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Zaplingo: English Language Learning with AI


Zaplingo is an innovative language learning platform that utilizes AI technology to help learners overcome the challenges of speaking English. Through its convenient and accessible features available on platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp, Zaplingo offers a transformative learning experience.

Audio Messages for Pronunciation Practice

Zaplingo provides a unique opportunity for learners to practice pronunciation using audio messages. By sending audio recordings and receiving instant feedback, learners can refine their pronunciation skills and improve their overall speaking abilities.

Real-Life Conversation Practice

Engaging in real-life conversations is essential for building confidence and fluency in a new language. Zaplingo allows learners to participate in conversations with AI tutors, providing a low-pressure and supportive environment for practicing English speaking skills.

Clear and Concise Grammar Explanations

Understanding grammar rules is fundamental to effective communication. Zaplingo offers clear and concise explanations of grammar rules, enabling learners to grasp and apply them accurately in their conversations.

Always Available for Flexible Learning

Zaplingo’s accessibility is a key advantage, allowing learners to improve their English proficiency at their own pace and convenience. Whether day or night, Zaplingo is available to chat and support learners on their language learning journey.

Overcoming Shyness and Language Barriers

For many learners, shyness and language barriers can hinder their progress. Zaplingo aims to address these challenges by providing a supportive environment where learners can express themselves comfortably in their native language. This approach fosters confidence and facilitates a more effective learning experience.

Pricing Options

Zaplingo offers both a free version and Zaplingo Unlimited. The free version allows learners to start improving their English skills without any cost. For those seeking additional features and accelerated learning, Zaplingo Unlimited offers pronunciation features, grammar review, audio messages, and more.

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Is Zaplingo available on both Telegram and WhatsApp?

Yes, Zaplingo is available on both Telegram and WhatsApp. Learners can choose the platform that suits them best for practicing English with AI tutors.

Can I receive instant feedback on my pronunciation?

Absolutely! Zaplingo’s audio messaging feature allows you to send recordings and receive instant feedback on your pronunciation, helping you improve your speaking skills.

Are the grammar explanations easy to understand?

Yes, Zaplingo provides clear and concise explanations of grammar rules, making it easier for learners to grasp and apply them in their conversations.

Is Zaplingo Unlimited worth the investment?

Zaplingo Unlimited offers additional features such as pronunciation tools, grammar review, and audio messages to enhance your learning experience. If you’re looking for accelerated learning and extra resources,

What is Zaplingo and who is Marta?

Zaplingo is an AI English tutor available on platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp. Marta, the AI tutor, is always accessible and ready to help learners practice English and improve their skills every day.

Where can I use Zaplingo? Is there an app to download?

Zaplingo is accessible on Telegram and WhatsApp, and there is no need to download an additional app. You can easily use Zaplingo on these platforms for your language learning needs.

What can I talk about with Zaplingo?

You can engage in conversations with Marta on various topics. Marta is intelligent and will help you practice English through interesting discussions. Here are some examples of conversation starters you can use with Marta:
“What do you think about the Marvel movies? Are they any good?”
“I don’t know what to eat today. Do you have any recommendations?”
“Do you know who Rick Rubin is?”
Additionally, you can ask Marta for specific things like verb conjugation, synonyms, or dictionary references.

How can I ask for a verb conjugation?

To ask for verb conjugation, simply say:
– “What’s the conjugation of ‘Sleep’?”
– “What’s the conjugation of ‘Play’?”
– “What’s the conjugation of ‘Learn’?”
Marta will provide you with the conjugated forms of the verbs you inquire about.

Can I translate things with Zaplingo?

Yes, you can use Zaplingo for translations as well. You can say:
– “Translate this: ‘Me gustaría hacer el pedido de una camiseta azul. Me podrías ayudar, por favor?'”
– Alternatively, you can also say: “How can I say ‘Camión de helados’?” or “How can I say ‘Delfín’?”
Zaplingo will assist you with the translations you need.

Does Zaplingo have a dictionary?

Yes! Zaplingo includes a dictionary feature. You can ask about the meaning of any word or expression. Simply write:
– “What does ‘Catchy’ mean?”
– “What does ‘Thrilling’ mean?”
– “What are the synonyms of ‘Catchy’?”
– “What are the synonyms of ‘Thrilling’?”
Zaplingo will provide you with the desired word definitions or synonyms.

How much does Zaplingo cost?

Zaplingo is free to use. However, if you wish to enhance your learning experience and progress at a faster pace, you can opt for Zaplingo Unlimited. Zaplingo Unlimited offers additional features such as pronunciation analysis, audio messages, grammar review, and more. For more information, check out the details of Zaplingo Unlimited.

How can I make Zaplingo stop sending me messages?

If you want to temporarily stop receiving messages from Zaplingo, you can write “Stop Zaplingo.” Marta will stop replying to your messages until you choose to accept receiving messages again.

Can I write to Zaplingo in my own language?

Yes! While it is recommended to practice in English, you can write to Zaplingo in your own language. If you’re unsure how to say something in English, feel free to express it in your native language.

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Last modified: May 30, 2023

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