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Ultimate Guide on Temu Shopping App and Website

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Temu, the amazing shopping app shaking up how we shop online!

This FAQs guide covers everything about Temu, making it easier for you to understand.

What’s Temu?

Temu is a special online store that offers a ton of products at super low prices. It’s a part of Pinduoduo, a huge online shopping company in China.

People in the US and parts of Europe are really loving it!

Why’s Temu so cheap?

They’re super affordable because they do a few things differently:

  • Direct Sourcing: They buy straight from the manufacturers, skipping the middlemen.
  • Smart Operations: Their business model is sleek, so they save money and pass on the savings to you.
  • Big Orders: They buy a lot, so they get better prices from their suppliers.

What’s the Temu app?

It’s where you go to pick what you want to buy. It’s easy to use, with cool recommendations and a simple design.

Where’s Temu?

They’re based in Shenzhen, China, but they send stuff to the US, Canada, and parts of Europe too.

Who owns Temu?

It’s owned by Pinduoduo, a big company in China. Some other big companies also support it, like Naspers and JD.com.

Where do they ship from?

Mostly from China, where their partners are. But they also have warehouses in some places to make shipping faster.

Is Temu legit?

Totally! It’s a good place to shop, but some people have had problems with the quality and shipping. They’re working on fixing these things.

How does Temu work?

They want you to tell your friends about cool stuff on the app. If your friends buy something because you told them, you get rewards. It’s all about sharing!

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How to get free stuff on Temu?

You can earn free stuff by:

  • Referring Friends: Tell your friends to join and shop; you both get rewards.
  • Sales and Giveaways: Sometimes they have freebies and sales.
  • Daily Check-in: Just open the app daily and get points you can use for rewards.
  • Playing Games: You can play games on the app to get more points.

What does “Temu” mean?

It’s a mix of “treasure” and “mushroom.” It’s like finding hidden gems when you shop.

How long does Temu take to deliver?

It can take around 10 to 25 days for regular shipping. But if you pay extra, they can send it faster. It depends on when you order, where you live, and if there are any delays with customs.

How to delete your Temu account?

Go to your account settings, then ‘Account Management.‘ Find ‘Delete Account,’ enter your password, and boom, it’s gone.

How to make money on Temu?

You can make money by:

  • Being an Affiliate: Talk about Temu products, and if people buy because of you, you earn.
  • Dropshipping: Sell Temu stuff on your online store and deliver directly from Temu.
  • Product Reviews: Write great reviews and earn rewards from Temu.
  • Social Media: Be an influencer and show off Temu stuff to your followers for rewards.
  • Gigs: Do small tasks for Temu and earn money.


I hope this guide answered all your questions about Temu! If you need more help, just ask away!

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Last modified: December 1, 2023

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