Troubleshooting Canva Pro Premium Feature Access

Canva is a popular graphic design platform that offers both free and premium features. However, sometimes users face issues accessing Canva’s premium features even after subscribing to Canva Pro or Canva for Teams. This article explains the common reasons why this happens and how to troubleshoot them.

Encountering difficulties accessing Canva Pro’s premium features could stem from several issues:

You May Have More Than One Canva Account

Having multiple Canva accounts under different emails is common. This happens when you sign up with a personal and work email, or through social logins like Google and Facebook.

To find the account with an active Canva plan:

  • Check your most recent Canva invoice number and use Canva’s account finder tool to locate the correct account.
  • Log into your accounts one by one and check the “Billing & Plans” page to see if Canva Pro/Teams is activated.
  • If you can’t remember your login details, Reset your password from Canva’s login page.


Use your invoice number to find your Canva account that has an active subscription plan.

You’re Logged Into the Wrong Team

If you belong to multiple Canva Teams, you may have switched to a team that doesn’t have Canva for Teams enabled.

To check your current team:

  • Click your profile picture and look for the “Switch Teams” section.
  • Select your intended team.
  • Go to “Billing & Plans” in Account Settings to confirm Canva for Teams is activated.

You’ve Been Removed From a Team

If team admins removed you from a Canva for Teams subscribed team, you’ll lose access to premium features. Contact your admins to add you back to the team.

You’re Designing Via the Canva Button

The Canva Button on partner websites don’t have access to premium features. Create designs on Canva’s website instead.

Your Canva Subscription Ended

If your Pro/Teams plan ended, premium features become unavailable. Re-subscribe to regain access.

You Have an Unpaid Subscription Fee

Failed subscription payments restrict access to Canva plans. Update your payment details to settle unpaid fees.

You Saw the “Already Subscribed” Error

Log out and log back in to refresh your session if you see this error after subscribing.

If you were wrongly charged, request a refund from Canva.

Still Unable to Access Premium Features?

Contact Canva Support with details like:

  • Screenshots of your account and team
  • All possible email addresses used to create an account
  • Specific unavailable features
  • Invoice copy


Canva Pro offers an array of exciting features but accessing them seamlessly can sometimes be challenging. Understanding account intricacies and subscription nuances is key to resolving access issues promptly.


How do I find premium images in my Canva design?

Premium images have a watermark overlay. If you don’t see watermarks, check the Layers panel by pressing Alt+1. Delete any premium layers.

What’s the licensing for Canva Pro elements?

Purchased Pro elements use a Pro Content License. Buy separate licenses if using an element in multiple designs.

Where can I see my purchased Pro elements?

Go to Account Settings > Purchase History to view your bought elements. Contact Canva Support if you need help finding a purchased element.

Of course, let’s address the frequently asked questions regarding “unable to access premium features in Canva”:

Why can’t I access premium features in Canva despite having a Pro account?

There might be various reasons for this issue, such as being logged into the wrong account, having multiple accounts, or being disconnected from a subscribed team. Reviewing account and team settings could help resolve this.

Can I identify specific premium images used in my design?

Typically, premium images display watermarks until purchased. Look for watermarks in the design to identify premium elements, and purchasing them can remove these watermarks.

How can I know if I’ve been removed from a subscribed team in Canva for Teams?

If team administrators remove you from a Canva for Teams subscription, access to premium features is lost. Contacting administrators and rejoining the team may restore your access.

Is there a way to locate hidden premium elements within my Canva design?

Identifying hidden premium elements, especially those without watermarks or embedded in templates, can be challenging. Exploring layers or using Canva Pro might assist in locating and removing these elements.

What should I do if my Canva subscription has lapsed, and I can’t access premium features?

Expired subscriptions restrict access to premium features. Re-subscribing or addressing any unpaid fees through updated payment information can restore access to these features.

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Last modified: December 27, 2023

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