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The Best AI Stocks Based on Nvidia’s Latest Acquisition

Have you ever wondered about the future of artificial intelligence and how you could potentially invest in the companies driving this revolutionary technology?

Nvidia’s stock price surged so high in just one year that the company became the third-most valuable in the world – a surprising fact that might just pique your interest in the AI industry.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a self-driving car in action, and it made me realize just how rapidly AI is advancing and transforming various industries.

The age of artificial intelligence is well underway, and it’s time to explore the best investment opportunities in this game-changing field.

As visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk once said, “Artificial intelligence will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity.” This quote perfectly captures the immense potential and risks associated with AI development.

Nvidia’s Amazing Growth and Investments in AI Companies

Nvidia’s Incredible Rise

Nvidia is a company that makes special chips called graphics processing units (GPUs) for data centers. These GPUs help build, train, and use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

In just one year, Nvidia’s stock price rose so high that the company became the third-most-valuable company in the world, after Apple and Microsoft. This amazing growth means Nvidia is now worth $2.2 trillion.

Nvidia’s Bets on Other AI Companies

With all the extra money coming in from its booming data center business, Nvidia decided to invest in other companies working on AI technologies. At the end of 2023, Nvidia bought small parts (called stakes) of five different AI companies. This move suggests that Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, thinks these companies could create more value in the future of the AI industry.

Two AI Companies that Stand Out from Nvidia’s Investments

1. Arm Holdings – The Chip Design Giant

One of the companies Nvidia invested in is called Arm Holdings. Arm designs processors (chips) for many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, including Nvidia and Apple. Around half of all chips in the world use an Arm-based design, and Arm has a 99% market share in the smartphone chip market.

1. Arm Holdings – The Chip Design Giant

Nvidia tried to buy Arm for $40 billion in 2020, but the deal didn’t go through because regulators were worried it could hurt competition in the semiconductor industry. However, Nvidia’s latest H200 and GH200 AI GPUs work closely with Arm’s chips, showing how important Arm is becoming in the AI and data center markets.

2. SoundHound AI – Conversational AI Pioneer

Another company Nvidia invested in is SoundHound AI, which develops conversational AI technologies. SoundHound’s AI can understand voice commands and respond to them, making it useful for tasks like automated ordering in restaurants or creating virtual assistants for cars.

2. SoundHound AI – Conversational AI Pioneer

SoundHound‘s technology is already being used by big companies like Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, and Krispy Kreme. It recently partnered with Nvidia’s Drive platform to bring generative AI to car virtual assistants, allowing drivers to talk to the AI without needing an internet connection.


Nvidia’s investments in Arm Holdings and SoundHound AI show that the company believes these companies could play a big role in the future of AI. While both stocks are currently quite expensive, their potential for growth and the support of a tech giant like Nvidia make them worth considering for long-term investors interested in the AI industry.


Why did Nvidia invest in these AI companies?

Nvidia likely invested in these AI companies because it believes they have promising technologies and potential to grow in the rapidly expanding AI industry. As a leading provider of AI hardware, Nvidia likely wants to support and potentially benefit from the success of innovative AI software companies.

What is Arm Holdings’ role in the AI industry?

Arm Holdings designs processors that are widely used in various devices, including smartphones and data center servers. As AI technologies become more common, Arm’s energy-efficient chip designs are well-suited for powering AI applications, particularly in the data center and edge computing markets.

How does SoundHound AI’s conversational AI work?

SoundHound AI’s conversational AI technology can understand and recognize voice commands from users. It then generates appropriate responses, allowing for more natural and intuitive voice interactions in applications like virtual assistants or automated ordering systems.

What are the advantages of Nvidia’s GH200 chip for AI?

Nvidia’s GH200 chip combines the company’s powerful AI GPU with an Arm-based processor. This combination can deliver three times more bandwidth than Nvidia’s previous H100 GPU, making it an ideal choice for speeding up the development and use of AI applications.

What potential challenges might Arm Holdings and SoundHound AI face?

While both companies have promising technologies, their stocks are currently trading at very high valuations compared to their revenue and growth rates. This could make them vulnerable to market corrections or increased competition from other players in the AI industry. Additionally, they may face challenges in scaling their technologies and maintaining their lead in their respective markets.

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Last modified: March 21, 2024

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