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Easy Way To Change The Weight Of A Line In Canva 2023

Canva allows easy Change The Weight Of A Line. Simply select the line, Click on Line style in the toolbar then “Line Width” , choose your desired thickness or manually enter a value.

Fix issues by ensuring a line is selected, ungrouping, or zooming in.


Canva is a popular graphic design platform that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs. One of the handiest features of Canva is the ability to customize the thickness of lines used in your projects.

Whether you want to make your lines bolder or more delicate, it only takes a few simple clicks in Canva to adjust line weight.

What is Line Weight?

Line weight refers to the thickness of a line. Also called Line style, it’s an important design element that can dramatically affect the look and feel of your project.

Thicker lines tend to be bolder and stand out more. Thinner lines look more delicate and understated. Adjusting line weight allows you to add visual interest and draw attention to certain elements.

How to Change Line Weight in Canva

Changing the thickness of lines in Canva is easy thanks to the intuitive interface. Here are the steps:

step1: Select the line you want to adjust. Click on it to select it.

step2: In the toolbar at the top, locate the “Line Width” dropdown menu.

Change The Weight Of A Line In Canva

Click on the dropdown and select your desired thickness. Options range from 1 to 100.

Alternatively, you can manually enter any thickness value in the number input box next to the dropdown menu.

Change The Weight Of A Line
  1. Preview the change. The line will update automatically in your design.
  2. Adjust as needed until you get the perfect thickness for your project.

That’s all there is to it! The stroke will change for that specific line. Repeat with other lines to customize their thickness.

Tips for Adjusting Line Weight

Here are some tips to help you use line weight effectively:

  • Be consistent. Use the same stroke weight for similar lines and elements. This creates cohesion.
  • Make key elements stand out. Emphasize important shapes and lines by making them thicker.
  • Start thick. It’s easier to make lines thinner than to make thin lines thicker.
  • Review on different mediums. Print projects may need thicker lines than onscreen projects.
  • Match visual weight. Make sure line thickness matches the visual weight of accompanying shapes.
  • Consider meaning. In infographics and data visualizations, thicker lines can imply more significance.

Troubleshooting Line Weight Issues

Having trouble changing the thickness of your lines in Canva? Here are some common issues and fixes.

Can’t find the Line Width option?

Make sure you have selected a line path, not a shape or text element. The option only appears when a line is selected.

Line disappears?

This is a known bug. Try deleting and recreating the line with the thickness you want.

Multiple lines change at once?

You may have multiple lines grouped together. Ungroup them to change line weights independently.

Line weight won’t change?

Zoom in on your design to make sure you can properly see and select the line. The thickness may appear unchanged when zoomed out.


Adjusting line weight is an easy way to add visual interest and draw attention to key elements in your Canva projects.

Follow the simple steps to change the stroke thickness of any line in your design. Keep these tips in mind to use line thickness effectively. With Canva’s intuitive controls, you’ll be mastering line thickness adjustments and creating captivating designs in no time!

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Last modified: May 15, 2024

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