Can I Bend a Straight Line in Canva?

Yes you can bend lines, text, words, and letters in Canva for visually appealing designs. Canva offers various methods to add artistic curves to your projects, including text effects, preset curved line shapes, and freeform drawing with the pen tool.

Curving and Bending Lines for Creative Designs

Canva provides a variety of techniques to transform straight lines into curved, bent, and angled designs elements. Bending lines adds visual interest, energy, and a more organic, hand-drawn aesthetic to your Canva projects.

Using Text Effects to Curve Lines

One easy way to curve straight lines in Canva is by using the text tool rather than the line tool. Simply type multiple underscores _ to create a straight horizontal line.

With the text block selected, go to Effects > Shape and choose “Curved” to bend the text line into an arc or swoosh shape.

You can adjust the intensity of the curve up or down until you get the desired look. This takes advantage of Canva’s text shaping effects to curve a text-based line.

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Bend the text line

Using Preset Curved Line Shapes

For quick curved lines, Canva provides some preset curvy line shapes you can simply insert and adjust. Browse the elements menu for the “Curvy Line” option.

Once inserted you can lengthen the line by dragging the endpoints, and tweak the curvature by moving the anchor points. Copy, flip, and rotate duplicates to join them into more complex curving lines.

Drawing Freeform Lines with the Pen Tool

The pen tool in Canva is great for bending lines organically by hand. Select the pen and simply draw a flowing line, lifting your finger as you go to create curves and bends.

The line will conform to your desired shape. You can further refine sections by adding and adjusting anchor points.

This gives you the most flexibility for creating naturally curved lines of all shapes.

Design Tips for Bent and Curved Lines

  • Use varying weights and curves for a hand-drawn look.
  • Wrap curved lines around shapes and images.
  • Connect them into frames and borders.
  • Create flow with symmetrical and repeating curved lines.

With Canva’s tools and some creativity, you can bend straight lines to your will and design eye-catching graphics with energetic curves and bends.

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Last modified: December 22, 2023

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