How to Add Scissors Cutting Line in Canva

How to Add Scissors Cutting Lines in Canva

  • Open the elements panel
  • Search for “@ken111” to find scissors cutting lines
  • Click on your desired scissors cutting shape or line
  • Click on the element to add it into your workspace
  • Resize and arrange the scissors cutting line as needed
  • Customize the color from the toolbar color palette
  • Repeat with multiple scissors cutting elements to create variety

The scissors cutting line is a popular graphic design element that adds visual interest and a handmade, scrapbook style to all kinds of projects.

This in-depth guide will walk you through everything you need to know to fully utilize scissors cutting lines in your Canva designs.

What Exactly is a Scissors Cutting Line?

A scissors cutting line is any line or shape that resembles a cutting line made by scissors on paper. It has an organic, hand-drawn aesthetic that brings energy and movement to designs.

Scissors cutting lines come in a variety of styles:

  • Solid lines: Continuous lines of any weight or thickness.
  • Dotted lines: Dashed lines with dotted cuts along the path.
  • Doodles: Freeform curved and angled scissors cut shapes.
  • Borders: Scissors cut frames and borders around elements.

Scissors cutting lines add a handmade, artsy touch to designs. They have an imperfect, scrapbook or cut-paper style that feels inviting and friendly.

Optimal Uses for Scissors Cutting Lines

Scissors cutting lines have many applications that benefit from their creative style:

Section Dividers

Use scissors lines to divide sections of a document or presentation. The organic lines separate topics clearly while adding interest.

Highlighting Important Information

Draw attention to coupons, notifications, or other important text by framing it with scissors cut shapes. The lines help the information stand out on the page.

Adding Artistic Flair

Scissors cuts bring artistic flair to headers, images, text, and other elements. Let the lines lend an artsy, handmade feel.

Instructions and Steps

Use scissors lines as visual guides through instructions or steps. The lines can lead the eye through each portion of a process.

Cards and Announcements

Bring a personal touch to greeting cards, invitations, and announcements with scissors cutting lines and doodles.

Kids’ Materials

Scissors cutting lines align well with kids’ themes and add a playful element to educational materials.

Scissors cutting lines are the perfect way to add artistic flair and energy to any design aesthetic.

Donna Small, Designer

Finding Scissors Cutting Lines in the Canva Elements

You can find a vast array of scissors cutting line elements in Canva by searching for “@ken111” in the elements panel.

Ken111 has created hundreds of Pro scissors cutting shapes, lines, borders, and more. Browse the selection for:

  • Frames and banners
  • Solid, dotted, and dashed lines
  • Angled, curved, and abstract shaped cuts
  • Heart cutouts
  • Starburst cut shapes
  • Paper rip effects
  • And many more!

With Ken111’s elements, you’ll always find the perfect scissors cutting line style for your project.

How to Add Scissors Cutting Lines to Your Designs

Adding scissors cutting lines from the elements panel is simple:

  1. Search for the desired scissors cutting line element.
  2. Click the element to add it to your workspace.
  3. Resize, rotate, or rearrange as needed.
  4. Repeat to add multiple scissors cutting elements.

Experiment mixing different shapes, weights, and angles of lines for lots of variety.

Customizing the Color

Scissors cutting lines can be customized to match any color scheme:

  1. Select the added scissors cutting line element.
  2. Click the color palette icon in the toolbar.
  3. Choose your ideal color from the picker.
  4. The line will update to your selected color.

Playing with different colors is a great way to incorporate the scissors cutting lines into your brand or theme.

Innovative Uses for Scissors Lines

Beyond the basics, scissors cutting lines can be used creatively in many innovative ways:

  • As Zen doodles or hand-drawn artwork
  • To decorate envelopes or mailers
  • In scrapbook pages or journal spreads
  • As metaphors for cutting ties or lifting barriers
  • As accents on 3D objects made with Canva print

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with these versatile design elements!


With their handmade, artsy style, scissors cutting lines are a design game-changer. Use Ken111’s robust Canva element collection to add artistic flair to any project. Let scissors cutting lines guide the eye, divide space, accentuate text, and boost engagement wherever you need a creative boost!

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Last modified: November 11, 2023

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