A Full Guide About GPT-3 2023

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, which is an advanced natural language processing system developed by OpenAI. It is considered one of the most capable language models with impressive human-like text generation abilities.

Who developed GPT-3?

GPT-3 was created in 2020 by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco. The researchers at OpenAI trained GPT-3 on massive datasets of online material to enable it to generate coherent and fluent text.

GPT-3 available for free?

The exciting thing about GPT-3 is that despite being an advanced AI system, there are ways for people to access and test it online for free without needing to pay huge costs.

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Understanding GPT-3

Explain GPT-3 as a Large Language Model (LLM)

GPT-3 is a Large Language Model or LLM, which means it has been trained on massive volumes of textual data from the internet. This exposure allows GPT-3 to understand and generate human-like text by identifying patterns and relationships between words and phrases.

OpenAI aims to promote and develop AI responsibly so that it benefits all of humanity. Making powerful systems like GPT-3 safely available for free aligns with their mission to harness AI to boost science and society.

How GPT-3 works in providing text-based answers

GPT-3 takes in a text prompt and attempts to complete it by generating coherent, relevant, and eloquent continuations of that prompt. It examines the patterns in the initial text and extrapolates the most plausible succeeding texts. This ability makes it invaluable for tasks like natural language generation and question answering.

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Getting GPT-3 Online for Free

There are a few ways one can get access to GPT-3 capabilities without paying – applying for a free API key from OpenAI, using tools built with GPT-3 access, joining online GPT-3 communities, and downloading open-source GPT-3 alternatives.

The importance of API keys

API keys allow direct access to tools like GPT-3. OpenAI provides a limited number of free API keys to select applicants. Possessing the key enables users to integrate GPT-3 into their own applications and projects.

Exploring Platforms for Free GPT-3 Access

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground is an official free platform where people can experiment with various AI models like GPT-3. It provides access to test the capabilities of these systems.

The Playground has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for even beginners to try out models like GPT-3. Users get free credits to access basic features and sample the technology prior to paid plans for advanced capabilities.

OpenAI Playground

Writesonic: Your Personal AI Writer

Writesonic taps into GPT-3 to automatically generate well-written content for a wide range of purposes. It can produce articles, emails, reports, and more.

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Writesonic offers 10,000 free words per month in its trial plan. This allows users to adequately explore its AI writing skills powered by GPT-3 access without paying initially.

Writesonic GPT-3

Hypotenuse AI: A Powerful Writing Assistant

Hypotenuse AI integrates GPT-3 to deliver top-notch AI-generated content tailored to user needs. It leverages the language model’s capabilities to craft high-quality copy for marketing, e-commerce, blogging, and other applications.

Hypotenuse AI grants users 6,000 free words and 7 days of full access to paid features without needing a credit card during signup. This facilitates easy testing of the GPT-3 enabled assistant.

Hypotenuse AI GPT-3

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Simplified AI Writer: GPT-3 for Various Tasks

Simplified AI Writer employs the GPT-3 model to deliver excellent writing support for diverse use cases like letters, cover letters, summaries, and more. It harnesses the knowledge and skills of this advanced language model.

Users can sign up for free and receive a 3,000 word limit to experience the capabilities of GPT-3 through Simplified AI Writer without paying initially.

Simplified AI Writer

Neuroflash: Creating Engaging Content with GPT-3

Neuroflash integrates GPT-3 to generate captivating marketing copy, newsletters, landing pages, and other content that resonates with target audiences. It taps into the engaging content creation skills of this language model.

Neuroflash provides 2,000 free words per month in the default account to let users explore GPT-3 powered content creation before deciding on paid plans.


The Cost of Running GPT-3

Being an advanced AI system, GPT-3 is computationally intensive and expensive to run. Estimates suggest that without considering other infrastructure costs, it would cost OpenAI between $100,000 to $150,000 per month to operate GPT-3 in the cloud.

The major costs include GPU rental fees from cloud providers, high-speed broadband connectivity, load balancing capabilities, and technical staff. These contribute to the substantial price tag for access to systems like GPT-3.

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Free vs Paid GPT-3: A Comparison

Let’s briefly compare what you can achieve with free access vs official paid access to GPT-3:

Free GPT-3 AccessPaid GPT-3 Access
Limited capabilities and tokensAccess to full-scale models like Davinci
Constrained by provider limitsFlexible usage and quotas
Pretrained on general dataCan be fine-tuned for specialized tasks
Great for learning and experimentationSuitable for large scale production usage
Innovative applications possible within constraintsMore advanced use cases achievable

While free access has restrictions, it opens the doors to innovate with this powerful technology for those without substantial budgets. Paid access provides more advanced capabilities for greater impact.


Accessing capabilities resembling GPT-3 need not be limited only to those who can pay for it. Through this guide, we explored the various ways students, developers, and startups can start experiencing the power of advanced natural language models without cost barriers.

While free access comes with constraints, it opens up avenues to democratize AI innovation. As responsible stewards, we can steer these technologies to create positive change for humanity and the planet. The future looks bright as advancements in AI continue to accelerate. By making these innovations accessible to all, we speed up that progress manifold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use GPT-3 for free?

Yes, through websites that provide free trials and limited access to GPT-3 powered tools you can use it without paying. OpenAI also gives out a small number of free API keys.

What are some ways I can access GPT-3 capabilities for free?

OpenAI Playground, sites like Writesonic and Simplified AI Writer, Reddit communities, and open-source GPT-3 alternatives are great options to enjoy limited free access.

Will I get full access to GPT-3 through free plans?

No, free plans only provide limited access to evaluate the capabilities. For full access, you would need to sign up for paid subscriptions.

How many free words do I get on different platforms?

Word limits vary across platforms from 2000-10000 words/month for free accounts to sample GPT-3.

Is it legal to use GPT-3 for free?

The free access options provided by OpenAI and other platforms are legal to use within specified constraints and terms of service. However, unlawfully accessing or misusing GPT-3 data may violate copyright laws.

Can GPT-3 be fully replaced by free alternatives?

The capabilities of free alternatives are limited compared to full-scale GPT-3 access. However, they provide a good starting point to explore the possibilities of natural language AI.

What risks are associated with freely accessible GPT-3 alternatives?

Irresponsible usage leading to biased or harmful content generation is a key risk. Users need to ensure ethical application in line with the provider’s terms.

What is the best free alternative to access GPT-3 capabilities?

Some good options include Claude, OpenAI’s free tier, AI Dungeon, Codex, and custom trained models. Each has tradeoffs to factor in when selecting.

Can I build products or charge for services using free GPT-3 access?

Most free access providers impose certain constraints around product usage and commercialization. Users should consult their terms before building commercial products.

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Last modified: September 18, 2023

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