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How Many Nonprofits are Currently Using Canva?

How Many Nonprofits are Currently Using Canva?

Currently, 500,000 nonprofits are using Canva’s free premium design tools through Canva for Nonprofits. This number has grown exponentially from 100,000 in 2019 to half a million today.

Canva has become an essential tool for nonprofits around the world. The company recently announced an exciting milestone – 500,000 nonprofits are now using Canva for Nonprofits. This free premium version of Canva unlocks pro design tools to help nonprofits amplify their impact.

What Is Nonprofits Plan In Canva?

Canva has a dedicated program called Canva for Nonprofits that provides free access to Canva Pro tools and features. This empowers nonprofits to create high-quality visual content to support their missions.

Some key elements of Canva’s nonprofit plan:

  • Free Canva Pro access: Unlocks premium design tools like brand kits, video editing, presentations and more.
  • Customized nonprofit resources: Canva’s content library has templates, fonts, images and graphics tailored for nonprofits.
  • Ongoing product development: Canva continually improves features based on nonprofit user feedback. Recent additions include enhanced collaboration and video editing.
  • Strategic partnerships: Canva partners with nonprofit tech providers, events and experts to expand its reach and impact in the social good community.
  • Global expansion: Canva aims to make its free nonprofit program accessible to grassroots organizations worldwide, currently supporting 500,000+ users.
  • Measuring impact: Canva explores ways to provide data and insights to help nonprofits optimize their visual communication strategies.
  • Innovation: Canva invests in R&D focused on emerging needs of nonprofits and cause-driven organizations.

The goal is to empower nonprofits to increase their impact through design. Enabling 1 million nonprofit users is a key milestone in Canva’s commitment to driving social good.

Key Facts and Figures:

  • 500,000 nonprofits currently use Canva
  • Nonprofits have created over 150 million designs in Canva
  • Most popular Canva features for nonprofits:
  • Instagram posts and stories
  • Business cards, postcards, invitations
  • Canva’s nonprofit community has raised $750,000 for ALS research
  • In 2021, GivingTuesday campaigns drove $2.78 billion in donations in 24 hours

The growth of Canva for Nonprofits has been exponential. Here’s a Table of how the community has grown:

YearNonprofits Using Canva

This incredible milestone demonstrates the immense value Canva provides to nonprofit organizations worldwide. Let’s explore some examples of how Canva empowers nonprofits.

Canva’s Impact on Nonprofits

The ALS Team Drea Foundation

Andrea Lytle Peet established the ALS Team Drea Foundation after being diagnosed with ALS. With just 10 volunteers, Canva enabled the foundation to quickly create marketing materials and social media posts to spread awareness and drive fundraising.

“Canva has been an essential visual communication tool for us to grow our reach and mission.” – Andrea Lytle Peet

In a short timeframe, the foundation has raised over $750,000 for ALS research using Canva.


GivingTuesday started as a single day focused on generosity. By leveraging Canva as their core design tool, GivingTuesday has grown into a global movement celebrated in 80+ countries.

In 2021, GivingTuesday campaigns drove over $2.78 billion in donations in just 24 hours and reached 20 billion social media impressions. Without Canva’s intuitive, easy-to-use tools, this kind of exponential growth would not have been possible.

Why Nonprofits Love Canva

There are many reasons why Canva resonates with nonprofit organizations:

  • Free access to premium design tools unlocks creativity
  • Intuitive interface enables non-designers to create quality materials
  • Custom sizing options fit any graphics need
  • Content library provides ready-to-use elements
  • Brand consistency across all materials and channels
  • Collaboration features streamline teamwork
  • Printing capabilities facilitate event production

For resource-constrained nonprofits, Canva delivers professional, brand-aligned visuals that make an impact – all for free.

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Canva’s Commitment to “Step Two”

Empowering nonprofits is central to Canva’s “Step Two” mission focused on doing social good. Other key pillars include:

  • Alleviating extreme poverty
  • Improving education access
  • Supporting local communities

Through partnerships like GiveDirectly, Canva provided cash transfers to lift over 25,000 people out of extreme poverty in Malawi.

This milestone of 500,000 nonprofits shows that Canva is committed to amplifying social impact worldwide.

Looking Ahead: The Next 500,000 Nonprofits

As Canva CEO Melanie Perkins shared:

“We’re excited about the next 500,000 nonprofits and many more to come.”

With a user-friendly platform and growing library of nonprofit resources, Canva is poised to continue increasing its positive impact. More nonprofits are recognizing the ability of visual communication to drive change.

Canva will undoubtedly reach 1 million nonprofit users in the near future. And the company plans to continue delivering innovative solutions that create change.


Canva’s impact on 500,000 nonprofits stands as a testament to its dedication to social impact. By providing free access to premium tools and fostering collaborations, Canva has become a catalyst for positive change in the nonprofit sector, shaping a better, more empowered future for organizations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do nonprofits access Canva for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits can visit canva nonprofits to request free access to Canva pro tools. Approval is based on verification of nonprofit status.

What Canva products do nonprofits use most?

The most popular Canva features among nonprofits are:

  • Instagram posts and stories
  • Printed materials like business cards, postcards, invitations
  • Presentation and pitch decks
  • Social media graphics and videos

Does Canva provide nonprofit templates and resources?

Yes, Canva’s content library includes hundreds of templates optimized for nonprofits including logos, reports, flyers, banners, and more. These help nonprofits create stunning designs quickly.

How does Canva prioritize improving nonprofit features?

Canva continually seeks input from nonprofit users to understand pain points and enhance the platform’s capabilities. Recent additions like improved collaboration and video editing tools have been informed by real nonprofit needs.

How does Canva support nonprofits beyond design tools?

A: Canva hosts hundreds of resources and templates tailored for nonprofits to design real change, complementing their visual communication efforts.

What distinguishes Canva for Nonprofits from the regular platform?

A: Canva for Nonprofits unlocks all premium features of Canva Pro for nonprofits, enabling them to access a wide array of tools at no cost.

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Last modified: November 20, 2023

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