How Small Publishers are Fighting Back Against Google

Small publishers face big problems with Google. They fight against media conglomerates for online traffic. The big companies use unfair tactics to dominate search results. But the little guys won’t give up easily.

The Visibility Struggle

For small publishers, getting seen on Google is really hard. The media giants have many high-authority websites. They can swarm the search results for popular keywords by using multiple sites. This leaves little room for the smaller players.

Swarming the Search Results

Look at the search for “best slow cooker.” A big company like Meredith can use three sites like The Spruce Eats, Food & Wine, and AllRecipes. They take over multiple top spots on Google. This boosts their visibility and lets them profit from affiliate marketing links.

Impact on Small Sites

This “swarming” hurts niche site owners badly. Their great content gets pushed down, even if it’s better than the big sites. They lose traffic and may quit trying for those keywords. The giants dominate unfairly.

Fighting Back

But small publishers aren’t backing down. Sites like HouseFresh expose the giants’ shady practices. They show how big outlets recommend overpriced products or give bad advice that could be harmful.

Collective Action

Small sites realize unity is strength. They join online groups to share tactics and call out unfair practices together. Social media helps amplify their voices demanding change from Google.

Reform Calls Get Attention

Regulators finally notice. The U.S. Justice Department investigates Google for anti-competitive deals locking out rivals as default search engines.

AI Search Alternatives

As this war wages, AI search engines offer new battlegrounds. Upstarts like OpenAI’s rumored ChatGPT search could level the field by understanding context better than today’s engines.


The little guys won’t surrender to media bullies. United, exposing dirty tricks, and armed with emerging AI tech, plucky publishers have a fighting chance against search giants’ dominance.

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Last modified: May 11, 2024

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