Jacob Elordi’s Humorous Take on the ‘Saltburn’ Scene on SNL

Jacob Elordi, the Australian actor who has been making waves in Hollywood, recently hosted the first episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) for the year.

His monologue, which humorously addressed a controversial scene from his movie ‘Saltburn’, has been the talk of the town.

The ‘Saltburn’ Controversy

In ‘Saltburn’, Elordi’s character, Felix, meets an untimely end. In a scene that has sparked much discussion, Barry Keoghan’s character is shown having an intimate moment on Felix’s grave.

Elordi addressed this scene in his SNL monologue, saying,

“If you saw the movie, thank you. If you saw the movie with your parents, I’m sorry. If you saw the movie with your girlfriend, you’re welcome.”

Audience Reaction to the ‘Saltburn’ Scene

During the SNL episode, Elordi fielded questions from the audience, one of which pertained to the ‘Saltburn’ scene. However, the questioner was actually referring to ‘The Kissing Booth’, another movie in which Elordi starred. This mix-up added a layer of humor to the situation.

Jacob Elordi’s ‘Saltburn’ Scene

Elordi’s Rising Stardom

Elordi’s career has been on an upward trajectory. In addition to ‘Saltburn’ and ‘The Kissing Booth’, he starred in ‘Priscilla’ last year and ‘He Went That Way’, which was released earlier this month. His success is impressive, considering he has only been acting for seven years.

Personal Life and Relationships

Elordi’s personal life has also been in the spotlight. He has been dating Olivia Jade since the end of 2021. Jade was spotted at the SNL afterparty, indicating her support for Elordi.

Jacob Elordi’s ‘Saltburn’ grave Scene


Jacob Elordi’s SNL monologue demonstrated his ability to address controversial topics with humor and grace. His rising stardom, coupled with his knack for comedy, suggests that we can expect great things from this talented actor in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other movies has Jacob Elordi starred in?

In addition to ‘Saltburn’ and ‘The Kissing Booth’, Jacob Elordi has starred in ‘Priscilla’ and ‘He Went That Way’.

Who is Jacob Elordi dating?

Jacob Elordi is currently dating Olivia Jade. They have been together since the end of 2021.

How long has Jacob Elordi been acting?

Jacob Elordi has been acting for seven years.

What was the audience’s reaction to the ‘Saltburn’ scene?

The ‘Saltburn’ scene sparked much discussion and controversy. However, Jacob Elordi addressed it humorously in his SNL monologue.

What is ‘Saturday Night Live’?

‘Saturday Night Live’ is a popular American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show.

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Last modified: February 4, 2024

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