How to Create Personal Smart AI Assistants


In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline operations and boost productivity. One such groundbreaking solution is the creation of personal smart AI assistants. These intelligent virtual assistants, similar to ChatGPT, are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of personal smart AI assistants, exploring what they are, who can benefit from using them, the advantages they offer, how they work, pricing details, alternative options, and more.

Understanding Personal Smart AI Assistants

A personal smart AI assistant, like the esteemed Cody, is an intelligent virtual assistant designed to support businesses across various tasks. Cody has the remarkable ability to be trained on your specific business knowledge base, processes, and client information, making it an invaluable asset for your team. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, personal smart AI assistants can answer questions, provide support, complete tasks, troubleshoot issues, and even generate creative ideas.

Who Can Benefit from Using Personal Smart AI Assistants?

Personal smart AI assistants, such as Cody, are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a startup, small business, or enterprise, Cody can adapt to your unique needs. It caters to a wide range of professionals, including managers, customer support teams, content creators, and more. By integrating Cody into your workflows, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, transforming the way your organization operates.

The Advantages of Using Personal Smart AI Assistants

1. Instant Answers

Gone are the days of manual searches and time-consuming document sifting. Cody possesses the remarkable ability to analyze accumulated documents and become an expert on all your company processes. This enables it to provide instant and accurate answers to your business-related questions, saving you valuable time and effort.

2. Customizable Knowledge Base

With Cody, you have the flexibility to securely upload a variety of file types, including PowerPoints, PDFs, or even crawl an entire website. This allows you to build a comprehensive knowledge base that Cody can access. By tailoring Cody’s responses according to your company’s specific information, you ensure that the answers provided are aligned with your organization’s expertise.

3. Source Validation

Cody understands the importance of accuracy and transparency. For every answer it provides, Cody includes the sources used, allowing you to easily verify the information. This feature not only promotes trust and credibility but also ensures that your team has access to reliable and up-to-date information.

4. Enhanced Employee Efficiency

By leveraging the capabilities of Cody, your team can work smarter, not harder. With instant answers, ready-made work, and creative suggestions, Cody empowers your team to complete tasks more efficiently. Whether it’s writing professional emails, translating documents, or creating marketing materials, Cody’s assistance accelerates the pace of work and boosts overall productivity.

5. Support and Troubleshooting

Cody acts as a valuable resource for your team when it comes to support and troubleshooting. By utilizing support documentation, Cody enables your team to quickly resolve issues and discover hidden features of digital tools. This optimizes your team’s productivity and minimizes downtime caused by technical challenges.

6. Brainstorming Ideas

Cody’s contextual memory is a game-changer when it comes to generating fresh perspectives and insights. With the ability to remember conversations and historical context, Cody becomes an excellent resource for brainstorming ideas. When you’re unsure where to start, Cody can provide valuable suggestions and advice, facilitating the creative process.

How Do Personal Smart AI Assistants Work?

Using personal smart AI assistants like Cody is incredibly simple and intuitive. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Teach It What It Needs to Know: Begin by uploading files or importing content using URLs to provide Cody with the essential knowledge it needs to serve its purpose effectively. This step allows Cody to understand your business processes, team information, and client details.
  2. Customize Cody for Different Uses: Tailor Cody’s roles, strictness, and other settings to set up specialized chatbots for various tasks. This customization ensures an enhanced user experience and aligns Cody’s capabilities with your organization’s specific requirements.
  3. Share Cody with Your Team: Integrate Cody into your workflows by sharing a link, using an inline embed, or implementing a popup embed. This makes Cody easily accessible to your employees or customers, fostering seamless communication and support.
  4. Interact with Cody: Engaging with Cody is as simple as asking questions on the chat screen. Cody’s advanced algorithms and language processing capabilities enable it to provide accurate and relevant answers instantly, assisting your team in real-time.

Pricing Options: Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

Cody offers different pricing options to cater to varying business needs. Consider the following price table:

PlanPriceQueries per MonthUsersBotsDocumentsWebsite PagesWebsite CrawlerEmbed Website WidgetCustomize Website WidgetAPI
Basic$29/mo2,500 GPT3.5 16K331,000N/AN/AYesYesNo
Premium$99/mo1,000 GPT4 (or) 15151510,00010,000YesYes (3 websites)Yes10,000 GPT3.5 16K
Advanced$249/mo1,500 GPT4 (or) 50505025,00025,000YesYes (50 websites)Yes

Consider your organization’s requirements and choose the plan that best aligns with your needs and budget. check Cody website for latest info about price

Exploring Alternative Options

While Cody offers exceptional benefits, it’s always prudent to consider alternative options before making a final decision. Some notable alternatives to Cody include [Alternative 1], [Alternative 2], and [Alternative 3]. Each alternative has its unique features and capabilities. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess your specific business requirements and evaluate these alternatives accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cody?

Cody is an AI-powered virtual employee that can assist your business in various tasks, such as answering questions, completing tasks, providing support and troubleshooting, and offering new ideas and insights.

Can I Upload Documents to Cody?

Absolutely! Cody allows you to securely upload a variety of file types, including PowerPoints, PDFs, and more, to build a comprehensive knowledge base.

Can I Train Cody on My Specific Business Processes?

Yes, that’s one of the key advantages of Cody. You can train Cody on your business processes, team information, and client details, making it a valuable asset tailored to your specific needs.

Is Cody a Replacement for Human Employees?

While Cody is designed to enhance productivity and support your team, it’s not meant to replace human employees. Instead, it works in tandem with your workforce, augmenting their capabilities and providing valuable assistance.


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, leveraging the power of AI technologies like personal smart AI assistants can significantly enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency. By integrating Cody into your workflows, you can unlock new levels of productivity and drive innovation in your organization. Cody’s ability to be trained on your business knowledge base, coupled with its instant answers, support features, and creative brainstorming capabilities, make it an invaluable asset for businesses. Embrace the future of business operations with Cody and unlock new levels of productivity and success.

Remember, Cody is not just an AI assistant; it’s a valuable business asset that can transform the way you work. Take the first step towards empowering your team with the power of AI by exploring the various pricing options, considering alternative solutions, and seizing the opportunity to optimize your organization’s efficiency with Cody.

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Last modified: July 13, 2023

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