The Latest on Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover and Plans

What is the latest news about musk taking over Twitter?

The latest news about musk taking over Twitter is that he has indicated all users may soon have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the platform.

This would be a shift from the current model where only Twitter Blue subscribers pay.

Musk suggested charging a fee could cut down on bots. He also revealed Twitter currently has 550 million monthly users.

What is this new Twitter fee musk suggested?

Elon Musk suggested Twitter, now called X, could start charging all users a “small monthly fee” of a few dollars to access the platform.

Currently, Twitter’s subscription called X Premium costs $11/month but is optional. Musk indicated the new fee would be mandatory for all users, not just subscribers.

What are the latest updates on musk’s Twitter changes?

Some latest news on twitter under Musk includes laying off over 50% staff, ads decline over 60%, misinformation concerns rising, launch of $8 Twitter Blue verification, killing the official labels, and reinstating banned accounts.

Musk also suggests major changes like charging subscriptions, fighting bots, and free speech stance.

Has musk given any details on the number of Twitter users?

Yes, in his latest comments, Musk stated that Twitter currently has 550 million monthly users.

This is significantly higher than the previously reported 238 million monetizable daily active users. He also said there are up to 200 million posts per day on Twitter.

Is musk planning any action against bots on Twitter?

Musk said a monthly fee could discourage bot accounts, as operators would have to repeatedly create new accounts and payment methods.

He sees bots as a key problem on Twitter and the fee may make it too expensive to maintain botnets at scale.

What did musk discuss about free speech with Netanyahu?

In a conversation with Netanyahu focused on antisemitism, Musk said he supports free speech on Twitter but is against any kind of hate.

Netanyahu encouraged Musk to find a balance between free speech and tackling harmful content like antisemitism. This relates to an ongoing debate about Twitter’s content policies.

How is musk responding to advertiser concerns over Twitter?

Many advertisers paused ads over concerns about content moderation under Musk. He has said the advertiser boycott has caused revenue to decline by 60%.

Musk is trying to reassure advertisers while sticking to his free speech principles. The subscriber model could make Twitter less ad-dependent.

Why does musk want to charge a fee for Twitter access?

Musk believes charging a fee to use Twitter will reduce bots and spam accounts.

Bots can be created easily for free right now. Having to pay a fee would increase the cost of operating botnets. The fee could also offset ad revenue loss and make Twitter less reliant on ads.

What are musk’s plans for Twitter long term?

Musk aims to turn Twitter into a maximal “free speech” platform with subscriptions becoming a bigger revenue source.

He also wants to fight bots, verify users, enhance features, open-source algorithms, and defeat spam/scam accounts.

Long term, he may transition Twitter into a “super app” with integrated payments, shopping, and other services.

Has musk hinted at allowing banned accounts back on Twitter?

Musk has said he would allow some suspended accounts, like Donald Trump’s, back on Twitter based on his free speech principles.

However, he will not make major account reinstatement decisions before setting up a content moderation council with diverse viewpoints to advise him.

The council’s guidelines will likely shape any banned account returns.

How has twitter’s valuation changed since musk bought it?

Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022. But Twitter’s market cap now stands at only around $26 billion, having lost significant valuation amidst falling stocks, advertiser exodus, firings and uncertainty under Musk.

He faces challenges in turning Twitter around to restore its growth and profitability.

Is musk likely to cancel the Twitter deal considering the issues?

It is highly unlikely Musk can walk away now after closing the Twitter buyout.

Some analysts think even discussing a cancellation is just a tactic to pressure employees, shareholders and advertisers to cooperate with his plans. Musk seems committed to implementing major changes at Twitter.

Who owns Twitter now and sits on its board?

Elon Musk is Twitter’s new sole director and owner. He dissolved the former board right after completing his $44 billion acquisition in October 2022.

Musk has full control of Twitter and has been making rapid changes unilaterally to products, policies, staffing and operations of the company.

How has twitter stock been impacted since musk’s acquisition?

Twitter stock declined over 50% from $52/share just before Musk’s buyout to around $23/share currently.

Investor confidence dropped amid mass layoffs, advertiser pullout, loss of key personnel and uncertainty under Musk.

Twitter is also saddled with huge debt from the LBO. However, Musk aims to improve monetization and cut costs.

Is musk likely to turn twitter into a subscription only model?

While Musk has suggested all users may need to subscribe, it is unlikely Twitter will fully lockout free users.

Switching to a solely paid model risks losing a large chunk of userbase. Musk may strike a balance where basic services stay free, but enhanced features require a paid subscription for more revenue sources.


Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has led to major uncertainties and changes at the company. His radical ideas like subscriptions for all users and allowing banned accounts have generated much debate. Despite challenges like advertiser boycott and stock decline, Musk aims to boost users, defeat bots and maximize Twitter’s future potential. However, risks remain in balancing free speech and harmful content. The coming months will prove decisive in whether Musk’s vision pays off.

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Last modified: September 19, 2023

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