Vexels Review: The Ultimate Graphic Design 2023

Vexels: Making Graphic Design Simple

Vexels makes designing easy for everyone. It has lots of tools to make graphics look great. You can change templates and use lots of different things in your designs. It helps save time and money while making designs that look super good. Whether for clothes, logos, or other things, Vexels is the place for easy and awesome designs.

In vexels review, we will take a deep dive into the features and benefits of Vexels, and why it is the ultimate graphic design solution for your business.

what is vexels ?

Vexels is an online platform that offers a wide range of graphic resources, vector images, illustrations, and designs tailored for print-on-demand sellers and content creators.

The platform provides ready-to-use designs and templates that can be customized to suit various purposes, including creating merchandise, designing clothing, logos, and more.

Vexels serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their visual content and create professional-quality graphics without the need for extensive design skills.

The term “vexels” also references a specific technique known as “vexel art”, which is a form of raster art that simulates the appearance of vector graphics.

This technique involves creating pixel-based artwork that emulates the sharp-edged lines and smooth gradients commonly associated with vector images.

The word “vexel” itself is a blend of “vector” and “pixel,” reflecting the combination of these two graphic styles.

Vexels offers a comprehensive library of graphic resources, including vector graphics, illustrations, designs for merchandise, and mockups.

The platform caters to both free and paid users, with the option to access a variety of assets through different subscription plans.

This makes it a versatile tool for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality visuals for various projects, from creating t-shirt designs to developing branding materials.

The platform’s primary audience includes print-on-demand sellers who require visually appealing designs for their products.

Vexels simplifies the design process by offering a range of pre-made templates that can be customized to suit different products and niches.

Additionally, the platform’s commercial license allows users to use the graphics for commercial purposes, making it suitable for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to monetize their creations.

Overall, Vexels serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking a diverse collection of graphics and designs to enhance their branding, merchandise, and content creation efforts.

vexels review t-shirt

Vexels saves time, is cost-effective, provides professional results, and is user-friendly. It’s perfect for both professional graphic designers and beginners.

Sign up for Vexels to take your designs to the next level.

what is vexels quote generator

Vexels Quote Generator is an innovative tool offered by Vexels, a platform that provides graphic resources for merchandising and design.

The Quote Generator is designed to assist business owners and creators in generating catchy taglines, humorous sayings, and unique quotes that can be used on various merchandise products such as t-shirts, mugs, and more.

This tool aims to simplify the process of creating original and engaging content for print-on-demand items.

To use the Vexels Quote Generator, users need to log into their Vexels account and access the tool.

Once there, you can explore a wide range of pre-designed templates and customize them by adding your text, selecting fonts, adjusting colors, and arranging the layout.

This tool helps users come up with creative phrases that resonate with their target audience and suit the nature of their merchandise business.

Vexels introduced the AI-powered Quote Generator to make the process of creating compelling quotes quicker and easier.

vexels review price plan

Vexels Review price table

Vexels is a stock graphics website that offers a wide range of graphics, icons, illustrations, and templates. They have several pricing plans available, including:

Certainly! Here’s a table showcasing the pricing plans offered by Vexels:

MerchStarts at $29/month. Provides unlimited downloads on T-Shirt Maker, Mockup Generator, and Logo Maker. Allows 100 stock merch file downloads/month and 2 design requests/month.
Merch PlusStarts at $49/month. Offers unlimited downloads on T-Shirt Maker, Mockup Generator, and Logo Maker. Allows 200 stock merch file downloads/month and 4 design requests/month.
Merch UltimateStarts at $99/month. Provides unlimited downloads on T-Shirt Maker, Mockup Generator, and Logo Maker. Offers 2000 stock merch file downloads/month and 8 design requests/month.

It is recommended to visit the Vexels website for the most up-to-date information on their pricing plans and features.

Features of Vexels

Vexels offers a wide range of features to help you create professional-looking designs . Some of the key features include:

Features of VexelsDescription
Extensive library of graphic elementsVexels provides an extensive library of over a million graphic elements, including icons, illustrations, patterns, and more, catering to diverse design needs.
Customizable templatesOffers a variety of templates customizable for various purposes like social media posts, logos, or business cards, allowing quick and easy creation of stunning designs.
Advanced editing toolsAccess to tools enabling precise customization: adjust colors, sizes, orientations, add text, images, and more, ensuring designs meet exact specifications.
Collaboration toolsProvides collaborative features facilitating real-time work with designers or clients, allowing shared designs, feedback, and collaborative modifications in a single platform.
Professional-quality resultsEmpowers users to create designs akin to those crafted by professional graphic designers, establishing a professional business image without associated costs and time investment.

These features collectively position Vexels as a versatile and powerful platform for both professionals and beginners seeking to create visually appealing designs.

Benefits of Using Vexels

Using Vexels provides a range of benefits for your business, including:

Benefits of Using VexelsDescription
Time-savingCreate professional-looking designs quickly, freeing up time to focus on growing your business.
Cost-effectivenessAccess comprehensive features and elements at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer.
Professional resultsAttain designs equivalent to those crafted by professional graphic designers, establishing a business’s professional image without associated costs and time investment.
User-friendlyEase of use, even for individuals with no prior design experience, thanks to an intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions.

These benefits collectively highlight how Vexels offers a streamlined and efficient graphic design experience, catering to diverse user needs while delivering high-quality outcomes.

vexels alternative

When searching for alternatives to Vexels, a platform offering graphic resources for various design and merchandising needs, you’ll find a range of options that cater to graphic design and creative endeavors. Here are some alternatives to consider:

SimplifiedComprehensive free graphic design software offering a user-friendly interface and various design tools suitable for beginners and professionals.
CanvaPopular graphic design platform providing templates, images, and design elements for creating different visuals, with both free and premium options available.
Adobe SparkPart of Adobe Creative Suite, designed for creating social media graphics, web pages, and videos, offering easy-to-use templates and tools.
FreepikOffers free vectors, photos, and PSD files for design projects, a valuable resource for enhancing creative projects.
FigmaCollaborative design tool allowing multiple users to work on a project simultaneously, offering cloud-based features for individual designers or teams.

These alternatives provide various features and tools that can help you create engaging and visually appealing designs for your projects.

Each platform has its unique strengths, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

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What is Vexels?

Vexels is a stock graphics website that offers a wide range of graphics, icons, illustrations, and templates for personal and commercial use

What kind of graphics does Vexels offer?

Vexels offers a variety of graphics, including icons, illustrations, templates, and more. They cover a range of styles and themes to cater to different design needs.

Is Vexels only for professional designers?

No, Vexels is for anyone who needs graphics for personal or commercial use, whether they are professional designers or individuals who need graphics for personal projects.

Can I use Vexels graphics for commercial projects?

Yes, Vexels graphics can be used for commercial projects with a Merch Ultimate or Merch plus subscription. Be sure to check the license agreement for any restrictions.


Vexels is the ultimate graphic design solution for your business. With its extensive library of graphic elements, customizable templates, advanced editing tools, and collaboration tools, Vexels has everything you need to create professional-looking designs quickly and easily. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or just starting out, Vexels is the solution you need to take your designs to the next level. So why wait? Sign up for Vexels today and start creating stunning graphics and designs for your business!

Another great aspect of Vexels is the fact that it is an all-in-one platform, allowing you to manage all of your graphic design needs from one convenient location. Check out this in-depth review by Merch Pursuits to learn more about Vexels. With its user-friendly interface, extensive library of graphic elements, and cost-effective pricing, Vexels is the ultimate graphic design solution for businesses of all sizes.

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