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Vinnie Jones In The Country – Season 1” shows Vinnie Jones, a famous actor and ex-footballer, taking on a big project in the countryside. He’s working on 2,000 acres of land in West Sussex, trying to build lots of things on the farm.

Throughout a busy summer, Vinnie and his friends argue, joke, and get closer, showing a different side of Vinnie that people haven’t seen before.

In the show, there are six episodes released in 2023. Each episode tells a part of Vinnie’s story:

  • S01E01 – Keep Swinging: Vinnie is sad because his wife, Tanya, passed away. He’s trying hard to make something special in Sussex. But he argues with a builder and has trouble finding food for hedgehogs.
  • S01E02 – Spiraling: There’s chaos as a fire happens on the farm. Vinnie feels better when he’s in the countryside. A guy named Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne comes to visit.
  • S01E03 – Meet The Neighbors: Vinnie’s plans have problems, and he argues with local people and inspectors. They try a funny event with racing sheep.
  • S01E04 – Paying For It: Vinnie’s agent from LA visits, wanting Vinnie to go back to Hollywood. But there are more problems with building and costs, and Emma, Vinnie’s friend, has trouble moving her office.
  • S01E05 – Sober Times: The building goes faster, but Vinnie gets distracted by animals, like badgers and a hedgehog. A drink they make goes wrong. Vinnie and Emma talk about not drinking alcohol.
  • S01E06 – I’m Done: A guy named Wobbly comes back, and there’s a race to finish a part of the farm. But Vinnie surprises everyone with a new big project. They also have some special time together.

This show is different because it’s not scripted. It’s a real story about Vinnie and his friends, and it shows how they work together and become closer.

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Last modified: December 18, 2023

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