How To Use Uberduck AI Voice Generator

Uberduck AI is an innovative voice generator that allows users to convert text into realistic speech using a wide variety of synthesized voices. With its advanced neural network technology, Uberduck opens up creative possibilities for content creators, businesses, and anyone looking to experiment with AI-generated audio.

What is UberDuck AI?

Uberduck AI is a text-to-speech platform that leverages artificial intelligence and neural voice synthesis to provide users with powerful audio tools. It offers features like:

  • Text-to-Speech: Convert text into natural sounding speech using over 150 voices.
  • Voice Automation: Automate voice-related tasks like generating audio files or voiceovers.
  • Synthetic Media Creation: Create synthetic media like music, rap videos, and more with AI.
  • Voice Clones: Clone your own voice or use celebrity voice clones.
  • Royalty-Free Voices: Access a huge library of voices safe for commercial use.

At its core, Uberduck utilizes advanced AI models like transformers and WebRTC to analyze text and convert it into amazingly realistic audio samples. It’s like having access to a robot that can speak in any voice!

Uberduck AI screenshot

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The History of The Birth of Uberduck AI

Uberduck AI was created in 2020 by students Will Luer and Zach Wener who had a vision for an AI-powered text-to-speech web app.

It gained mainstream popularity in 2021 when it partnered with Yotta to generate over 150,000 personalized rap videos for their customers. This unique marketing tactic led to a huge boost in signups for Yotta.

Since then, Uberduck has continued to refine its voice synthesis technology and expand its library of voices. It has become a go-to tool for content creators and businesses looking to leverage AI audio.

Features Of Uberduck AI

Some key features that make Uberduck AI stand out include:

  • 5,000+ Voices – A massive library of global voices, accents, languages, and celebrities.
  • Realistic Audio – Neural networks provide incredibly natural sounding speech.
  • Custom Voice Clones – Clone yourself or any voice with enough samples.
  • Audio Effects – Add effects like autotune, compression, reverbs and more.
  • Text-to-Song – Type lyrics and have AI generate a full song.
  • Interactive Bots – Create your own voice chatbot for Discord.
  • Audio Studio – Full DAW inside browser to produce audio content.
  • Voice Avatars – Generate lip-synced video of any voice.

With this powerful set of tools, Uberduck opens up limitless possibilities for working with AI voices.

Uberduck AI features

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How Does The UberDuck AI Work?

Uberduck utilizes transformer AI architecture to analyze text linguistically and generate amazingly human-like speech patterns.

Here is a simple overview of how it works:

  1. User inputs text into Uberduck’s text box
  2. The text is passed to the transformer model
  3. The model analyzes the text syntactically and semantically
  4. It generates a speech pattern based on its analysis
  5. Uberduck’s neural net converts the pattern into audio
  6. Synthesized speech is generated in the chosen voice
  7. User can download the AI-generated voiceover

So in seconds, Uberduck can convert text into natural sounding speech based on its deep learning of languages and voices.

What Languages Does UberDuck Text-To-Speech Cover?

One of Uberduck’s major strengths is its multilingual support. Currently it covers:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Hindi
  • and 15+ more

Support for additional languages is continually being added. This makes Uberduck useful for both personal and business applications across the globe.

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How to Use Uberduck AI to Convert Text to Speech

Converting text to speech with Uberduck is quick and easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a free account
  3. Navigate to the Text-to-Speech tab
  4. Select your desired voice from the menu
  5. Type or paste your text into the text box
  6. Click the “Speak” button to generate speech
  7. Download the MP3 file when complete
  8. Import the voice audio into your project

So within minutes you can turn any written content into realistic voiceover audio for videos, podcasts, presentations and more.

Uberduck AI to Convert Text to Speech

Using Uberduck AI Voice Generator to Make Music

Uberduck isn’t just limited to speech – musicians are using it to generate vocal tracks for their songs too.

The process involves:

  • Using a lyric generator to create lyrics
  • Feeding those lyrics into Uberduck to create a vocal clip
  • Importing the Uberduck vocals into a DAW
  • Editing and tuning the clip to fit your instrumental
  • Adding effects like reverb and delay

While results can be hit or miss, this unique approach allows creators to quickly experiment with AI-generated singing for their tracks. With some editing, convincing vocal parts are possible.

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Creating Vocal Tracks with Uberduck AI

When creating vocal tracks with Uberduck, here are some tips:

  • Take time optimizing your lyrics – well-written lyrics lead to better results
  • Tune audio to fit key and melody of your beat
  • Chop up long audio samples into smaller segments
  • Layer vocals to add depth
  • Double track main parts to widen the audio
  • EQ and compress to get vocals sitting nicely in the mix
  • Add effects like reverb, delay, autotune for polish

While it takes some work, these steps can help you mold Uberduck’s audio into convincing vocal arrangements.

How To Use Uberduck AI on Discord?

Uberduck integrates directly with Discord to create a text-to-speech bot:

  1. Visit Uberduck’s Discord page
  2. Click “Add to Discord” and authorize the bot
  3. Uberduck bot will join your Discord server
  4. In any channel, type @Uberduck followed by your text
  5. The bot will reply with synthesized speech of your text

You can configure the bot’s output voice, speech speed, language and more. This makes it easy to add a text-to-speech bot to your Discord server.

What Makes The Uberduck AI Interesting?

There are a few key things that make Uberduck an intriguing AI voice platform:

  • The quality of the voices is impressive thanks to advanced neural net training.
  • The range of voices offered is huge – from regular speakers to celebrities.
  • The customization options like voice cloning and effects allow for creativity.
  • The availability of the tool as a simple free web app makes it accessible.
  • The commercial rights included let you use voices safely.
  • The cross-platform support for Discord, TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • The text-to-song features open up new musical possibilities.

For these reasons, Uberduck stands out as an innovative voice synthesis platform.

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Free alternatives to Uberduck AI

Some free alternatives to Uberduck AI include:

  • Voicery – Simple text-to-speech web app
  • Natural Reader – Browser-based and mobile TTS
  • CereProc – Provides APIs for speech generation
  • Amazon Polly – Cloud text-to-speech service
  • Google Text-to-Speech – Built into Android/Chrome OS
  • Microsoft Azure – Robust cloud speech services
  • Descript – Audio/video editing tool with TTS

While these don’t offer the exact same features as Uberduck, they provide free speech synthesis capabilities.


In summary, Uberduck AI provides an easy yet powerful way to work with synthesized voice audio. With its extensive voice library and text-to-speech capabilities, it makes vocal audio generation accessible to anyone. Musicians, content creators, developers and more can tap into Uberduck’s AI to elevate their projects creatively. While still an emerging technology, it hints at the future possibilities for AI-powered voice tools. By following the best practices outlined here, you can produce surprisingly realistic speech and vocal tracks using this free web app. So try out Uberduck AI today to explore cutting-edge voice synthesis for your next project.

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How can I use Uberduck AI for my business?

Uberduck AI can help businesses by creating voiceovers, interactive voice bots, rap commercials, podcasts, and more. The text-to-speech and vocal effects open up creative advertising potential.

Can I create my own voice clone with Uberduck AI?

Yes, you can create your own custom voice clone by paying for Uberduck’s Clone plan and providing enough voice sample audio. This Clone voice can then speak any text you enter.

What sites offer similar text-to-speech services as Uberduck AI?

Some top alternatives sites like, Voicery, CereProc, Amazon Polly, and Descript offer similar AI text-to-speech and speech synthesis services. Each has their own features and use cases.

How do I get started with Uberduck AI?

Getting started with Uberduck is easy. Just go to their website, create a free account, and start exploring the text-to-speech and audio tools. Their interface is very user-friendly.

Does Uberduck work on mobile?

Currently there is no mobile app for Uberduck. However, you can use the web interface on your mobile browser. Or you can generate audio on your desktop and then download it to use on mobile apps.

How much does Uberduck AI cost?

Uberduck offers a free plan with limited features. Paid plans start at $10/month for the Creator plan. They also offer custom Voice Clone plans and enterprise options.

Can I use Uberduck voices commercially?

Many of the synthetic Uberduck voices have commercial use rights. However, some celebrity voice clones may have usage restrictions. Check each voice’s details.

How realistic do the voices sound?

Uberduck leverages advanced AI to generate very realistic sounding voices. However, quality can vary depending on the voice. Some celebrity voices are more convincing than others.

Does Uberduck work offline?

No, Uberduck is a web-based platform so it requires an internet connection. All processing is done in the cloud. There is no offline mode available.

Are there any risks to using Uberduck AI?

Some risks include poor quality output, potential voice misuse, and privacy concerns around data/recordings. As with any AI, oversight is important. But Uberduck aims to provide ethical tools.

Can I train Uberduck on my own voice?

Yes, through the Clone plan you can train Uberduck’s AI on your own voice data to create a custom voice clone. This requires providing at least 30 minutes of audio samples.

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