How to Add Text Annotations in Visme

Annotations allow you to highlight important points in your text and make it stand out visually.

Visme offers a variety of built-in annotation styles like underline, circle, box and more that you can easily apply to your text objects to draw attention to key ideas, terms, quotes or any other important content you want your audience to notice.

In this beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the quick and easy steps to add stylish annotations to texts in Visme with just a few clicks.

Overview of Annotation Options

Visme offers the following text annotation formats:

Text FormattingDescriptionCustomization Options
UnderlineHighlights text with a straight line below it.Color, thickness
Crossed-offDraws a Crossed-off line on the text.Color, thickness
StrikethroughDraws a line through the middle of the text, indicating deletions or corrections.Color, thickness
CirclePuts an oval shape around the text for highlighting.Border color, thickness
BoxPuts a box or rectangle around the text.Border color, thickness
Background HighlightFills the text background with a solid color for highlighting instead of borders.Highlight color

This table showcases various text formatting options and the respective customization choices available for each formatting style.

Now let’s look at how to easily apply these useful text annotations in Visme.

Step 1: Select the Text Object

  • First, add the desired text to your Visme canvas where you want annotations applied. This can be headings, body text, key quotes etc.
  • Next, click on the text object to select it. The text will show selection handles around it when selected.

Step 2: Open Text Editor

  • With your text selected, click on the “Edit” tab in the left toolbar.
  • This will open the text editor panel with formatting options for the selected text.

Step 3: Click on Annotations

  • In the text editor, click on the “Annotations” option. This will open a dropdown menu showing all the different annotation styles supported in Visme.

Step 4: Choose the Annotation

  • Review the annotation options in the dropdown and select the one you want applied to the selected text as a highlight. Feel free to experiment with different options.
  • Once selected, the chosen annotation style will be instantly applied on the text.

Step 5: Customize Annotation Style

  • Most annotations like underline, overline, strikethrough etc. have additional customization options.
  • After applying the annotation, you can tweak its color, thickness and other attributes from the small pop-up settings that appears.
  • For example, you can make a colored strikethrough text red and thick to clearly stand out from body text.

Step 6: Apply Annotations to Multiple Texts

To annotate multiple text objects:

  • Use CTRL+Click (Windows) or Command+Click (Mac) to multi-select texts
  • Follow above steps to open text editor and add annotations
  • The style will be applied to all selected text objects together

That’s it! Whether you want to simply highlight, emphasize text or make it more graphical and eye-catching, Visme’s annotation tools have got you covered. Feel free to combine annotations with other powerful text effects like text shadows, transforms and more for further visually enhanced results.

Use Cases for Text Annotations

Text annotations in Visme serve distinct purposes like calling attention to key report takeaways through colored highlighting or visually differentiating multiple speakers in transcripts. Understanding these use case differences helps match annotations to intended text goals.

Customization Options for Text Annotations

The style and prominence of text annotations can be customized in Visme across parameters like thickness, dash type, and color. For instance, a 5px purple dashed underline has a very different effect and implication compared to a subtle 1px solid gray underline.

Formatting Text: Annotations vs Standard Options

While standard formatting like bold or italics alters font styling, annotations allow graphical shapes and lines to bracket, underline or overlay text. Annotations give enhanced visual prominence better suited for oral presentation slides, handouts and highlighting charts. Simple formatting tweaks readability which flows better in long-form docs meant mostly for written retention.


Here are some common questions about text annotations in Visme:

How do I remove or delete a text annotation?

To remove an annotation, select the text and open the text editor. Under Annotations, choose “No annotation” from the dropdown menu. This will instantly remove any annotations applied.

Can I annotate text inside shapes/boxes?

Yes, you can first add text inside any shape or box in your design, select it and annotate it just like regular text using the exact same steps discussed above.

What’s the difference between text annotations and text effects?

Annotations specifically highlight or strike through text to draw attention. Effects include things like text transforms, shadows, glows etc. that change the overall text appearance and style.

What annotations can I use in Visme?

The annotation options in Visme covered above are: underline, Crossed-off, strikethrough, circle, box and background highlight.


Text annotations provide a easy way to direct your audience’s attention to specific parts of text content that have key significance, insights or action items without altering the actual text itself.

Visme empowers beginners and professionals alike to stylize and graphically enhance text through its user-friendly annotation tools as discussed in this guide.

So try out annotations on your next Visme presentation, infographic or other design projects to make important points stick out! Feel free to mix and match different annotations across various texts for a visually appealing effect.

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Last modified: December 4, 2023

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