Ariana Grande: The Truth About Her Parents and Siblings

Ariana Grande is one of the most successful and influential pop stars of her generation. She has won numerous awards, broken several records, and amassed a loyal fan base around the world.

But behind her glamorous and dazzling persona, there is a family that supports and inspires her.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Ariana Grande’s Italian family, and how they have shaped her life and career.

Ariana Grande’s parents, Joan and Edward, both of Italian descent, significantly influenced her career. Joan, a manager and producer, prioritized Ariana’s growth as a musician. Edward, a graphic designer and musician, introduced her to various music genres and supported her acting endeavors.

Who are Ariana Grande’s parents?

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida. Her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera, which reflects her Italian heritage.

Her parents are Joan Grande and Edward Butera, who are both of Italian descent. Joan is from the Abruzzo region, while Edward is from the Sicily region.

Ariana has described herself as an Italian American with Sicilian and Abruzzese roots.

Joan and Edward met in New York, where they both worked in the entertainment industry.

Joan was a manager and producer, while Edward was a graphic designer and photographer.

They married in 1992 and moved to Florida, where they welcomed Ariana a year later. They also have an older son, Frankie Grande, who is Joan’s son from a previous marriage.

Frankie is an entertainer and producer, who often collaborates with Ariana.

Unfortunately, Joan and Edward divorced when Ariana was eight or nine years old. This was a difficult time for Ariana, who had to cope with the separation of her parents.

She stayed with her mother in Florida, while her father moved back to New York. Ariana has admitted that she had a rocky relationship with her father for a while, and that they grew apart.

However, in recent years, they have reconciled and reconnected. Ariana even took both her parents to the Grammys in 2020, where she was nominated for five awards.

What do Ariana Grande’s parents do?

Ariana Grande’s parents are both successful and accomplished in their own fields. Joan Grande is the president and CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a company that specializes in marine communication and safety equipment.

Some of their clients include the U.S. and Canadian coast guards, the U.S. Navy, and other leading maritime nations. Joan is also the co-founder and partner of Diamond Dog Entertainment, a production company that fosters talent and invests in diverse projects.

Edward Butera is the owner and creative director of IBI Designs, a graphic design and photography studio in Boca Raton.

He established the studio in 1996, and has worked with various clients, such as celebrities, magazines, hotels, and restaurants.

Edward is also a talented musician, who plays the piano and guitar. He has influenced Ariana’s musical taste and style, as she grew up listening to his music collection.

How did Ariana Grande’s parents influence her career?

Ariana Grande’s parents have been supportive and encouraging of her career since she was a child. They recognized her talent and passion for music and acting, and helped her pursue her dreams.

Joan was especially instrumental in Ariana’s career, as she was her manager and mentor. She prioritized Ariana’s growth as a musician, and gave her the freedom and guidance to explore her creativity.

Joan also accompanied Ariana to her auditions, shows, and tours, and protected her from the pressures and pitfalls of the industry.

Edward also played a role in Ariana’s career, as he introduced her to different genres and artists of music. He exposed her to the classics, such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Stevie Wonder, as well as contemporary stars, such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

He also encouraged her to develop her vocal skills and range, and to sing with emotion and expression. Edward also supported Ariana’s acting endeavors, as he designed the logo and posters for her Broadway debut in 13 (2008).


Ariana Grande’s Italian family is a source of love, inspiration, and strength for her. Her parents, Joan and Edward, are both successful and creative professionals, who have influenced and supported her career.

Her brother, Frankie, is also an entertainer and producer, who often collaborates with her. Ariana has a close and affectionate bond with her family, and often expresses her gratitude and admiration for them.

She also embraces her Italian heritage, and celebrates her culture and roots.


How old is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is 30 years old, as of 2024. She was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida.

What is Ariana Grande’s net worth?

According to Forbes, Ariana Grande’s net worth is estimated to be $180 million, as of 2024. She is one of the highest-paid and most-streamed female artists in the world.

Is Ariana Grande married?

Ariana Grande was married to Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent, from 2021 to 2023. They had a private and intimate wedding ceremony at Ariana’s home in Montecito, California, in May 2021. However, they announced their divorce in January 2023, citing irreconcilable differences.

Does Ariana Grande have any children?

Ariana Grande does not have any children, as of 2024. She has expressed her desire to have children in the future, but has not revealed any plans or details.

What is Ariana Grande’s next project?

Ariana Grande’s next project is the two-part film adaptation of Wicked, the popular Broadway musical. She will play the role of Glinda, the good witch, opposite Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba, the wicked witch.

The first part of the film is expected to be released in 2024, and the second part in 2025. Ariana has said that Wicked is her favorite musical, and that she is honored and excited to be part of it.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024

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