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How to Print Your Canva Business Cards

Creating eye-catching business cards using Canva is exciting, but bringing them to life through printing is equally essential.

Let’s dive deeper into the step-by-step process to print your designed business cards:

Step 1: Design Your Business Card on Canva

Begin by visiting Canva and selecting a business card template or starting from scratch. This is where you personalize your card by adding your logo, contact details, colors, and any other necessary information.

Once you’ve ensured everything looks perfect, save your design.

Step 2: Export Your Design

After finalizing your design, download it from Canva. Click on the download button and choose the PDF Print format.

This ensures your design is prepared for printing with high-quality results.

Step 3: Choose a Printing Service

Selecting a printing service is crucial. Look for local or online printing services that specialize in business card printing.

These services usually have user-friendly platforms where you can easily upload your PDF file.

Step 4: Customize Printing Options

Upon uploading your design, you’ll be prompted to customize your printing options. This includes selecting the type of paper or card stock you prefer for your business cards.

Choices range from standard to glossy or matte finishes. Additionally, decide on the quantity of cards you want to print.

Step 5: Review and Confirm Your Order

Before finalizing your order, it’s essential to review all details thoroughly. Ensure the design, paper type, and quantity are accurate.

Once satisfied, complete the payment process, and then eagerly await the arrival of your professionally printed business cards.

A Closer Look at Each Step

Designing on Canva

Designing your business card on Canva allows for creative freedom. You can choose from an array of templates or start from scratch to personalize your card.

Add your logo, contact information, and any other details you want to showcase. Take your time to make it visually appealing and professional.

Exporting Your Design

Exporting your design in PDF Print format ensures that it retains its high quality and is compatible with most printing services. This step simplifies the process for the printing service to reproduce your design accurately.

Choosing a Printing Service

Research and select a printing service that aligns with your needs. Look for services that offer good quality printing, reasonable pricing, and user-friendly interfaces for uploading your design.

Customizing Printing Options

Choosing the right paper or card stock is crucial as it affects the look and feel of your business cards. Matte finishes give a smooth, non-reflective look, while glossy finishes offer a shiny, reflective appearance. Consider the impression you want to make and choose accordingly.

Reviewing Your Order

Double-checking your order details ensures accuracy. Review your design, paper type, and quantity before confirming the order and making payment. This step helps prevent any errors and ensures satisfaction upon receiving your printed business cards.

Here is an article explaining how to print through Canva’s website:

Printing Canva Designs Through Canva’s Website

Canva makes it easy to get your designs printed directly through their website. Here is a simple guide on how to get Canva prints shipped to you:

1.Select Your Design

First, open the Canva design you want to print. This could be a poster, business card, invitation, or any other template.

2.Choose Print Option

Click the “Print” option at the top of the editor window. This will open Canva’s printing menu.

3.Pick Format

Select what type of print you want – poster, business card, sticker sheets, etc. Then choose your specific size and quantity.

4.Customize Extras

You can choose options like paper type, lamination, and shipping. These extras will affect the total cost.

5.Preview and Confirm

Canva will generate a PDF proof to preview your exact print. Make sure it looks perfect, then confirm your order details.

6.Enter Shipping

Input your shipping address and contact info. Canva can ship prints to over 100 countries.

7.Make Payment

Choose your payment method via credit card or PayPal. Canva accepts all major cards.


Once your payment goes through, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your order details and tracking info.

In just a few clicks, you can get high quality Canva prints shipped directly to you or your customers. It’s the easiest way to turn your digital designs into professional printed products.


By following these detailed steps, you can seamlessly transition from designing your business cards on Canva to having them professionally printed. Each stage contributes to the creation of impressive business cards that will leave a lasting impression on your clients or contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print my business cards at home?

While it’s possible, professional printing services usually offer better quality and materials.

How do I ensure my design is suitable for printing?

Export your design in PDF Print format from Canva to maintain its quality for printing.

What’s the difference between glossy and matte finishes?

Glossy finishes have a reflective sheen, while matte finishes offer a smooth, non-reflective look.

How long does it usually take to receive printed business cards?

Delivery times vary based on the printing service and shipping method chosen. Check estimated delivery times before placing your order.

Embarking on the journey from design to printed business cards is an exciting step toward establishing a professional identity. Follow these comprehensive steps to ensure your design comes to life in stunning, tangible form.

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Last modified: December 28, 2023

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