What is Direct to Cell? Starlink’s New Service

Starlink’s Direct to Cell service uses advanced satellite technology with LTE capabilities to act as cell towers in space, providing ubiquitous global cellular coverage to existing compatible devices without needing new infrastructure.

Starlink, a division of SpaceX, is launching an innovative new Direct to Cell service that provides ubiquitous global connectivity through advanced satellite technology acting as cell towers in space. This transformative service enables users to stay seamlessly connected for calling, texting, and browsing no matter where they are.

How Direct to Cell Revolutionizes Connectivity

Starlink’s fleet of low Earth orbit satellites are equipped with specialized eNodeB modems that allow them to communicate directly with cellular networks on the ground. This enables the satellites to function as LTE cell towers, providing robust voice, messaging, and data coverage anywhere under open sky – even in remote areas where ground towers can’t reach.

Direct to Cell is fully compatible with your existing LTE smartphone. Simply walk outside and enjoy a cellular connection through Starlink’s space network, without needing new devices, modified firmware or special apps. Stay connected on land, at sea, or wherever your travels take you!

Key Advantages of Starlink’s Direct to Cell Service

  • Ubiquitous coverage – Connectivity across the globe
  • Use any device – Works with existing LTE phones
  • Eliminate dead zones – Satellite cell towers fill gaps
  • Space cell towers – Advanced tech provides coverage

Ubiquitous Global Coverage

With thousands of satellites in orbit, Starlink’s Direct to Cell service provides true ubiquitous coverage – the ability to connect from anywhere on Earth.

Remote locations like rural farms, lakes, boats offshore and mountain regions prone to dead zones can now enjoy cellular voice, messaging and internet access through Starlink’s space cell towers. No matter where you are, Direct to Cell delivers the connectivity you need.

Without Direct to CellWith Direct to Cell
No service in rural areasReliable connectivity anywhere
Frequent dead zonesConsistent high-speed service

Use Any Device – Your Current Phone Works

Starlink built Direct to Cell to be fully compatible with existing LTE devices. There’s no need for new phones, extra hardware or firmware updates. The satellites connect seamlessly to your smartphone using common cellular standards – no modifications required.

Continue using the mobile device you already know and love while enjoying robust connectivity from Starlink’s satellite cell towers. Call, text and browse from anywhere knowing you have reliable service, even miles from the nearest ground tower.

Eliminate Dead Zones with Space Cell Towers

Remote regions often suffer from spotty coverage and cellular dead zones due to lack of ground-based infrastructure. Starlink is solving this by using their satellites as cell towers in space capable of delivering seamless LTE service.

Whether you’re hiking deep forests, sailing offshore waters, or living in rural farmlands, you can rely on Starlink’s Direct to Cell service for critical connectivity. The days of dropped calls and lost messages in remote areas are over thanks to satellite technology.

Learn More About Starlink Direct to Cell

Starlink’s Direct to Cell service is an innovative solution designed to provide ubiquitous global coverage and keep customers connected using their existing devices. To learn more about how this satellite-enabled cell tower network can help expand coverage for your organization, contact a Starlink representative today.

You can also visit SpaceX.com for more details on Starlink services and innovative satellite capabilities. Bring reliable connectivity to rural areas, eliminate cellular dead zones, and empower your customers to stay connected anywhere with Starlink Direct to Cell.

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Last modified: October 14, 2023

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