Account Disabled or Suspended in Canva

Are you unable to access your Canva account due to a suspension or disablement? It can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to address this situation. Here’s a simple guide on how to restore access to a disabled or suspended Canva account.

Why was my Canva account disabled?

If your Canva account has been suspended or disabled, it’s crucial to understand why. Accounts can be restricted due to various reasons.

There are a few main reasons Canva may disable your account:

  • Violating Canva’s terms of service – This includes things like spamming, commercial use of the free version, or illegal/unethical use of designs.
  • Suspicious activity – If Canva detects suspicious login attempts or sharing of your account, they may disable it temporarily.
  • Payment issues – If a payment fails for a Canva Pro subscription, your account may be disabled until it’s resolved.

Canva should notify you via email about why your account was disabled and steps to fix it. If you didn’t receive an email, contact Canva support.

How do I reenable my disabled Canva account?

Here are the steps to get your disabled Canva account working again:

  1. Check your email – Canva will send details on why your account was disabled and instructions for appealing it.
  2. Contact Canva support – Explain your situation and that you want to reenable your account. Provide any information they request.
  3. Resolve any violations – If your account was disabled due to violations, you’ll need to fix the underlying issue before Canva will reenable your account.
  4. Wait for Canva to review – It may take a few days for Canva to investigate and make a decision on reenabling your account.
  5. Log back in – Once Canva reenables your account, you’ll be able to log back in with your credentials.
Type of IssueHow to Resolve
Spam or misuseAgree to use account properly going forward
Payment problemUpdate payment info or settle any outstanding balance
Suspicious activityVerify account ownership and security

Tips to avoid Canva account suspension

Here are some tips to make sure your Canva account remains in good standing:

  • Read and follow the terms of service – Don’t use Canva for commercial purposes with a free account, spam, or violate any terms.
  • Secure your account – Use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication. Don’t share your login credentials.
  • Monitor account activity – Keep an eye out for any suspicious logins or behavioral changes.
  • Pay subscription fees on time – If you have a Canva Pro subscription, ensure your payments are up to date.
  • Be patient – If your account does get disabled, be polite but persistent with Canva support to get it reenabled.


Having your Canva account disabled can disrupt your design workflow, but is usually fixable. Just be sure to find out the exact reason, work to resolve any violations, and patiently communicate with Canva support. With some caution and care, you can avoid having your Canva account suspended in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if my Canva account is disabled?

If your paid Canva account is disabled due to violations of their terms, you are unlikely to get a refund for any subscription fees already paid. However, if it was disabled erroneously, you may be able to request a refund.

Are my Canva designs deleted if my account is disabled?

Your Canva designs are not automatically deleted if your account is disabled. They will remain in your account if it is reenabled. However, permanently closed accounts may eventually have content deleted.

How long does a Canva account suspension last?

There is no set timeframe. It depends on the severity of the violation and how responsive you are to fixing the underlying issues. Minor issues could be reenabled in a few days, while major violations may take weeks or longer.

Can I create a new Canva account if my original one is disabled?

If your account was disabled due to policy violations, creating a new account to avoid suspension is forbidden. Canva will likely just disable any new accounts associated with you.

Does Canva provide a warning before disabling an account?

Canva generally won’t warn you before disabling your account for terms violations or suspicious activity. However, they will notify you via email if there are payment issues that could lead to suspension if unresolved.

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Last modified: December 25, 2023

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