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Mastering GIFs in Canva: Design Like a Pro

To design like a pro with GIFs in Canva, start by creating a design, adding GIFs, resizing, and customizing animation settings. Experiment with layering effects and color adjustments to enhance your designs. Combine multiple GIFs for dynamic compositions.

GIFs are a fun and engaging way to add some flair to your social media posts, websites, presentations and more. With Canva’s easy-to-use tools, anyone can quickly create high-quality, customized animated GIFs. Here’s a guide to mastering GIF design in Canva like a pro:

Finding and Customizing GIFs in Canva

Canva has an excellent selection of animated GIFs you can use for free. Here are some tips for finding and customizing GIFs:

Searching for GIFs

  • Use the search bar to look for specific GIFs. Try keywords like “hi GIF” “good morning GIF” “thank you GIF” etc.
  • Filter by category like “Graphics” to browse GIFs.
  • Scroll through the “Animated Images” section to see trending and popular GIFs.
  • You can Use GIPHY App, Search and add GIFs to your designs Powered by GIPHY.
Searching for GIFs

Customizing GIFs

  • Resize the GIF by dragging the corners in or out.
  • Crop the GIF by resizing the frame.
  • Overlay text like “Thank You!” or “Welcome” to personalize it.
  • Rotate or flip the GIF for variation.

With a few quick edits, you can make any GIF feel fresh and one-of-a-kind!

Creating GIFs from Scratch in Canva

Canva also lets you make custom GIFs from scratch with photos, shapes, illustrations and text. Follow these steps:

1. Select the “Animated Image” Template

Choose a size like Facebook Post, Instagram Story, etc. Or start with a blank canvas.

2. Add Elements

Upload photos, illustrations, icons, shapes—anything you want to animate.

3. Animate the Elements

Choose your image, then click on “Animate” in the top bar to apply any animation effect you desire to your image or even the entire page.

4. Adjust Timing and Effects

Customize duration, entrance/exit effects, delays between elements.

5. Export as GIF

Click “Download,” choose “Animated (GIF),” adjust frames per second.

Making GIFs from scratch takes more work but allows complete creative control. Start simple and work your way up!

Tips for Using GIFs Effectively

Now that you know how to make awesome GIFs in Canva, here are some pro tips for using them effectively:

  • Choose GIFs that visually communicate emotions and reactions. Excited, sad, confused, etc.
  • Keep branded GIFs on-theme with your business. Use colors, mascots, logos, etc.
  • Show “before” and “after” transformations. Demonstrate how a product/service works.
  • Highlight key information. Animate text bullet points or statistics.
  • Give presentations energy and personality. Intersperse GIFs between slides.
  • Entertain social media followers. Create funny, “just for fun” shareable moments.
  • Celebrate holidays and events. Birthdays, new product launches, etc.

With the right GIFs, you can grab attention, convey information clearly, and boost engagement across all your digital content.

Common Questions about GIFs in Canva

Should I use lots of text in my GIFs?

Avoid large blocks of text in GIFs. A few short words work best. Text can quickly become illegible or distracting when animated. Use images, icons and minimal text instead.

What image types can I turn into a GIF?

Nearly any image file can become an animated GIFJPGs, PNGs, digital art, photos, logos, etc. For best results, use high resolution images with transparent or solid backgrounds.

Is there a size limit for Canva GIFs?

Yes, Canva’s maximum GIF size is 100MB. For social media, smaller GIFs less than 10MB are recommended. Export at lower frame rates and resolutions to reduce file size.

How do I get my finished GIFs off Canva?

Download your GIFs by going to the “Share” menu and choosing “Download.” You’ll get a zip folder containing different formats like MP4, GIF, and PNG video sequences.

What’s the difference between GIFs and video clips?

GIFs are a short looping animation with no sound. Video clips have longer runtimes, audio and playback controls. Choose the right format based on your needs.


Creating awesome animated GIFs is easy with Canva’s user-friendly design tools. Find the perfect GIF in their library or make one from scratch. Customize with colors, text, cropping and effects to match your brand.

Use GIFs strategically on social media, websites and beyond. With these pro tips on mastering GIFs in Canva, you’ll be designing like an expert in no time!

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Last modified: October 6, 2023

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