Finding the Perfect Font Pairings in Canva

Choosing the right fonts for your designs in Canva can seem daunting, but it’s a crucial element in creating professional and sleek visuals.

Let’s dive into the world of font pairings, breaking down the basics and exploring some fantastic combinations you can use to elevate your designs effortlessly.

Understanding Typography Basics

Typography forms the backbone of visual communication, encompassing font families, weights, and pairings. Let’s break down these core concepts:

Font Families:

Fonts are grouped into families sharing similar design traits. These families—serif, sans-serif, script, and more—each convey distinct personalities and styles.

Font Weights

The weight of a font refers to its thickness or heaviness. From light and regular to bold and extra-bold, each weight alters the visual impact of text.

Font Pairings

Pairing fonts involves combining different typefaces to create harmonious and aesthetically pleasing designs. This is achieved by understanding the relationship between various font characteristics.

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Exploring Font Pairing Rules

Diving deeper into font pairing rules unveils the artistry behind effective combinations:


Font contrast revolves around the interplay of size, weight, and style. For instance, juxtaposing a light, delicate font with a bold, robust one enhances visual intrigue and creates focal points within designs.


The strategic use of different fonts establishes a hierarchy of importance in design. Headings command attention with larger, bolder fonts, while smaller, lighter fonts guide readers through body text, ensuring visual clarity.


Fonts possess the power to evoke specific emotions or atmospheres. Utilizing a script font can infuse a romantic or whimsical feeling into a design, whereas a sleek sans-serif font exudes a modern, minimalist vibe.

Understanding these font pairing principles empowers designers to craft compelling narratives through typography.

Mastering the art of combining fonts not only enhances visual appeal but also communicates messages effectively.

Explore, experiment, and unlock the endless possibilities of typography to breathe life into your designs.

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Let’s break down some font combinations tailored for specific design purposes:

Design TypeHeading FontSubheading FontBody Text Font
Design PublicationLeague SpartanLibre BaskervilleLibre Baskerville
ResuméJulius Sans OneArchivo NarrowArchivo Narrow
Sports/ActiveArchivo Black
eBookLibre BaskervilleLibre Baskerville
Fashion RetailBebas NeueMontserratMontserrat
Front PageOpen Sans Extra BoldCooper HewittPT Sans
TechnologyRoboto CondensedRoboto Condensed
Art GalleryCooper HewittCooper Hewitt
Invitation/EventsPlayfair DisplayPlayfair Display

Why These Combinations Work

Each combination is tailored to suit different design needs. For instance, in a fashion retail context, pairing Bebas Neue for headings with Montserrat for body text creates a modern and clean aesthetic, perfect for promotions or advertisements.

“Font combinations are like ingredients in a recipe—they bring out the best in your designs.”


Finding the right font combinations in Canva doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Remember, it’s all about experimenting and finding what feels right for your design’s message and tone.

Start with these suggested pairings, and don’t hesitate to explore Canva’s font library to discover more combinations that suit your style.


Can I use just one font for all my design elements?

Absolutely! Using variations of a single font can create consistency and style without complicating your design.

How many fonts should I use in one design?

It’s generally advisable to limit fonts to two or three in a design to maintain coherence and readability.

Should I always pair serif with sans-serif fonts?

While serif-sans-serif pairings often work well, mixing different styles within the same category can also create interesting contrasts.

With these insights and suggested pairings, dive into Canva’s font world and start crafting designs that speak volumes with the perfect font combinations.

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Last modified: December 23, 2023

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