time viewing and commenting without an account. You’d have to communicate via another channel like email or chat to get their feedback.
  • Download and Send – You can download your designs and send them to non-users via email or a file sharing service. They can then comment on the PDF or PNG file directly or in a separate document.

The main drawback to these methods is that non-users can’t leave in-line comments on the design. It involves more back and forth communication outside of Canva.

Suggestions for Improved Non-Canva Collaboration

While workarounds exist, it would be great if Canva offered more seamless options for non-user collaboration that didn’t require downloading or external communication. Some suggestions:

  • Allow adding non-user emails for comment-only access to designs.
  • Have a “client mode” where non-users can comment in-line on a live design link.
  • Integrate with external collaboration tools like Google Docs for easier feedback from non-users.

Having the ability to get live comments from non-Canva users would make collaboration much smoother. But until changes are made, utilize the share link and design downloads to get the feedback you need.

Summary and Conclusion

Canva is an amazing collaboration tool – as long as all your collaborators have accounts. The platform doesn’t currently offer robust options for non-Canva users to edit or comment on designs.

But workarounds like share links and design downloads can help in the meantime. We hope Canva continues improving its offerings to provide seamless collaboration whether someone has an account or not.

The key takeaway – while not ideal, there are ways to collaborate with non-Canva users. A few creative solutions can help you successfully partner with colleagues who don’t have accounts.

Just utilize share links, downloads, and external communication until more streamlined tools are hopefully made available. With some persistence, you can collaborate smoothly even with non-Canva users.

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Last modified: December 25, 2023

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