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Are you a content creator looking to take your writing game to the next level? LongShot AI, the ultimate AI article generator online, is here to revolutionize the way you create compelling and fact-checked blogs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, this user-friendly tool will make your content creation journey a breeze. Let’s dive in and explore why LongShot AI is the perfect companion for content creators of all levels.

What is LongShot AI and Who is it Suitable for?

LongShot AI is a powerful content writing assistant powered by advanced generative AI. It’s designed for everyone, from individual bloggers to teams and enterprises. Whether you’re a freelancer, a marketing professional, or a business owner, LongShot AI has got your back! If you want to research, generate, and optimize high-quality long-form content effortlessly, this tool is tailor-made for you.

LongShot AI a blog post ai generator

LongShot AI, the cutting-edge blog post AI generator, is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of content creation. Designed for teams and enterprises, this generative AI platform enables users to research, generate, and optimize high-quality long-form content effortlessly. With LongShot AI, writing blogs becomes a breeze, as it seamlessly blends creativity and optimization to produce exceptional content that resonates with your audience.

One of the standout features of LongShot AI is its ability to publish content on current topics and events, even those trending less than an hour back. Unlike other AI generators that may be limited to outdated information, LongShot AI ensures fresh and relevant user-sourced content with proper citations. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, sports, gadgets, global events, or any other topic, LongShot AI covers it all, enabling users to effortlessly create fresh and engaging content.

LongShot AI is trusted by over 50,000 content creators from leading brands and agencies, earning a remarkable 4.7/5 rating. Its reputation among marketers is exceptional, as it assists in creating high-quality, SEO-friendly blog content, making it an invaluable asset for content creation. Additionally, LongShot AI offers seamless integration with various platforms, streamlining workflows and saving users precious time and effort. With its Chrome extension, users can take AI wherever they go, generating content on the internet with ease.

What Is Longshot.Ai | The Ultimate AI Article Generator Online

LongShot AI another seo content writing tool

LongShot AI revolutionizes AI SEO content writing, offering a game-changing solution for teams and enterprises. This powerful generative AI content writing assistant simplifies the process of crafting exceptional, fact-checked, and SEO-optimized content. With LongShot AI, users can effortlessly research, generate, and optimize high-quality long-form content that resonates with their audience.

The platform ensures zero hallucinations, providing accurate and reliable information for content creation. Users can easily upload their documents and enjoy the convenience of seamless integration with their favorite platforms, such as WordPress, Semrush, Copyscape, HubSpot, Ghost org, and Medium, all in one place, streamlining their workflows and saving valuable time and effort. LongShot AI’s plug-and-play templates further enhance the experience, allowing users to craft factually accurate content drafts in just three clicks.

Whether it’s covering current topics and events, movies, TV shows, sports, gadgets, or global events, LongShot AI excels in generating fresh, relevant, and user-sourced content with proper citations. For beginner English readers and seasoned writers alike, LongShot AI offers a user-friendly and efficient way to produce engaging and authentic content, making AI SEO content writing an enjoyable and productive endeavor.

AI Article Generator Online with LongShot AI

LongShot AI presents an exceptional AI article generator online, designed for teams and enterprises to effortlessly research, generate, and optimize high-quality long-form content. Writing blogs has never been this easy! With LongShot AI, users can create captivating articles in just one click, powered by cutting-edge technology comparable to ChatGPT. This AI-powered content writing assistant ensures factual accuracy through robust fact-checking and zero hallucinations.

Why is Longshot AI different from other AI writing tools?

Longshot AI sets itself apart from other AI writing tools through its exceptional factual accuracy and fact-checking feature. Unlike many other AI writing assistants, Longshot AI provides content with verified facts sourced from user-uploaded content. This ensures that the articles it generates are not merely repackaging existing information but offer timely and informative content on current events.

Additionally, Longshot AI excels in semantic SEO, helping drive increased traffic to websites by comprehensively answering user queries with relevant natural language and synonyms. Its customized templates make content creation a breeze, catering to both short-form and long-form needs. The fact-checking tool further enhances its value, enabling users to ensure the accuracy and credibility of their content before publication.

With an easy-to-use interface, Longshot AI proves to be a cost-effective and valuable tool, particularly for bloggers, journalists, marketers, and content writers seeking to produce factually correct and up-to-date content while saving time in the research process.

Benefits of Using LongShot AI

  1. Creativity Meets Optimization: LongShot AI seamlessly blends creativity and optimization, ensuring your content not only engages your audience but also ranks well in search engines.
  2. Publish Content on Current Topics and Events: Worried about generating fresh content post-2021? With LongShot AI, you can easily create up-to-date, user-sourced content with proper citations. From movies and TV shows to sports and global events, you’ll have it all covered.
  3. Fact-Checked and Hallucination-Free Content: LongShot AI’s fact-checking feature ensures the accuracy and credibility of your content, leaving no room for misinformation.
  4. Integration with Favorite Platforms: Say goodbye to juggling multiple browser tabs. LongShot AI allows seamless integration with popular platforms like WordPress, Semrush, HubSpot, and more.
  5. AI on the Go: Don’t let your creative flow be limited to a specific location. With the LongShot AI Chrome Extension, you can generate content anywhere on the internet effortlessly.

How to Work with LongShot AI

Using LongShot AI is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sign up for a free trial, no credit card required.
  2. Upload your documents or start a new project.
  3. Let LongShot AI do its magic – generating high-quality, SEO-friendly content for you.


Price$29 / Month$59 / MonthCustom
Monthly Credits200010,000Unlimited
AI ModelsAdvanced AI modelsAdvanced AI modelsCustom AI development
Fact CheckerYesYesYes
IntegrationsAll IntegrationsAll IntegrationsCustom Integrations
Projects & DocsUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom
SupportEmail SupportPriority SupportTraining & Consultation

Note: Check the website for the last pricing plan

Alternatives to LongShot AI

While LongShot AI is a top-notch AI article generator online, it’s good to know about alternatives too. Here are a few worth considering:

  1. ChatGPT: Ideal for individual writers and beginners, ChatGPT is a simpler AI writing tool but may lack some advanced features.
  2. Bing Chat: Another AI content generator, but it might not match the robustness of LongShot AI’s fact-checking capabilities.
  3. Jasper: Offers AI-generated content, but it might not be as versatile and user-friendly as LongShot AI.

What does LongShot AI do?

LongShot AI is an advanced AI-based writing solution that helps businesses and individuals create high-quality and engaging content. having authentic content that resonates with the target audience and ranks well on search engines is crucial. LongShot AI streamlines the content creation process, making it easier than ever to produce blogs, articles, marketing materials, and more.

LongShot AI offers a range of features to ensure your content stands out from the crowd. Its AI-powered topic generator assists in coming up with captivating blog topics, while the content brief and outline tools provide valuable guidance. Users have praised LongShot AI for its ability to combat writer’s block and quickly generate top-notch articles.


LongShot AI is a game-changer for content creators, offering a perfect blend of creativity and optimization. With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities, you can create engaging, fact-checked, and SEO-friendly content effortlessly. So, if you want to unlock your content potential and take your writing to new heights, give LongShot AI a try and experience the magic of AI article generation online!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What exactly is a credit?

In LongShot AI, a credit refers to a unit used to access certain features or perform specific actions. More details can be found on the platform.

Does LongShot offer a free trial?

Yes! LongShot AI offers a free trial where you can experience the magic of AI-powered content generation without any cost.

Does LongShot offer a refund?

Refund policies may vary. It’s recommended to check LongShot AI’s terms and conditions for refund details.

How does LongShot differ from ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Jasper?

LongShot AI stands out with its advanced fact-checking, content optimization, and user-sourced content generation features, making it a comprehensive tool for content creators.

Does Google Penalize AI-generated content?

AI-generated content can be penalized by Google if it lacks originality or if it violates the search engine’s quality guidelines. However, with LongShot AI’s fact-checking and optimization features, you can avoid such penalties.

Where can I read reviews for LongShot?

LongShot AI has garnered positive reviews from thousands of satisfied users. You can find testimonials on their website or other review platforms.

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Last modified: July 23, 2023

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