Setting Up and Using Color Palettes in Canva’s Brand Kit

Canva’s Brand Kit is a powerful tool designed to help individuals, teams, and classes maintain brand consistency across their designs.

It serves as a central hub where essential brand elements are stored and can be easily accessed while creating designs on the platform.

What is the Brand Kit?

The Brand Kit in Canva is a centralized repository that houses key brand assets, ensuring that designs remain cohesive and on-brand.

It includes elements such as logos, colors, and fonts, providing users with a convenient and organized way to manage their brand-related resources.

Who can set up and edit the Brand Kit?

For teams and classes, the privilege of setting up and editing the team Brand Kit is limited to specific roles within Canva. The following roles have the authority to manage the Brand Kit:

  • Owners: Individuals who own the Canva team or class account.
  • Administrators: Users with administrative rights, responsible for overseeing team activities.
  • Brand Designers: Designated individuals with a focus on maintaining brand consistency.
  • Teachers: In educational settings, teachers have the authority to manage the Brand Kit.

It’s important to note that uploading fonts, logos, and creating additional color palettes within the Brand Kit is a feature exclusive to Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, Canva for Education, and Canva for Nonprofits users.

Uploading Fonts, Logos, and Creating Color Palettes

To enhance your Brand Kit and maintain a consistent visual identity, users can upload fonts, logos, and create color palettes. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Uploading Fonts:
  • Navigate to the Brand Kit tab from the homepage side panel.
  • Under Brand Fonts, click “Upload a Font.
  • Select the font file to upload and confirm that you have the necessary licensing rights.
  • Wait for the upload to finish, and your fonts will be available for use.
  1. Uploading Logos:
  • Access the Brand Kit tab and choose the specific Brand Kit you want to edit.
  • Under Logos, click “Add New.
  • Choose the logo file (JPG, PNG, or SVG format) and upload it to the Brand Kit.
  • Ensure that you have the proper licensing rights for the logo.
  1. Creating Color Palettes:
  • From the homepage side panel, click “Brand.”
  • On the Brand Kit tab, click “Add Brand Kit” to create a new one or select an existing one.
  • Enter the Brand Kit’s name and click “Create.”
  • Customize the Brand Kit by uploading logos, adding color palettes, or uploading fonts.

Brand Kit Controls and Multiple Brand Kits

  • Brand Kit Controls:
  • Team members can utilize anything set up in the Brand Kit to create designs.
  • To restrict team members to using only what’s in the Brand Kit, brand control settings can be established.
  • Multiple Brand Kits:
  • Exclusive to Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, and Canva for Education users.
  • Create and manage multiple Brand Kits to cater to different projects or teams.

Switching Between Brand Kits

For Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, and Canva for Education users managing multiple Brand Kits, team members can easily switch between kits while in the editor.

This flexibility allows for seamless transitions between different brand assets.

  • Switching from Logos, Styles, or Text Tabs:
  • Accessible from the editor side panel.
  • Click on Logos, Styles, or Text tabs, and select the desired Brand Kit from the dropdown.
  • The brand assets available in the selected Brand Kit will be displayed.
  • Switching from the Color Panel:
  • Click on an element, and the color panel will appear.
  • Choose the desired Brand Kit from the dropdown to access its color assets.
  • Switching from the Font Panel:
  • Click on a text box, and the font dropdown will appear.
  • Select the Brand Kit from the dropdown to use its specified fonts.


By harnessing the capabilities of Canva’s Brand Kit, users can streamline their design workflows, foster brand consistency, and empower their teams to create visually stunning content. Whether you’re a business owner, educator, or part of a nonprofit organization, the Brand Kit is a valuable asset in crafting impactful designs.


Can I delete a Brand Kit?

As of now, Canva doesn’t provide a direct option to delete a Brand Kit. However, you can customize and update existing Brand Kits as needed.

Can I share my Brand Kit with others?

Yes, Canva allows collaboration by sharing access to your Brand Kit with team members. Set up the right brand controls to manage access effectively.

Are there limitations to the number of color palettes I can create?

Canva does not specify a limit on the number of color palettes you can create. However, it’s advisable to keep palettes organized for efficient design workflows.

How do I troubleshoot font upload errors?

If you encounter font upload errors, refer to Canva’s Font Upload Error article for detailed troubleshooting steps. Ensure your fonts are licensed for embedding.

In conclusion, mastering the Brand Kit in Canva opens a world of possibilities for creating stunning, on-brand designs. Happy designing!

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Last modified: January 13, 2024

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