How To Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

Backlinks are essential for any website to increase its online visibility and attract more organic traffic. And when it comes to getting high-quality backlinks, Wikipedia is one of the most trusted and authoritative sources on the web. However, getting a backlink from Wikipedia can be a challenging task. In this article, we’ll share a simple technique to get a permanent backlink from Wikipedia and boost your website’s traffic.

What Is A Wikipedia Backlink?

A Wikipedia backlink is a link to another website that appears in the notes or external links section of a Wikipedia page. These backlinks point to web resources that are related to the topic of the page. Wikipedia backlinks serve as citations to those web resources on the Wikipedia website.

Wikipedia is known for its strong domain authority and is considered one of the oldest and most authoritative websites on the internet. Despite the fact that Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow links, they still add value to website content in terms of SEO. When you backlink to Wikipedia, you have the opportunity to share your expertise with a wide audience.

Obtaining backlinks from Wikipedia can be beneficial for increasing the visibility of your brand.

Are Wikipedia Backlinks Good For SEO?

Wikipedia backlinks can have a positive impact on SEO, even though they don’t directly improve your website’s SEO score. These backlinks hold value due to Wikipedia’s high domain authority and trustworthiness. Although they are no-follow links, they can attract relevant website traffic and citations from other site owners.

When people research topics online, they often turn to Wikipedia, making it an effective way to increase your website’s visibility. Additionally, having your content linked from Wikipedia can be seen as credible by content creators in your industry. It is important to use Wikipedia backlinks in combination with other SEO strategies for the best results.

What Are No Follow Links?

No Follow Links are an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). When a link is marked with the HTML tag “rel=nofollow,” search engines like Google and Bing do not consider it when calculating SEO scores for a webpage. While Wikipedia links are automatically set to “nofollow,” they still have value in increasing a website’s trustworthiness and attracting organic traffic.

Building quality Wikipedia backlinks can offer benefits, such as high domain authority, topical relevance, no spam score, high trust flow, and several citations. These backlinks can significantly boost a website’s trust and visibility, as Wikipedia articles often rank high on search engines. To create reliable backlinks that moderators won’t remove, it’s crucial to focus on quality, relevance, and expertise.

Can I get do follow links from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia links are “no-follow” links, meaning search engines ignore them for SEO scores and rankings. However, they still hold SEO value for website content. Wikipedia, as one of the oldest and most authoritative websites, is selective about linked sites. Therefore, it’s a powerful tool for generating quality backlinks.

Getting backlinks from Wikipedia involves certain steps. Note that link placement for payment is against Wikipedia’s rules.

Pros and Cons of Getting Backlinks from Wikipedia

Before diving into the process, let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of getting backlinks from Wikipedia.


  • Wikipedia is one of the most trusted and authoritative sources on the web, and getting a backlink from it can significantly boost your website’s online visibility.
  • Backlinks from Wikipedia are permanent and do not expire like other backlinks.
  • Wikipedia has a high domain authority, and getting a backlink from it can improve your website’s domain authority as well.
  • A backlink from Wikipedia can increase your website’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and other search engines.


  • Wikipedia uses a no-follow attribute for external links, which means that the backlink won’t pass any link juice to your website. However, it can still drive traffic to your site.
  • Getting a backlink from Wikipedia requires a lot of effort and time, and there’s no guarantee that your request will be accepted.
  • Wikipedia has strict guidelines and policies for external links, and any violation can lead to your website being blacklisted.

How to Get a Free Backlink from Wikipedia

Now that you know the pros and cons let’s get started with the process of getting a free backlink from Wikipedia.

Find an Expired Domain

Step 1: Find an Expired Domain with a Wikipedia Backlink The first step is to find an expired domain that has a backlink from Wikipedia. You can use tools like or SEMrush to search for domains in your niche. Look for domains that have at least one Wikipedia backlink pointing to it. Once you find the expired domain, you can redirect it to your money site or your category to get a backlink.

Sign Up on

Step 2: Sign Up on To get started, sign up for an account on Once you sign up, log in to your account.

Sign Up on

Activate Features

Step 3: Activate Important Features, Go to the column manager and check the features you want to activate, such as the Majestic language, Majestic .edu backlink, Majestic government backlink, and referral traffic. These features will help you analyze the expired domains and find the one with the desired backlinks. make sure you select all.

Search For Available Domains

Step 4: Choose Available Domains, Go to the “Deleted Domains” section and select “Only Available Domains” from the “Show TLDs” dropdown menu. This will show you all the available domains that you can buy. Change Min Backlinks to 100 in Common SEO. Go to additional and check domains extension

Choose Available Domains
choose domain extension

Filter Results

Step 5: Filter by Backlinks, Filter the results by backlinks and choose domains that have at least one Wikipedia backlink. You can also filter by other important metrics like domain authority, trust flow, citation flow, and more. after changing all options click on apply filter.

Wikipedia backlink
citation flow,trust flow

check domains

Step 6: after Appling filter you can view list of domains. Analyze the domain to make sure it meets your requirements. Check the domain’s history, link profile, and other metrics. Make sure the domain is not penalized by Google and doesn’t have a high redirection count.

Analyze the domain

Redirect Available Domain links

Step 7: Redirect the Domain Once you find the perfect expired domain, you can redirect it to your site or your category. Redirecting it to your category can improve your page ranking, while redirecting it to your homepage can improve your website’s authority.


Getting a backlink from Wikipedia can significantly boost your website’s online visibility and credibility. While it’s not an easy task, following the guidelines and policies set by Wikipedia can help you earn the backlink naturally. By finding an expired domain with a Wikipedia backlink and redirecting it to your money site or category, you can get a free and permanent backlink from Wikipedia. Just make sure you follow the best practices and avoid any unethical practices.


Is It Safe To Get Backlinks From Wikipedia?

Getting backlinks from Wikipedia can be safe if you follow the guidelines and policies set by Wikipedia. You should avoid any unethical practices like spamming or adding irrelevant links. Wikipedia is very strict when it comes to external links, so make sure you only add links that are relevant and add value to the page.

Can Backlinks From Wikipedia Improve My Website’s Ranking?

While Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow, they can still drive traffic to your website and improve your website’s visibility. Additionally, getting a backlink from a high-authority website like Wikipedia can improve your website’s trustworthiness and credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

How Many Backlinks Should I Add To The Wikipedia Page?

It’s recommended to add only one or two backlinks to the Wikipedia page. Adding too many backlinks can be seen as spamming and can lead to your website being blacklisted. Make sure the links you add are relevant and add value to the page.

Can I Pay Someone To Get A Backlink From Wikipedia?

No, Wikipedia strictly prohibits paid edits or backlinks. Any violation of their policies can lead to your website being blacklisted. It’s better to follow the guidelines and policies set by Wikipedia and earn the backlink naturally.

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Last modified: July 24, 2023

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