Canva Change All Colors Like a Pro

Use Canva’s “Change All” feature to quickly update colors across your entire project for visual consistency. Select any object, choose a new color from the palette, then click “Change All” to apply the color globally. Works for text, shapes, graphics, and more. Great for easily matching brand colors.

Whether you’re creating graphics, presentations, or social media posts in Canva, having a consistent color scheme is crucial for strong branding. Luckily, Canva makes it easy to change colors across an entire project with just a click. In this guide, you’ll learn pro tips for using Canva’s “Change All” feature to match your brand colors like a pro.

An Overview of Canva’s Color Options

Canva provides a default color palette to choose from. But you can also use the custom color picker to select specific hex codes or RGB values. For frequent colors, add them to “My Brands” for quick access later.

Changing an Individual Object’s Color

Select any text box, shape, background image, etc. Then use the color palette to pick a new color. This will change that individual object.

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Change All Colors

Using “Change All” to Apply Colors Globally

Here’s where the magic happens! When you select a colored object, a “Change All” button appears. Click this to apply that color change to all similar objects across your Canva project.

This works for both default and custom colors. It’s a huge time saver!

Step-by-Step Guide to Change All Text Colors

Let’s walk through an example:

  1. Select any text box and click the text color palette.
  2. Choose your new text color from the palette.
  3. Click the “Change All” button.
  4. All text boxes will update to the new color scheme.

It’s that simple! You can follow the same process to change shapes, lines, and more.

Tips for Efficient Use of Change All

  • Use Change All early on to set your base branding colors.
  • Be aware it will change all instances of that default or custom color.
  • For more advanced changes, do it in increments vs. all at once.

Leveraging SVG for Max Flexibility

For graphics, using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files is best. SVG preserves image quality at any size, unlike JPG or PNG. This allows fluid color changes.

Other tips:

  • Start with vector files (AI, EPS) before exporting to SVG.
  • SVG has some constraints to be aware of.
  • For logos, follow the same SVG process.
  • A designer can help if you need to convert files.

Match Brand Colors for Visual Consistency

Changing colors through Canva is about more than aesthetics. Consistent use of brand colors in all of your assets creates recognition and trust with your audience.

Take a holistic view of your branding, including:

  • Primary and secondary colors
  • Typography and fonts
  • Logos, icons, and graphics

Tying this all together visually strengthens your brand identity. Leverage Canva Change All to customize assets while maintaining brand consistency that people can identify instantly.

Let me know in the comments if these Canva color change tips help streamline your workflow!

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Last modified: July 16, 2024

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